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No Right Turns

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McCain says Ryan as #2 on ticket was ‘A Bold Choice’ just like Palin?

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) 2008 presidential bride’s maid, Senator John McCain has decided to weigh in on GOTP 2012 presidential wannabe Willard Mitt Romney’s choice of Tea Party (TP) darling Paul Ryan as his running mate saying in a “Fox News Sunday” interview that it was an “excellent choice”. Of course this is the man who foisted Sarah Palin on American as his running mate.

McCain said vice presidential picks can provide a boost in battleground states, something that didn’t seem to occur to him in 2008 and something that doesn’t seem to be behind Willard’s choice either, and McCain has spent, and continues to spend, a great deal of time trying to justify his questionable choice of Palin.

“First of all, the selection is made as to who will best help you get nominated and who you believe is best suited for the role of vice president of the United States,” McCain said. “At that time — I’m still proud of my running mate. I’m proud of Sarah and her family and I’m proud of the work that we did.”

I’m certain Willard’s overjoyed to have McCain’s approval, being an expert of who and what makes a good running mate choice and all.

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Romney will push back against evil teachers unions

Self proclaimed “presumptive” Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential nominee Willard Mitt Romney is reportedly pledging to push back against those evil teachers unions if he’s elected president.

Romney’s comments came (where else?) in response to his weekly soft ball questions from the intrepid interviewers on “Fox News Sunday,” “But the role I see that ought to remain in the president’s agenda with regards to education is to push back against the federal teachers unions.” He continued, “Those federal teachers unions have too much power, in some cases, they overwhelm the states, they overwhelm the local school districts. We have got to put the kids first and put these teachers unions behind.”

Romney reportedly said he’d not “necessarily” eliminate the Department of Education, but said it may be combined with other agencies and its “reach” into the states has to be “pulled back.”

Yes, because the darned federal teachers unions (of which there are none) and the Department of Education are way too intrusive making sure children with special needs are taken care of along with that pesky Title IX nonsense. So, once again Romney’s elitist attitudes surface as well as his now famous pandering to the extreme right of the GOTP; one has to ask, does he really think the President can just dismantle a federal cabinet level position, especially one created by fellow “conservative” Richard Millhouse Nixon?

But wait, Romney’s criticism of teachers was aimed at blaming the nation’s “over-paid” educators for the failure of the abysmal No Child Left Behind Act.

“I support the principle of having states test their kids … I did support No Child Left Behind and do support continuing to test our kids,” he said. “I want to know which school districts are succeeding and which ones are failing and where they are failing. I want there to be action taken to get the teacher unions out and to get the kids once again receiving the education they need.”

Two points; first, one more reason not to vote Romney is he supported No Child Left Behind; and second, how are you going to take “action” against “failing” school districts as president if you curtail the Department of Education? Wow, if that’s not classic Romney double speak I don’t know what is?

Romney reportedly continued his criticism of those “federal” teachers unions later at a town hall meeting in Vernon Hills, Ill. “We should pay our beginning teachers more,” he said, according to Crystal Lake Patch. “The national unions are too interested in benefits for the older teachers.”

Yes, we wouldn’t want to take care of the experienced teachers, and any benefits they might need for their eventual retirement. Exactly when did uber-conservatives decide teaching was some cushy job with loads of benefits? Clearly anyone who thinks that way has never spent any serious time teaching in the classroom, certainly Romney never has. Once again Willard’s hitting for the far right field fence, trying to score points with the ubers.

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Boehner wants a two-part deal?

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) House Speaker John Boehner told FOX PAC Sunday he’s working to get out a two-part plan to raise the nation’s debt limit, but he can’t say whether it will include Democratic support.

How many times does the GOTP House have to pass some nonsensical bill that gets slapped down in the Senate before they get it through their collective idiocy that any bill starting in the House eventually has to “include Democratic support”?

Boehner said he hopes to have a bipartisan approach to solve the problem, but he’s ready to move forward with a Republican plan if a deal couldn’t be reached.

Why would he be ready to move forward if a deal can’t be reached? Because he’s hoping to be able to pin any economic disaster resulting from a national default on the President, that’s why.

Boehner also flatly rejects the White House insistence the plan get the country through the next election instead of offering a short-term fix while a longer-term solution can be worked out.

It’s “not physically possible to do all of this in one step,” he said.

How ridiculous is this? Pretty ridiculous; there is absolutely nothing complicated in raising the debt ceiling through the next election, but it is completely ridiculous to raise it once a month, and rehash this argument over and over again. Boehner is –without a doubt – one of the worse Speakers of the House; he has absolutely no control over his caucus and he should – and no doubt soon will – be replaced.

Political reality is, if the debt ceiling isn’t raised and the nation defaults – for the first time ever – the Republican Tea Party House will take the hit. The President has negotiated far beyond any other president ever has; he was not only willing to make cuts but doubled down on the depth of those cuts and Boehner balked. Clearly the GOTP isn’t truly seriously about the debt or the deficit.

Political reality is also that the debt ceiling will be raised, and the longer the GOTP plays this game its portion of what it wanted will get smaller. If they choose to live by “we’re not raising taxes ever”, then they will eventually die by “we’re not raising taxes ever”. You can’t continuously insist on not raising taxes on the wealthiest 2% while concurrently insisting on slashing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans benefits and not pay a hefty political price for it. It’s almost comical the way the GOTP doesn’t get this; that it doesn’t get that standing up for tax loopholes on corporate jets while wanting to reduce Social Security benefits isn’t absurd. But that’s the new Republican Tea Party.


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