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Agreement reached?

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting there’s been some sort of agreement met between the Democratic Party and the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) ending the perilous stalemate over raising the debt ceiling that could have ultimately ended in our nation defaulting on its debts for the first time in its history. President Barack Obama and congressional leaders announced the so-called historic agreement Sunday night.

Allegedly the proposed agreement would slice at least $2.4 trillion from federal spending over a decade, a steep price for many Democrats, too little for many Republicans.

Of course it is only a proposed agreement because the jack wagons of the Tea Party have yet to see it and comment on it, much less it hasn’t been voted on by the GOTP controlled House, so, it may be all for nothing.

The deal, with scant time remaining before Tuesday’s deadline for paying government bills, “will allow us to avoid default and end the crisis that Washington imposed on the rest of America,” President Obama said.

Default, the President said, “would have had a devastating effect on our economy.”

Of course Humpty Dumpty (Speaker John Boehner) was all gloom and doom even in reaching an agreement, “It isn’t the greatest deal in the world, but it shows how much we’ve changed the terms of the debate in this town,” he said on a conference call, according to GOP officials. He added the agreement was “all spending cuts. The White House bid to raise taxes has been shut down.”

So, there are no tax increases? That’s OK, those are coming when the Bush Tax Cuts expire, and since the President will be re-elected and the GOTP will probably lose its control of the House because of this nonsense, those cuts are going to become history. Then the wealthiest 2% will once again pay at least part of its share.

It appears the proposed debt increase will carry the country through to 2013; but the Tea Party Cujo’s in the House only want it to carry out for a few months. The President has said he would veto anything less than raising the debt ceiling enough to carry the country through the 2012 elections.

We’ll see if Boehner has the leadership credits to get it passed through the House; if not, then he’s through, though that’s pretty much assured now as the Tea Party smells blood in the water and is going to attack. Frankenstein’s monster has come home. Of course it could very well be that Boehner has found a way to ally moderate Republicans and Democrats to incapacitate the Tea Party freshman; if that’s the case, then the Tea Party’s 15 minutes of fame in the Congress may have passed.

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President should raise debt ceiling under 14th Amendment

As the debt ceiling lunacy continues, and the rabid Tea Party factions continue to become more and more unhinged, placing the United States’ full faith and credit in danger, and the economic stability of the country at risk, all this while American servicemen and women continue to fight and die in Iraq and Afghanistan, the President should give the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) controlled House until midnight on 1 August to grow up and pass a spotlessly clean raise in the debt ceiling or he should instruct the Secretary of the Treasury to do so under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

This is not something that should be considered at any other time, but our country is still at war. 278 Americans have given their last full measure of devotion while the morons on the right have postured and paraded around. 46 have died in recent weeks while Speaker John Boehner pontificates and loses his grip of control. Leadership requires leading and right now he doesn’t have it.

If the President raises the debt ceiling, without the approval of Congress, the GOTP will scream bloody murder and some will cry out for impeachment, while the talking heads (Limbaugh, Hannity, et al) will absolutely come unglued screaming that it’s a takeover, that the socialist dictator has finally made his move, blah, blah, blah; but if the President does this stating to not extend the debt ceiling, while the country is still at war, would be unacceptable and would weaken the nation’s economy when it can ill afford to be weakened he paints the GOTP as unpatriotic, as not caring for either the welfare of the nation or for its military; he comes across as a strong President and as a strong Commander-in-Chief.

Boehner has no control of his caucus, and Majority Leader Cantor has only an illusion of power, because who can lead a rabble? As for the good old boy from Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has already openly declared his top priority is to defeat the President and prevent him from having a second term, so he’s proven where his loyalties are, and they’re not to the nation, they’re to his party.

The President has time to let the GOTP come to its senses, but he needs to back away and tell them flat out they have until 1 August and then he acts. Let them stew in their own juices, and let them fail, while saving the credit of the country. They can scream and rent their clothes, but they will have proven to the vast majority of Americans that they’re loyalties are to puppet masters holding pledges and not to the Constitution they’ve sworn to uphold, and not to the young troops defending the same; they will have proven they’re unfit to hold office. It’s a win/win for the President, but more importantly it’s a win/win for the country.

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Soldiers are fighting and dying while Tea Party plays games with debt ceiling

OK Tea Party, you love America so much, and you love and revere those who have fought and died for your freedoms, and yet you play games with our national security by threatening to undo our economy at a time when American soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen continue to fight and die in Iraq and Afghanistan?

You disgust me. You’re not patriots, you’re traitors. You’re allying yourselves with Al Qaeda and every other terrorist group and enemy of our Republic.

Michelle Bachmann is a traitor. She’s openly stated she won’t vote to raise the debt ceiling. Are we no longer at war? No, we’re still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan; 278 Americans have died there in 2011, while she and her Tea Party friends have played games with the country’s economy. Men and women are dying while she’s making glib remarks.

Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are all traitors. They’ve openly colluded with the enemy during a time of war by attempting to bring down the nation’s economy. Men and women are dying while these three screw around with the debt ceiling; 46 have died during the past few weeks while they’ve been opposing raising the debt ceiling. They’ve gleefully endangered our nation’s security while 46 Americans have bled out far from home.

Enough already! Don’t ever speak of your so-called love for this country again, you’ve proven otherwise. Raise the debt ceiling and then play games. Americans are dying while you pontificate! Shame on you! A curse upon you and your posterity, and upon all who support you! You and they do not deserve the rights and liberties you claim to cherish; you are not worthy to lace the boots of those who will willingly go into harms way so you can sit safe and secure with your PAC monies and your fat cat supporters.

Choose you this day for you cannot serve two masters; either support the oath you swore in your respective chambers to protect and defend or support the pledges you swore to the Tea Party, but choose. You cannot serve both, for you will love the one and hate the other; right now it appears you love the pledge and hate the oath.

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No one is asking for blank check, grow up already

According to the Associated Press (AP) Republican Tea Party (GOTP) House Speaker John Boehner says President Barack Obama wants a blank check from Congress to raise the debt ceiling, but that he’s not going to get one.

OK, Bonehead, you’re a liar and it’s time to grow up. The President hasn’t asked for a blank check. He’s asking for Congress to extend the debt ceiling, that’s it. So, I say again grow up. And oh, quit lying.

Boehner says the solution to the debt crisis isn’t complicated. He says if you spend more than you take in, you have to spend less.

Or Boney you have to spend less and get more revenue; or hasn’t it occurred to you that some people will cut spending and get a second job, or a better job, thus bringing in more income – also called revenue? Grow up and understand that defending the wealthiest 2% while asking the poor, the elderly and the handicapped to take cuts isn’t just wrong it’s very wrong.

The House speaker did say the U.S. cannot default. He said the crisis would be over if the Senate approves a new House Republican plan to be voted on in the House this week, and if the president signs it.

Or Bones it could be over if you’d start thinking with your head; and in case you don’t know, it’s that lump about three feet above your buttocks. This could all be over if you passed a clean bill simply raising the debt ceiling though 2013. That’s all; that’s it, nothing complicated. It’s time for you to shut your orange pie hole, stop lying, grow up and raise the debt ceiling; then – and only then – you can start looking into serious – real – cuts in spending, while looking how to raise revenue. Any real economist will tell you that you need both, any real economist being anyone not working for FOX PAC or the Heritage Foundation, or who doesn’t claim Reaganomics works.

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Boehner and McConnell push to give legislative branch unconstitutional powers?

OK Republican Tea Party (GOTP) types, where is your outrage that Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority Leader McConnell want to seriously unbalance the constitutionally mandated balance of powers by creating special powers in a super committee of Congress to determine budgetary matters?

How about the GOTP House do its constitutionally mandated job and pass a “real” budget (instead of these far right uber-conservative budgets from Wonderland), raise the debt ceiling (as they have more than 80 times since the first debt ceiling was raised) and then move on to “fixing” things?

And if you’re going to play this game of pretending to care about the debt and deficit then let’s cut some real drains on the government – Social Security benefits don’t add one penny to either the debt or deficit, and anyone with half a brain, obviously excluding then the Tea Party members of the House majority, knows that – like saving $2 billion dollars each and every week by bringing all our people home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Once you’re (GOTP) willing to do this then people might start listening to talks of cuts in the so-called “entitlements”.

Raise taxes on the wealthiest 2% – the so-called “job creators” – and eliminate loopholes in the tax system which favors the same uber-wealthiest 2%. Once you’re (GOTP) willing to do this then people might start listening to talk of cuts in the so-called “entitlements”.

The GOTP “my way or the highway” approach may have worked with their prom dates, but the rest of us aren’t that easy and have money in our pockets to call for a ride; time for the GOTP to put up, or shut up. November 2012 will be here soon, and if they’re not willing to negotiate then this group of newbies, this group of probationary congressmen – probies – will be sent packing. They’re destined to be the largest group of one term members of congress in our nation’s history, and they don’t even know it.

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Boehner says the GOTP is ready to act alone on debt deal?

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) House Speaker John Boehner has apparently been paying one too many visits to his friendly neighborhood tavern. He is claiming that the GOTP has readied a plan to prevent the first government default in U.S. history and said the GOTP would act alone if Democrats didn’t go along.

Pure political grand standing; that’s like saying grandma was going to eat the corn on the cob with our without her dentures; sorry to puncture the Speaker’s thought bubble, but the GOTP House can pass whatever it wants, but it can’t go any further without the Democrats – who thankfully control both the Senate and the White House, and President Obama has said he’ll veto any GOTP plan which fails to extend the nation’s borrowing power into 2013.

Boehner’s plan would reportedly cut spending by at least $1 trillion (if you recall the President asked for $4 trillion in cuts – too much for the “we’ve got to cut spending” GOTP – and extend the federal borrowing limit by a slightly smaller dollar amount, into 2012. Why can’t he go for $4 trillion in cuts and pas the extension into 2013? It’s simple; Boehner doesn’t have control of his party, the Tea Party – led by Eric Cantor do.

“I would prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve this problem. If that is not possible, I and my Republican colleagues in the House are prepared to move on our own,” Boehner said.

Where do think they’re moving to all alone? Defeat in 2012 quite probably. Facts are there are more Democratic voters (72 million registered in 2004) in the U.S than Republicans (55 million) with Independents a close third (42 million) and the latter are moderates not rabid far right uber-conservative ideologues. Boehner may be one of the few Speakers to only hold the gavel for one rotation of the electoral wheel. He’s on course to become the largest failure in that position since Newt Gingrich.

White House chief of staff William Daley has reportedly said President Obama is insisting any package must expand the debt ceiling beyond the next presidential and congressional elections and into 2013 to provide economic certainty. Daley said anything short would be a gimmick and prompt the world to say: “These people just can’t get their act together.”

Well, the world would be right – at least where the GOTP is concerned. The current conservative House ran on jobs, and has yet to produce one bill to help fix unemployment. It has however submitted more than 100 bills aimed at limiting Roe v. Wade.

“There will be a two-stage process. It’s just not physically possible to do all of this in one step,” Boehner said amid White House insistence that the debt limit be extended beyond 2012. “I know the president is worried about his next election. But, my God, shouldn’t he be worried about the country?”

Well Boehner that’s the pot calling the kettle black now isn’t it. Shouldn’t the Republican Tea Party Congress be more worried about the country than in defeating the President? Maybe the Speaker should talk to Senator McConnell about those ideas; after all it was the Minority Leader who insisted his most important job was to defeat the President, to keep Barrack Obama from being re-elected.

Problem is simple; GOTP doesn’t want to do anything that might help the President. Its members don’t care about the country. The GOTP talks the talk about honor and duty and country and then proposes slashing the benefits of the Greatest Generation to the poverty level while protecting the tax loop holes and lower taxes of the rich.

Boehner is one of the worse Speakers in the nation’s history and he knows his position is extremely tenuous, and he’s ready and willing to do anything to retain the Speakership. He is not concerned with cutting the debt or the deficit; if he were truly concerned he would have taken the President’s $4 trillion proposal and run with it. But to do so would have helped the President, it’s as simple as that. He’s as phony as his tear streaked tan.

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Boehner wants a two-part deal?

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) House Speaker John Boehner told FOX PAC Sunday he’s working to get out a two-part plan to raise the nation’s debt limit, but he can’t say whether it will include Democratic support.

How many times does the GOTP House have to pass some nonsensical bill that gets slapped down in the Senate before they get it through their collective idiocy that any bill starting in the House eventually has to “include Democratic support”?

Boehner said he hopes to have a bipartisan approach to solve the problem, but he’s ready to move forward with a Republican plan if a deal couldn’t be reached.

Why would he be ready to move forward if a deal can’t be reached? Because he’s hoping to be able to pin any economic disaster resulting from a national default on the President, that’s why.

Boehner also flatly rejects the White House insistence the plan get the country through the next election instead of offering a short-term fix while a longer-term solution can be worked out.

It’s “not physically possible to do all of this in one step,” he said.

How ridiculous is this? Pretty ridiculous; there is absolutely nothing complicated in raising the debt ceiling through the next election, but it is completely ridiculous to raise it once a month, and rehash this argument over and over again. Boehner is –without a doubt – one of the worse Speakers of the House; he has absolutely no control over his caucus and he should – and no doubt soon will – be replaced.

Political reality is, if the debt ceiling isn’t raised and the nation defaults – for the first time ever – the Republican Tea Party House will take the hit. The President has negotiated far beyond any other president ever has; he was not only willing to make cuts but doubled down on the depth of those cuts and Boehner balked. Clearly the GOTP isn’t truly seriously about the debt or the deficit.

Political reality is also that the debt ceiling will be raised, and the longer the GOTP plays this game its portion of what it wanted will get smaller. If they choose to live by “we’re not raising taxes ever”, then they will eventually die by “we’re not raising taxes ever”. You can’t continuously insist on not raising taxes on the wealthiest 2% while concurrently insisting on slashing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans benefits and not pay a hefty political price for it. It’s almost comical the way the GOTP doesn’t get this; that it doesn’t get that standing up for tax loopholes on corporate jets while wanting to reduce Social Security benefits isn’t absurd. But that’s the new Republican Tea Party.


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McConnell says ‘a big deal’ is off the table?

The Senate’s Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) so-called leader Mitch McConnell is reported as saying a major proposal on cutting spending that’s being pushed by the President is off the table as far as the GOTP is concerned.

He says the tax increases that are part of the $4 trillion deficit-reduction package backed by President Obama are the reason.

McConnell whined on “FOX PAC News Sunday” that raising taxes is a bad idea given the country’s weak economy.

GOTP House Speaker John Boehner reportedly said late yesterday that House GOTP members would also not accept tax increases in President Obama’s plan. Boehner further said he’s looking at a deal about half the size of the president’s proposal.

We have Boehner – on record – saying he won’t support $4 trillion dollars in budget cuts, but that he will support $2 trillion dollars in cuts, and McConnell – whose only goal in life is defeating President Obama – saying he won’t support any tax increases. So, this leaves us where? It leaves us knowing Boehner and McConnell aren’t – in any way – serious about cutting either the federal budget or the deficit, and that it’s all political smoke and mirrors to the GOTP.

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Boehner seeks smaller $2 trillion deal?

And so it begins; Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) House Speaker John Boehner has sent a message to President Barack Obama saying that he while he shares the President’s desire to cut the deficit, he wants to pursue a much smaller $2 trillion reduction deal, and not the larger $4 trillion effort sought by the White House.

The vaunted leader of the GOTP House has flinched and round one goes to the President. And what’s the Speaker’s reasoning of asking for a lower number? The President is asking for tax increases on the top 2%, and the GOTP just can’t support that; instead, he said negotiators should focus on deficit reductions identified by a bipartisan group led by Vice President Joe Biden.

OK and what exactly does that mean? Which specific deficit reductions identified by the bipartisan group are you supporting Mr. Speaker? Cue crickets …

“The good news is, we agree on some of the big things,” President Obama said. “We agree that after a decade of racking up deficits and debt, we finally need to get our fiscal house in order. We agree that to do that, both sides are going to have to step outside their comfort zones and make some political sacrifices.”

Of course Boehner has said that the two sides were far apart.

“It’s not like there’s some imminent deal about to happen,” he said. “There are serious disagreements about how to deal with this very serious problem.”

The President’s larger plan would combine new tax revenues and significant spending reductions in large government programs.

GOTP House members are saying media reports suggesting Boehner was willing to entertain the possibility of higher tax revenues as part of a “grand bargain” that included cuts to benefit programs like Social Security and Medicare are greatly exaggerated.

“Conservatives are just not going to vote for a tax increase on this economy,” Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., said, reflecting a common view among his GOTP compadres. “It’s just not going to happen.”

So, the GOTP will refuse to endorse tax increases of any kind – especially on the wealthiest of Americans – while no doubt being more than willing to throw the elderly and the poor under the bus, and if they won’t agree to a higher deficit reduction number, and they won’t agree to tax increases on the rich, then they’ll come across as the obstructionists they are, and the President will come off the winner. There is no way for the GOTP to win this battle. If they refuse to negotiate and do raise the debt ceiling they will be painted as being unwilling to put the country before politics, and the President wins. If they do negotiate, then the President wins being seen as a leader and facilitator and again the GOTP loses; Boehner needs to decide which loss is more acceptable.


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House vote caused dip in Market?

Anyone else notice how the precipitous slide in the Stock Market began immediately after the Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) controlled House of Representatives held its sham-wow vote on raising the debt ceiling? It began as soon as that phoney bill went down resoundingly in flames.

To me, this says at least four things; first, not raising the debt ceiling will have monumental consequences for our economy, and in turn the world’s economy, possibly tipping us into the depression we’ve been trying to avoid.

Second, the GOTP just realized this – meaning they didn’t buy all the dire warnings before about what would happen – and now suddenly they’re as scared as everyone else and want to hold some serious discussions on raising the debt ceiling, while making real cuts in spending and not just running with Paul Ryan’s ludicrous plan.

Third, the GOTP knew that by voting not to extend the debt ceiling it would put everything on the verge, and they are demonstrating to the President – and the entire country – how willing they are to take the economy down in order to position themselves for a victory in 2012.

Fourth, it appears the GOTP is either too ignorant to know what the affects will be, or they’re just too reckless to care, and they just want their cuts. They want to force the Ryan plan, and that’s that.

On thinking the GOTP would willfully tank the economy, my father would’ve told me, “You’re giving them too much credit Butch”, and I think he’d be right. I don’t believe the entire GOTP is willing to throw the country off the cliff deliberately, but I do believe they’re willing to play with it, hoping to force the White House to its knees and give in to their demands.

In effect, the Republicans are holding us all hostage, and the President should call the Speaker and his minions to the Oval Office and he should tell them the United States does not negotiate with terrorists; because if Boehner and his thugs are holding the country’s economy hostage in order to force the Ryan plan – or any part thereof –  on everyone, then that’s what they’ve become, economic terrorists.

The GOTP is taking a huge risk, and President Obama should call their bluff. Force them to refuse to raise the debt ceiling, and use his bully pulpit to make sure Americans understand what that will mean, and exactly who destroyed the economy. Make it crystal clear to everyone – well except the 37% of Americans who watch FOX PAC, and who listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, et al, that it was the far-right Tea Party playing conservatives who took us all over the edge. Seven times this same bunch of debt hating, deficit loathing, conservatives voted to raise the debt ceiling under Bush; SEVEN TIMES! But now it’s unholy and immoral to consider it? They’re hypocrites and they need to be thrown out, and thrown out big in 2012. Boehner is destined to be a one term Speaker, and he and his little group of thugs are destined to be foot notes.

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