McCain says Ryan as #2 on ticket was ‘A Bold Choice’ just like Palin?

14 Aug

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) 2008 presidential bride’s maid, Senator John McCain has decided to weigh in on GOTP 2012 presidential wannabe Willard Mitt Romney’s choice of Tea Party (TP) darling Paul Ryan as his running mate saying in a “Fox News Sunday” interview that it was an “excellent choice”. Of course this is the man who foisted Sarah Palin on American as his running mate.

McCain said vice presidential picks can provide a boost in battleground states, something that didn’t seem to occur to him in 2008 and something that doesn’t seem to be behind Willard’s choice either, and McCain has spent, and continues to spend, a great deal of time trying to justify his questionable choice of Palin.

“First of all, the selection is made as to who will best help you get nominated and who you believe is best suited for the role of vice president of the United States,” McCain said. “At that time — I’m still proud of my running mate. I’m proud of Sarah and her family and I’m proud of the work that we did.”

I’m certain Willard’s overjoyed to have McCain’s approval, being an expert of who and what makes a good running mate choice and all.

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