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Time to wake up

Enough with the excuses already; the shooter who murdered 26 people, including 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, didn’t commit this unspeakable crime because there wasn’t prayer in school, or because he was allegedly addicted to “violent” video games. He did it because he was mentally ill and had easy access to semi-automatic weapons.

Did you get that? Let it sink in please. He did it because he was mentally ill and had easy access to semi-automatic weapons.


President Ronald Reagan defunded mental health care in America and President George W. Bush allowed the assault weapons ban to expire – that’s the NRA, uber-conservative legacy that was bequeathed to those 20 first graders at Sandy Hook. Enough with loving guns more than children; enough with claiming to be “pro-life” protecting the fetus in the womb at all cost but allowing innocent lives to be sacrificed on the altar of the second amendment. You don’t need semi-automatic pistols with 30 round clips or AR-15s and AK-47s to defend your home or to hunt with.

The Second Amendment was written to guarantee the “well regulated” arming of a militia, not for gun collecting or target shooting. The Second Amendment isn’t sacrosanct; it wasn’t written on a stone tablet by the finger of God; it was written in the 19th century to help a young fledgling nation protect itself in a world dominated by the military powers of Europe. We no longer defend our nation by citizen armed militias; we do it by a well trained, well armed and well lead professional military, and spare me that you need your weapons to protect yourself and your prosperity from the heavy handed federal government. It’s time to remove the tin foil hats, and face reality. There isn’t going to be a zombie apocalypse, nor an invasion from North Korea, China or Russia, nor is the 101st Airborne Division going to come rolling into small town America to enforce the ranting of a police state.

We need to wake up in America. We need to make mental health care a priority in this country again and fully fund it, and we need to make it illegal to own semi-automatic and automatic pistols and assault weapons. Not one more child will be lost because we won’t face the truth. Not one more child will be lost.

Please sign my petition calling upon Congress and the President to outlaw weapons used in these mass murders. Not one more child.


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