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Just A Thought…

its about the guns

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Just a thought…

America, we have a gun problem


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Countering the NRA

In the past year 70 people have been ruthlessly murdered by gunmen using either assault weapons – as in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – or 9mm pistols with high capacity magazines.


And yet 1.3% of the nation’s total population of 315,167,682 people is keeping us – as Americans – from having the long overdue discussion and accompanying legislation to address this issue. The National Rifle Association has a reported 4,250,000 members, or 1.3% of the total population.

During the 2012 campaign cycle the NRA contributed $1,061,710 to the election process, with $719,596 being “donated” to federal campaigns. Of course the NRA also gave out hefty funds in the form of lobbying in 2012, totaling some $2,205,000. Total political contributions + lobbying = $3,266,710, or roughly $6,000 of peddling per member of the United States Congress. How do the other 99% fight that kind of money and influence?

Well, for starters, there are 169,000,000 registered voters (53.6% of the population) in the United States, including 86,000,000 registered Democrats (27.2% of the total population) and 55,000,000 registered Republicans (17.4% of the total population), with 28,000,000 registered others (8.8% of the total population). If each registered Democrat wrote to every member of the Congress and said they’d give them $5.00 a piece to pass meaningful legislation including a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, that would equal $430,000,000 in influence divided between 535 members of Congress or $803,738 in campaign contributions; a great deal more than any member of Congress has ever received from the NRA.

And, if only half of all registered Democrats were to write to every member of Congress and offer to donate $5.00 a piece, that would equal $215,000,000 in influence, again divided between 535 members of congress equals $401,869 in campaign contributions; once again, a great deal more money than any member of Congress has ever received from the NRA.

A very simple solution to countering the NRA; money talks, and more money talks louder.

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Bushmaster myth

The next time a right-wing fringe-type tries to claim the XM-15 Bushmaster isn’t a dangerous assault weapon share the following information:
XM-15Comparison between M-16 A2 (standard US Army weapon)/Bushmaster XM-15 (used in Sandy Hook)

Length 39.63 in / 38.25 in
Weight 8 pounds, 13 oz / 8.27 pounds
Gas system Direct Impingement / Direct Impingement
Maximum Range 3,600 meters / 3,534 meters
Maximum Effective Range 550 meters / 550 meters
Muzzle Velocity 3,100 feet per second / 3,260 feet per second
Rate of Fire (Semiauto) 45 rounds per minute / 45 rounds per minute
Rate of Fire (Burst) 90 rounds per minute / N/A
Magazine capacity 30 round magazine / 30 round magazine
Ammunition 5.56 mm / 5.56 mm

Specs were taken from the Army manual for the M-16 A2 and from the Bushmaster manual for the XM-15

The XM-15 is as much an assault weapon as the M-16 A2, and this is the time for serious discussion on gun control, and it’s going to require serious people; if all the right-wing fringe can offer is fantasy comparisons perhaps they should keep their mouths shut; I’ve no more patience for moronic diatribes. If one of those dead first graders was their child or grand-child I don’t think they’d be so flippant.

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No Right Turns

Let’s get something straight


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It won’t stop the killing?

One of the many comments I’ve read from gun proponent’s is, “If you can Guarantee no more children dead if we give up our guns. There’s no question what I’d do. Here take it! There’s one thing wrong with your thought though. It will not stop our children from dying any more than wishing the world would be a better place.”

sandy hook candles

Well, except it would.

In January 1989, a shooter, stepped onto the grounds of Cleveland Elementary School and raked the school yard with at least 106 bullets from an AK-47 rifle. He killed five children, ages 6 to 9, and one teacher and injured 29 other children, before fatally shooting himself.

Thirteen years ago two students opened fire on their fellow classmates at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado killing 15 and wounding 24 with firearms which were illegally obtained by the teens. Three of the weapons used were classified as assault weapons with ammunition loaded into high-capacity magazines, the largest of which could hold 52 rounds.

In 2002, the Washington-area snipers, who shot randomly at victims during a three-week spree that killed 10 people, used an AR-15 assault rifle.

Earlier this year a gunman wearing a gas mask and sheathed in head-to-toe body armor entered an Aurora movie theater during a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” killing 12 and injuring 70 others. The suspected shooter charged with the attack had two Glock pistols, a shotgun and an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle fitted with a large capacity magazine drum, all of which were purchased legally. The shooter spent months stockpiling thousands of bullets, firearms and ballistic gear without ever raising a red flag with authorities.

A few weeks ago a masked gunman who opened fire in a crowded Oregon mall in the middle of the holiday shopping season, killing two people and wounding a third before taking his own life, used an AR-15 assault rifle stolen from a friend the day before. Death toll wasn’t larger because the weapon jammed.

Friday, a gunman walked into the Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire on staff and students with a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle, killing 26 people including 20 six and seven year olds.

In 1994 the manufacture and import of AR-15s and similar assault rifles, such as AK-47s, were banned in the United States, there were also limits on the size of magazines that could be fitted, limiting them to holding no more than 10 bullets.

However, move forward ten years – 2004 – those prohibitions were allowed to go away by the Bush Administration and a Republican dominated House and Senate; subsequent attempts to enact new weapon’s bans have failed in the face of objections from the National Rifle Association.

There is no earthly reason for private citizens to be able to own assault weapons, semiautomatic or automatic pistols. No earthly reason. Nor should anyone be able to buy high capacity magazines.

No more children should be sacrificed on the altar of the second amendment – not one more child.

Please sign my petition calling upon Congress and the President to outlaw weapons used in these mass murders. Not one more child.


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Time to wake up

Enough with the excuses already; the shooter who murdered 26 people, including 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, didn’t commit this unspeakable crime because there wasn’t prayer in school, or because he was allegedly addicted to “violent” video games. He did it because he was mentally ill and had easy access to semi-automatic weapons.

Did you get that? Let it sink in please. He did it because he was mentally ill and had easy access to semi-automatic weapons.


President Ronald Reagan defunded mental health care in America and President George W. Bush allowed the assault weapons ban to expire – that’s the NRA, uber-conservative legacy that was bequeathed to those 20 first graders at Sandy Hook. Enough with loving guns more than children; enough with claiming to be “pro-life” protecting the fetus in the womb at all cost but allowing innocent lives to be sacrificed on the altar of the second amendment. You don’t need semi-automatic pistols with 30 round clips or AR-15s and AK-47s to defend your home or to hunt with.

The Second Amendment was written to guarantee the “well regulated” arming of a militia, not for gun collecting or target shooting. The Second Amendment isn’t sacrosanct; it wasn’t written on a stone tablet by the finger of God; it was written in the 19th century to help a young fledgling nation protect itself in a world dominated by the military powers of Europe. We no longer defend our nation by citizen armed militias; we do it by a well trained, well armed and well lead professional military, and spare me that you need your weapons to protect yourself and your prosperity from the heavy handed federal government. It’s time to remove the tin foil hats, and face reality. There isn’t going to be a zombie apocalypse, nor an invasion from North Korea, China or Russia, nor is the 101st Airborne Division going to come rolling into small town America to enforce the ranting of a police state.

We need to wake up in America. We need to make mental health care a priority in this country again and fully fund it, and we need to make it illegal to own semi-automatic and automatic pistols and assault weapons. Not one more child will be lost because we won’t face the truth. Not one more child will be lost.

Please sign my petition calling upon Congress and the President to outlaw weapons used in these mass murders. Not one more child.


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No more children


sandy hook

I don’t know how, but this grandfather has had enough. I’m going to start a campaign, movement, whatever it takes, and we’re going to go after the guns. Americans don’t need handguns and we don’t need assault weapons, and clearly the system we have today doesn’t work.

Twenty kindergarten children were murdered today; an entire classroom full of six and seven year olds. The shooter reportedly used two 9mm handguns, one made by Glock and the other by Sig Sauer, and an AR-15-type rifle also was found at the scene.

Spare me the whining about your Second Amendment rights, I don’t want to hear it, and I don’t think the twenty sets of parents, or the forty sets of grandparents care one whit about your right to own an AK-47, AR-15 or semi-automatic pistol; while you’re screaming about your precious gun rights, stop and think about the erased rights of those 20 children to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Their blood and their futures are too high a price for your right to go “target shooting”, to “collect” weapons, or to prepare for whatever post apocalyptic future you’ve dreamed up in your foil encrusted head.

The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight. They’re our children, grandchildren, students, teachers and our parents and our friends. The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels.


Please sign my petition calling upon Congress and the President to outlaw weapons used in these mass murders. Not one more child.


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