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Cain says Tennessee mosque would spread Islamic law?

Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) presidential candidate Herman Cain reportedly opposes a planned Tennessee mosque that has been the subject of protests and legal challenges, and told reporters he’s concerned about the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.

“It is an infringement and an abuse of our freedom of religion,” he said. “And I don’t agree with what’s happening, because this isn’t an innocent mosque.”

Wow, the Mosque isn’t innocent? Someone should tell Mr. Cain that a mosque is a building, and in general, buildings can’t be good or evil, innocent or guilty; and exactly how does the building of a mosque infringe on your freedom of religion Mr. Cain?

As seems to be an ongoing theme for the far right fringe, the new mosque has been the subject of protests and out cries from the uber-religious Tea Party.

A county judge recently ruled the mosque construction does not harm the residents who sued to try to stop it, but he allowed them to move forward on claims the county violated an open meetings law in approving it.

Of course conservative Christian opponents have used the hearings to argue the mosque is part of a plot to expand Islamic extremism in the U.S. and the Pizza Man agreed, demonstrating once again his racist side when it comes to Muslims.

“It is another example of why I believe in American laws and American courts,” he said. “This is just another way to try to gradually sneak Shariah law into our laws, and I absolutely object to that.”

Cain clearly at some time got some bad beef or something, and his ignorance is showing. It is amazing how these so-called Christians scream about Shariah law, while denying others the freedom of religion guaranteed under the Constitution they claim to love and revere. They love to scream about Islamic abuses while abusing the religious rights of others. Pretty sure they – and Cain – would fall into the category of hypocrites spoken of by the Savior.


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Limbaugh Isn’t Just a Liar, but He’s Disgusting Too

During his infamous radio broadcast yesterday – Thursday, 27 Aug 09 – Rush Limbaugh took another step toward eventually losing his radio show while discussing so-called “fake” vandalism by Democrats in Colorado.


Limbaugh said that it turned out the vandal was a transgender anarchist. But of course our red neck country boy from Missouri couldn’t leave it at that. No, our boy Rush had to be as disgusting  as possible in discussing the story.

“Now, I don’t know if this was an add-a-dick-to-me transgender or a chop-a-dick-off-of-me transgender,” Limbaugh quipped.

So, how is it that all you fine, upstanding, right-wing Republican Christians can listen to someone use this kind of language, in this kind of way, and think it’s OK?

I guess it’s acceptable to be disgusting and degrading if you’re attacking someone you personally loathe.

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