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One hundred children lost because of irresponsible adults…innocent blood splattered across the sacred altar of the Second Amendment.


If nothing else, it is time for Congress to invoke the “well regulated” portion of the Second Amendment and start protecting the rest of us from the criminally stupid who cannot, or will not, secure their guns.

Somehow the adults involved in these tragic “accidents” need to be held “responsible.” Either through having their “right” to ever own a gun legally again stripped away, or through jail time, but something HAS to be done. Oh, and if after losing your legal “right” to own a gun, you somehow possess a gun “illegally” afterwards? You should be thrown into some deep hole where videos of the children killed because you were too ignorant to secure your guns are played in a loop on your cell wall 24 hours a day throughout the duration of your sentence. Your name should be placed on Federal list and you and your home, car and office should be subject to random searches to ensure your are not illegally in possession of a firearm. If you cannot, or will not, secure your weapons then you lose the right to ever have one again.

We the People, have a right to be protected from your stupidity!

We the People, have a right to believe our children are not going to be gunned down at school because some sociopath stole their parent’s weapons and murdered them while in Home Room!

We the People, have a right to believe Congress will start doing its job, stop protecting gun manufacturers and start protecting us!

The “right” to “bear arms” does not come without responsibility or consequence. It is not an inalienable right conferred by God to whomever has the means to pay for either guns or the ammo.

It is insane to think that 100 innocent children’s lives is the “price” of private gun ownership in the 21st century in the United States of America. If a terrorist had killed 100 of our children we would be bombing the living daylights out their country in retaliation, and yet because these 100 lost their lives through some gun nut’s inability to put their gun away, well, that’s OK.

Wake up people!

What will it take for this nation’s voters to realize the right to own a gun does not supersede someone else’s rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” all of which have been torn from the small lifeless fingers of these 100 victims? How many more children need to be sacrificed before we, as adults, do something to stop this madness?

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We remember…

Today we remember the innocent little ones,

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Enough already…

The suspected driver, who killed 13


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Just a thought

So, let me get this straight,

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First New York, now Connecticut …

According to news reports Connecticut lawmakers have announced a deal calling for some of the toughest gun laws in the country following the December mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, including a ban on new high-capacity ammunition magazines like the ones used in the brutal massacre of 20 children and six adults.

The streets of heaven are too

The proposed new legislation creates the nation’s first statewide “dangerous weapon offender registry”, requires new registration for existing magazines carrying 10 or more bullets, imposes immediate universal background checks for all firearms sales, creates a new “ammunition eligibility certificate,” and extends the state’s assault weapons ban to 100 new types of firearms stipulating a weapon would need only one of several features in order to be banned and could no longer be bought or sold in the state, while those already legally owned would be grand-fathered in owners will be required to register the weapons with the state; the legislation also addresses mental health issues and school security measures.

“No gun owner will lose their gun,” said House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero Jr., a Norwalk Republican. “No gun owner will lose their magazines.”

While states like New York strengthened local gun laws quickly following the attack, momentum has stalled in the United States Congress, whose members have decided it’s better to be the lick spittle’s of the National Rifle Association (NRA) than to protect innocent lives from weapons designed for the battlefield.

Connecticut should be seen as an example for lawmakers elsewhere, said Senate President Donald E. Williams Jr., a Brooklyn Democrat.

“In Connecticut, we’ve broken the mold,” he said. “Democrats and Republicans were able to come to an agreement on a strong, comprehensive bill. That is a message that should resound in 49 other states and in Washington, D.C. And the message is: We can get it done here and they should get it done in their respective states and nationally in Congress.”

The proposed legislation will be brought up for a vote this week in the Democratic Party controlled General Assembly, where passage is thought to be all but assured, after which it will be sent to Governor Dannel P. Malloy for signature.

Connecticut’s taking the lead the Federal Government should be taking, and that’s OK; if those who believe the gun industry has acquired too much power, and that it’s past time for sensible gun control can’t convince lawmakers in Washington that 20 butchered first graders is where we, as a nation must draw the line on the Second Amendment can’t convince the members of Congress we’ll take it one state at a time; two down, 48 to go.

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NRA Robocalls Newtown residents?

According to news reports some moron at the National Rifle Association thought it was either a good idea, or maybe just funny, to make robocalls to residents of Newtown, Connecticut site of the infamous Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in December, and the states two senators were not amused.

NRA CEO Wayne LePierre

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre

Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy posted a letter to NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre demanding his organization stop making the calls.

Saying the calls “absolutely beyond the pale,” the two Democratic senators went further declaring the calls, which contained political messages attacking gun control, “open a wound that these families are still trying hard to heal.”

“You’d think [the NRA] could have scrubbed the list [of Newtown residents], just to be decent,” Newtown resident Tom Maurath told HuffPost. “Instead, you’re making an unsolicited call with no opt-out that my children could answer.”

Senator Blumenthal also reportedly wrote a blog post about the robocalls for Think Progress, saying, “NRA leadership demonstrated yet again last week just how low they are willing to go in their unconscionable effort to block any and all common sense, life saving gun violence legislation.”

Perhaps the NRA has overplayed its hand and enough people will take this latest affront to common decency as the opportunity to slap the group and its followers with real gun control – but I doubt it, the Democratic leadership in the Senate lacks any such courage.

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If slaves were able to keep and bear arms?

This is why the battle over “gun rights” is so important; just a few short months ago a major gun advocate claimed “if African Americans had been given the right to bear arms, slavery might not have been a chapter in our history.”


One more "educated" gun enthusiast

One more “educated” gun enthusiast

Larry Ward, then the chairman of the strange “Gun Appreciation Day”, had appeared on CNN trying to defend his nationwide gun rally.

Ward insisted “Gun Appreciation Day”, which called on gun activists across the nation to rally in support of the “right to bear arms” and against President Barack Obama’s “post-Sandy Hook assault on gun rights,” was held on 19 Jan 13, because it actually was honoring “the legacy of Dr. King.”

Was he seriously saying the famed civil rights leader, who was gunned down on a hotel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee would be “honored” to have gun nuts holding a rally on his birthday, just over a month after 20 first graders were massacred in their class room with an assault rifle? That’s like saying today’s state’s rights advocates actually “honor the legacy of the Abraham Lincoln”.

“We are looking for a peaceful protest,” Ward said.

Yeah a peaceful protest full of people packing all kinds of firearms – including assault rifles – and carrying signs with misspelled slogans. A peaceful protest with weapons, that’s as much an oxymoronic statement as having an intelligent, level-headed discussion with far-right gun advocates.

Ward continued, “I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree with me if he were alive today that if African Americans had been given the right to keep and bear arms from day one of the country’s founding, perhaps slavery might not have been a chapter in our history.”

That’s probably the single most ignorant statement anyone on the right has made regarding the right to bear arms, bar absolutely none, and the amazing thing with these lunatics is their complete lack of historical understanding and factual knowledge. Ward’s an idiot plain and simple.

Slavery began in this nation long before the constitutional guarantee of the Second Amendment was argued in Philadelphia when the first slaves arrived in Jamestown, brought by Dutch traders, not long after that first English colony was established.

If Ward were to read some other part of the Constitution besides the Second Amendment he might understand not only were slaves not citizens, and thus weren’t protected by the “right to bear arms”, they were only counted as 3/5 of a person for purposes of the national census; but of course Ward doesn’t know this, because he’s a moron.

So, Mr. Ward, clearly you’re an idiot. You don’t understand the Second Amendment and you clearly don’t understand your history. You’re an ignoramus, which makes you and others like you dangerous. If the uber-right’s really concerned about its right to bear arms you’re not the sort of person who should be the face of the argument.

It’s worth noting that five people were shot attending “gun appreciation day” events.

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No Right Turns

Amazing how conservatives are screaming about regulating drone

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NRA’s LaPierre’s claiming the President’s ‘Trying To Take Away’ Americans’ Guns?

According to his appearance, and subsequent spanking, on “FOX News Sunday”, Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association (NRA) is accusing the President of the United States of wanting a universal gun registry, “trying to take away” guns and believing his children deserve security while others do not. The spanking then ensued at the hands of host Chris Wallace.


Wallace begin LaPierre’s comeuppance by asking the NRA “spokes head” to explain – if he could – the NRA’s video accusing President Barack Obama of wanting armed Secret Service Agents for his own children but allegedly opposing armed security for others. Wallace was quick to point out the President’s children face a larger threat than most – if gee, I don’t know? All other American children?

“Tell that to the people at Newtown,” LaPierre brazenly replied attempting to deflect the fact the so-called “right” for private citizens to own the XM-15 assault rifle used in the monstrous massacre of 20 first graders is being protected by his organization.

“Do you really think that the president’s children are the same kind of target as every schoolchild in America?” Wallace asked. “It’s ridiculous, and you know it, sir.”

LaPierre wasn’t able to defend his asinine argument so he attempted to change the subject by claiming while there could be more severe law enforcement against gangs, measures such as regulating certain semi-automatic weapons would have dire consequences. Just one problem Mssr LaPierre, gangs weren’t responsible for any of the mass shootings using assault rifles in America.

“If you limit the American public’s access to semi-automatic technology, you limit their ability to survive,” he weakly mewed. Because we’re likely to be invaded any minute by North Koreans, or perhaps you were referring to the conspiracy theory threat of the federal government coming to throw its citizens into secret prisons?

LaPierre also attempted to prophesy a universal gun registry’s next; a measure, Wallace reminded him, has not been proposed.

“Forgive me, sir, but you take something that is here and you say it’s going to go all the way over there,” Wallace said. “There’s no indication — I mean, I can understand your saying that’s the threat, but there’s nothing that anyone in the administration has said that indicates they’re going to have a universal registry.”

LaPierre’s falling back on the same old tried and true method of the uber-right, fear monger. You don’t need to tell the truth, you don’t need facts on your side, just fear monger. He’s a liar, and sooner or later the majority of Americans, members of the NRA, and hopefully the members of Congress will call him on it; hopefully before anymore of our children are lost.

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It won’t stop the killing?

One of the many comments I’ve read from gun proponent’s is, “If you can Guarantee no more children dead if we give up our guns. There’s no question what I’d do. Here take it! There’s one thing wrong with your thought though. It will not stop our children from dying any more than wishing the world would be a better place.”

sandy hook candles

Well, except it would.

In January 1989, a shooter, stepped onto the grounds of Cleveland Elementary School and raked the school yard with at least 106 bullets from an AK-47 rifle. He killed five children, ages 6 to 9, and one teacher and injured 29 other children, before fatally shooting himself.

Thirteen years ago two students opened fire on their fellow classmates at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado killing 15 and wounding 24 with firearms which were illegally obtained by the teens. Three of the weapons used were classified as assault weapons with ammunition loaded into high-capacity magazines, the largest of which could hold 52 rounds.

In 2002, the Washington-area snipers, who shot randomly at victims during a three-week spree that killed 10 people, used an AR-15 assault rifle.

Earlier this year a gunman wearing a gas mask and sheathed in head-to-toe body armor entered an Aurora movie theater during a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” killing 12 and injuring 70 others. The suspected shooter charged with the attack had two Glock pistols, a shotgun and an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle fitted with a large capacity magazine drum, all of which were purchased legally. The shooter spent months stockpiling thousands of bullets, firearms and ballistic gear without ever raising a red flag with authorities.

A few weeks ago a masked gunman who opened fire in a crowded Oregon mall in the middle of the holiday shopping season, killing two people and wounding a third before taking his own life, used an AR-15 assault rifle stolen from a friend the day before. Death toll wasn’t larger because the weapon jammed.

Friday, a gunman walked into the Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire on staff and students with a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle, killing 26 people including 20 six and seven year olds.

In 1994 the manufacture and import of AR-15s and similar assault rifles, such as AK-47s, were banned in the United States, there were also limits on the size of magazines that could be fitted, limiting them to holding no more than 10 bullets.

However, move forward ten years – 2004 – those prohibitions were allowed to go away by the Bush Administration and a Republican dominated House and Senate; subsequent attempts to enact new weapon’s bans have failed in the face of objections from the National Rifle Association.

There is no earthly reason for private citizens to be able to own assault weapons, semiautomatic or automatic pistols. No earthly reason. Nor should anyone be able to buy high capacity magazines.

No more children should be sacrificed on the altar of the second amendment – not one more child.

Please sign my petition calling upon Congress and the President to outlaw weapons used in these mass murders. Not one more child.


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