Latest 2016 Presidential Polls – 30 May 2015 Edition

30 May

Trudge, trudge, trudge – The 2016 Presidential Election season trudges on – the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) clown car continues to pick up occupants while the Democratic Party drags along.

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Where are things in the waning days of May in this 2016 campaign?

Nationally, a Quinnipiac poll, conducted by telephone of “registered voters” from 19-26 May 2015, has a five-way tie amongst the GOTP with Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee and – of all possible people – Ben Carson at 10% each. Completing the current pack, Rand Paul has 7%; Ted Cruz 6%; Donald Trump 5%; Chris Christie 4%; John Kasich and Carly Fiorina are tied at 2%; Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal each have 1% and just announced candidate Rick Santorum registers with 0%.

On the Democratic side, the same poll has Hillary Clinton still way out in front with 57%, followed by Bernie Sanders at 15%, Vice-President Joe Biden 9%, and Jim Webb, Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee at 1% respectively.

If the General Election was today:

Clinton 50/Trump 32

Clinton 47/Huckabee 40

Clinton 47/Bush 37

Clinton 46/Paul 42

Clinton 46/Cruz 42

Clinton 45/Rubio 41

Clinton 46/Walker 38

Clinton 46/Christie 37

The poll did not ask voters about a match-up between Clinton and Carson.

According to recent polling data available, if the election was today Hillary Clinton would be the 45th President of the United States, and the others would be footnotes in history books.

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