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Yee Haw, Let’s Take That There Holy Land!

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According to the New York Times, Reverend Ricky Perry has come down firmly – in all his Evangelical splendor – on the side of uber-conservative supporters of Israel, denouncing what he called an Obama administration policy of “appeasement” that had gravely weakened Israel and forcefully declaring that Jerusalem should be fully under the control of the Israeli government.

And who exactly has the President been appeasing? Since taking office he’s approved $2.775 billion in military aid, part of an ongoing commitment that will eventually top out at approximately $30 billion within the next ten years, and all this at a time when our economy is ailing, and our national debt and deficit are on the increase, the U.S. continues to provide $3.148 billion in loan guarantees aimed at keeping Israel’s debt manageable. Yep, there’s a lot of appeasement going on there alright you putz.

Ricky also reportedly “suggested” if he were king of the forest, he’d move the American embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, telling reporters, during a news conference in New York, “If you want to work for the State Department, you will be working in Jerusalem.”

In short he’s saying, “Y’all better get ready because when I’m runnin things we’re goin to be movin up to Jerusalem whether them A-rabs like it or not.”

He’d be putting U.S. Personnel smack in the middle of a conflicted zone, and daring the Arabs to strike, what’s next, pledging U.S. aid to reclaim the Temple Mount?

“I am for Jerusalem being united under Israeli rule,” he said in response to a question at a news conference. Jewish leaders who had been invited to the event by his campaign and were standing behind him loudly applauded the comment.

You know, in the back of his mind he was saying, “Of course I’m also for secession and national corn dogger day too.”

Basically sheriff Ricky done tossed his lasso at the feet of the Arab world and said he’d be soon leadin a posse to “the Holy Land”! Yee Haw! It’s a good thing he didn’t have no six shooters or he’d have brung em out and shot em into the air.

Perry said the President’s Middle East policy was “naive, arrogant, misguided and dangerous.”

Hold the phone? That sounds like he’s describing his own Middle East policy; let’s get this straight; he’s a career politician from Texas for crying out loud, who earned a degree in animal science while cheer leading, who thinks he’s on a mission from God, believes in state’s rights to the point of secession, and who’s entire background on Israel probably stems from an illustrated copy of the Child’s Bible, and is reinforced once a year when the family sets out the light up plastic Nativity scene in their front yard at Christmas.

While Ricky claims he supports a “two-state solution” in the region, he showed absolutely no tact, pledging “unwavering” support for Israel” and adding with typical Bush-style Texas bluster: “Tell the people of Israel — help is on the way.”

He further “suggested” if the Palestinians obtained statehood recognition at the United Nations, and if he were in charge, he’d put an end to, or very sharply curtail, any further economic aid to the Palestinians.

I think it’s pretty much a certainty if, by some fluke of nature, he becomes the president, the aid to Palestine will be cut off anyhow.

One of the good things when Perry starts shooting his mouth off like this is he looks and sounds more and more like George W. Bush; same cocky air; same Texas sized bravado; same lack of understanding of anything bigger than a cock fight. He’s essentially Bush version 2012, and hopefully the country’s had enough of that nonsense.

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Beck Claims President Obama Gave Israel 30-Day “Ultimatum” To Accept 1967 Borders?

Hold on to your hats kids, the “Prophet”, Glenn Beck has claimed that President Obama has issued an “ultimatum,” to Israel giving them “30 days to comply with the 1967 border rules.”

“And then, the Israel ultimatum,” declared the Prophet. “This one happens by September. This weekend, the Obama administration gave Israel 30 days to comply with the 1967 border rules. According to the National Security Council, quote, ‘We have a month to see if we can work something out with the Israelis and Palestinians as accepting these principles as a basis for negotiations.’ Well, now, there’s a reasonable timeline on solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a conflict that has gone on for decades and centuries. Guys, you got 30 days. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? This presidency thing is a breeze for Barack Obama.”

Well, not quite Prophet Glenn, not quite. Fact is the article you chose to quote, trying to back up your latest falsehood (should Prophets be telling falsehoods? That’s a topic for another day I’m sure) actually stated that the Obama Administration has made a “request” of Israel to accept the President’s proposal as a basis for negotiations and as a way to head off Palestinian plans to unilaterally declare an independent state.

Glenn, you’re a liar, and you’re crazy.

But, even though the Prophet Glenn is certifiable, I have to say I find the whole idea of even asking Israel to move back to the pre-1967 borders is very naïve. I don’t know who in the administration thought up this one, but they should do a little studying about the why there’s a pre-1967 border.

There was a little something called the Six-day War. It started when Israel’s neighbors decide in June of 1967 to enact their own “Final Solution” on their Jewish neighbors. Egypt, Jordan and Syria – with troops and aid from fellow Arab nations Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Algeria – attacked, and had their lunch handed to them. When the dust settled, Israel’s borders had expanded dramatically including The West Bank together with East Jerusalem (taken from Jordan), the Golan Heights (taken from Syria) and the Sinai and Gaza (taken from Egypt).

Had these peaceful Arab neighbors not attacked Israel, then there wouldn’t be any need to discuss any “pre-1967 border”. If I were Israel I would ignore anyone suggesting to me that I should relinquish these territories.

As for the Palestinian People, you had a chance in 1947 when Israel was created, to have a separate Palestinian State, but you turned your nose up and declared Jihad against the Jews. You were not going to share anything with your cousins; you were going to exterminate them. Well, let’s see, 64 years later, how’d that strategy work out for you?

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