25 Jun

One hundred children lost because of irresponsible adults…innocent blood splattered across the sacred altar of the Second Amendment.


If nothing else, it is time for Congress to invoke the “well regulated” portion of the Second Amendment and start protecting the rest of us from the criminally stupid who cannot, or will not, secure their guns.

Somehow the adults involved in these tragic “accidents” need to be held “responsible.” Either through having their “right” to ever own a gun legally again stripped away, or through jail time, but something HAS to be done. Oh, and if after losing your legal “right” to own a gun, you somehow possess a gun “illegally” afterwards? You should be thrown into some deep hole where videos of the children killed because you were too ignorant to secure your guns are played in a loop on your cell wall 24 hours a day throughout the duration of your sentence. Your name should be placed on Federal list and you and your home, car and office should be subject to random searches to ensure your are not illegally in possession of a firearm. If you cannot, or will not, secure your weapons then you lose the right to ever have one again.

We the People, have a right to be protected from your stupidity!

We the People, have a right to believe our children are not going to be gunned down at school because some sociopath stole their parent’s weapons and murdered them while in Home Room!

We the People, have a right to believe Congress will start doing its job, stop protecting gun manufacturers and start protecting us!

The “right” to “bear arms” does not come without responsibility or consequence. It is not an inalienable right conferred by God to whomever has the means to pay for either guns or the ammo.

It is insane to think that 100 innocent children’s lives is the “price” of private gun ownership in the 21st century in the United States of America. If a terrorist had killed 100 of our children we would be bombing the living daylights out their country in retaliation, and yet because these 100 lost their lives through some gun nut’s inability to put their gun away, well, that’s OK.

Wake up people!

What will it take for this nation’s voters to realize the right to own a gun does not supersede someone else’s rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” all of which have been torn from the small lifeless fingers of these 100 victims? How many more children need to be sacrificed before we, as adults, do something to stop this madness?

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