Latest 2016 Presidential Polls – 02 October 2016 Edition

02 Oct

Hillary Clinton has soundly trounced Donald Trump in their first debate – the defeat was an embarrassment for the GOP nominee who was completely unprepared and demonstrated he was not up to the task. Donald Trump continuously sniffled throughout the evening and in the end claimed his loss was due to a faulty microphone and that there had been no sniffling. He has crowed that he will not be so easy on Clinton in their next meeting and is hinting he will attack Secretary Clinton by rehashing former President Clinton’s infidelities. Please, Donald, be ignorant enough to open yourself up to having your own sordid past paraded across the debate stage.

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Nationally, Clinton begins to pull away again.

FOX News – 27-29 September – Clinton 49/Trump 44
PPP (D) – 27-28 September – Clinton 49/Trump 45
Reuters/Ipsos – 22-26 September – Clinton 44/Trump 38
NBC News/SM – 19-25 September – Clinton 51/Trump 44
McClatchy/Marist – 15-20 September – Clinton 48/Trump 41

While national polling seems to indicate a close race for the White House, as the impact of last Monday’s debate, and Donald Trump’s continuous excuses for failure, and his continued attacks upon a Miss Universe contestant, Gold Star parents, veterans and former POWS, along with the disabled, his character becomes all too clearly evident. He is not a man who is remotely ready for the office of the President. State polling indicates a much clearer view of how the race is going.


The Electoral Map is based on all current state polling data

As a continuing reminder,
President Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney 332/206 in 2012
Senator Barack Obama defeated Senator John McCain 365/173 in 2008
Governor Bill Clinton defeated President George HW Bush 370/168 in 1992
Governor Ronald Reagan defeated President Jimmy Carter 489/49 in 1980
President Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) defeated Senator Barry Goldwater 486/52 in 1964

Running election simulations, Clinton continues to beat Trump nine out of ten times.

Clinton 306/Trump 232
Clinton 259/Trump 279
Clinton 285/Trump 253
Clinton 313/Trump 225
Clinton 365/Trump 173

Clinton 349/Trump 189
Clinton 329/Trump 209
Clinton 302/Trump 236
Clinton 307/Trump 231
Clinton 330/Trump 208

According to all current state polling data available, if all things remain constant, Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States.

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