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Palin Cut Her Tour Short for Jury Duty?

So, former Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is disputing online reports alleging she canceled her bus tour of historic American sites, saying – using her favorite medium Facebook – that her family vacation (aka bus tour) schedule was going to be very tight through the rest of summer because she’s been called for jury duty.

Of course for uber-conservative Palin only the most patriotic of causes could be used as an excuse (um, I mean viable reason) for postponing her “bus tour”, and since she couldn’t be drafted, then jury duty it is; of course since making this announcement no one – including the state of Alaska – can neither confirm, nor deny, that the Ice Queen has indeed been called home for “jury duty”.

Palin said last week that her “One Nation” bus tour would resume “when the time comes.” She added that she’s looking forward “to hitting the open road again.”

“When the time comes” is Palin speak for when she needs another hit of being in the center of the public eye.

Many conservative talking heads, and many of her devoted followers, have been speculating if Palin will ever jump into the GOTP race for President, but she’s already said she wouldn’t run unless there was no one else who could carry the conservative banner to victory. In short, she’ll run one day, when she believes it will score the biggest hit in the public eye, and when it will benefit her – personally – the most. Palin isn’t touring the country for love of America; she’s touring it for love of Palin. She’s an embarrassment, she’s shallow and she’s a has-been.

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