Latest 2020 Presidential Polls – 06 October 2020

06 Oct

Twenty-eight days to go until Election Day and Vice President Joe Biden continues pounding Donald Trump in all current polling. Polls taken after the first debate show Biden with a double digit lead over Trump. The world continues spiraling downward through the covid-19 pandemic with more than 7,467,186 confirmed cases in the United States, including Trump and his wife, as well as three GOP Senators, and more than 210,355 deaths. In spite of having contracted covid-19, Trump continues to claim the disease is no worse than the flu, and that Americans “shouldn’t be afraid of it.”

So, with a mere 28 days until November 3rd, where do we stand?

In national polling, the latest CNN/SSRS Poll, conducted 01-04 October 2020 of 1,001 likely voters, has the race lining up like this:

  • Biden 57%
  • Trump 41%

According to the USC Dornslife Poll, conducted 22 September – 05 October 2020, of 4,914 likely voters:

  • Biden 54%
  • Trump 42%

In the SurveyUSA Poll, conducted from 01-04 October 2020 of 1,114 likely voters:

  • Biden 53%
  • Trump 43%

As far as the national race for the White House is concerned, according to recent state polling data available, if the election was today, odds are that Vice President Joe Biden would be the 46th President of the United States, while Trump, who forever remains the third impeached president in U.S. history, will go down as one of the unequivocally second-rate persons to ever sit in the Oval Office.

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