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Scroggins is a Christian Jihadist?

Dr. Wesley Scroggins, associate professor of business management at Missouri State University, and self-proclaimed book banner extraordinaire has declared that, “History and American Government textbooks primarily teach that the American form of government is a democracy. This is not true. The American form of government is a constitutional republic. The differences between the two forms of government are huge…A constitutional republican form of government is based on the rule of Law…”

Professor Bookbanner has also complained that the premises of democracy are atheistic and immoral, or inclined to assume a relativistic moral directive, “A democracy is based on an atheistic, humanistic worldview. Individual liberties (and everything else) are determined by the majority. It is majority rule. Underlying assumptions are that there is no absolute right and wrong. Morality is determined by the majority, it is relative. Man is free to do as the majority wishes. The desire of the majority determines right and wrong. It assumes man’s nature is good.”

Bookbanner, who is no doubt a devoted Glenn Beck worshipper, also proclaimed that, the “founding fathers” never had democracy in mind when they broke away from England,

“They feared and hated democracy. They possessed a Biblical worldview and knew that democracy could never sustain individual liberty for very long.”

Of course Bookbanner then produced a list of quotations from the “founding fathers”, all carefully cropped to support his very narrow view into the minds of some of the 19th-century’s brightest minds.

According to Bookbanner, Thomas Jefferson once said, “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty‐one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty‐nine.”

Perhaps Dr. Scroggins should have verified Jefferson said it before quoting him? According to an article written by Washington Post Staff Writer, Monica Hesse in a 15 August 2007 article on Karl Rove, “Sorry, guys. The esteemed founder never said it. The folks at Monticello’s research library witheringly say that old saw has been dogging him for years.”

But Scroggins – as many conservative jihadists today – picks and chooses what he claims the Founding Fathers said to incite groups like the Republic School Board to ban books.

Jefferson of course would never have penned something that sounded do Federalist in nature, and wrote repeatedly of his belief that his new found country was indeed a democracy and that Americans were democrats, “We of the United States, you know, are constitutionally and conscientiously Democrats.”—April 24, 1816, Letter to M. Dupont de Nemours

Dr Bookbanner, after misquoting the Founders in such a way to claim they would have supported his supposition that they hated democracy, demanded that “It is the duty of the Republic School District to teach the truth about our form of government.”

He also charged the Republic School District with teaching the “myth” that “the separation of church and state is a constitutional principle.”

Bookbanner claimed, “To teach children that a nativity scene, or anything else, violates the First Amendment principle of the separation of church and state is nothing more than a lie. It is the moral duty of this school district to teach the truth of this issue: that the separation of church and state is a myth and is not found in the Constitution. It is impossible to violate something that does not exist.”

But wait, Bookbanner was also quite upset with the notion that teachers in Republic were teaching freedom of expression to their students, “The concept of freedom of expression was created in the 1940s by the liberal U.S. Supreme Court and has been used since to justify many perversions in our society in the name of an individual’s right of freedom of expression, including the evils of abortion, homosexuality, and pornography.”

Or to allow moronic college business professors to spread their misinformation to unsuspecting small town school boards in their attempts to have literature villified and banned. Scroggins is a small minded right-wing conservative jihadists wanting to enforce his own brand of Christian sharia law. He claims to love and revere the Founding Fathers but misquotes them in order to misinform the public; perhaps the Board of Regent at his university should begin sitting in on his classes to ensure what he teaches isn’t as equally incorrect?

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All right, Beulah, do you want to step outside?!

Of course it was bound to start happening again in the America where the likes of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh and the “Reverend” Rick Perry are looked up to; it seems the banning of books from school libraries is back in vogue in small mind – excuse me – small town America.

Recently the Republic School District (population 14,300), in the great state of Missouri, decided to remove Kurt Vonnegut’s classic novel “Slaughterhouse-Five” along with the young adult novel “Twenty Boy Summer” by Sarah Ockler. Both books have been banned from a school curriculum and library following complaints from a local professor – who apparently had “two 50’s and went right into the 70’s” – about children being exposed to “shocking material”.

The so-called “professor”, Wesley Scroggins, is not a literature professor, or a history professor, nor is he a sociology professor; Dr Scroggins – who earned his PhD from New Mexico State University – is a professor of business management; no doubt a position which makes him infinitely “qualified” to comment on the suitability of literature in a high school’s reading curriculum. Wes has decided that Vonnegut’s novel “contains so much profane language, it would make a sailor blush with shame”, and that Ockler’s book “glorifies drunken teen parties, where teen girls lose their clothes in games of strip beer pong”.

The obvious question would be, “has Dr Scroggins read either book?” The equally obvious answer would be, “I doubt it”.

Scroggins’s complaints sparked a review by the district school board, which voted this week to keep the novel “Speak” but to remove the novels by Vonnegut and Ockler. “Twenty Boy Summer” focused on “sensationalizing sexual promiscuity”, Superintendent Vern Minor told the News-Leader. “I just don’t think it’s a good book. I don’t think it’s consistent with these standards and the kind of message that we want to send,” he said. “If the book had ended on a different note, I might have thought differently.” Slaughterhouse-Five, meanwhile, contains “really, really intense” language and does not have “any place in high school”, according to Minor.

Where’s Annie Kinsella when you need her? Clearly she’s not living in Republic, MO. No one in Republic stood up and asked, “Who’s for Eva Braun here?” No one asked, “Who’s for the type of censorship they had under Stalin, anybody?”

Nope, in Republic, Missouri they have no one to stand up and say, “What Slaughter House Five tells me is that goose stepping morons like Dr Scroggins should be reading books instead of banning them”.

Scroggy is one of many “do-gooders” uber-conservatives in our right leaning society today who no doubt thinks Islam wants to enslave us all in Shariah law while he leads a crusade to ban a book from which many of us first learned that the Nazi’s didn’t just target and murder Jews, they also targeted and murdered homosexuals and many others.

Scroggins, meanwhile, told the News Leader that while it was “unfortunate [the board] chose to keep the other book [Speak] … I congratulate them for doing what’s right and removing the two books”.

No Herr Scroggins it wasn’t “what’s right” because here in America we have the Bill of Rights which contains the First Amendment guaranteeing free speech. You, on the other hand, have sided with governments and individuals who do not support the ideal of free speech. You have sided with those who stand opposed to that principle, as has the Republic School Board. What’s the encore going to be, banning the Koran? Banning the Book of Mormon? How long before you ban the Holy Bible? After all it is bursting at the seams with tales of betrayal, murder, rape, incest, homosexuality, unbridled passion, war and genocide. If you extend Scroggins’ logic far enough then the Bible is also unsuitable to be on the shelves of the schools in the Republic School District.

Of course, perhaps the Republic School Board should have consulted with an attorney before launching into its book ban, and I don’t mean someone’s brother’s cousin. If it had it might have learned the U.S. Supreme Court has already considered the First Amendment implications of the removal of “Slaughter House Five” along with other books, from public school libraries in the case of Island Trees School District v. Pico, [457 U.S. 853 (1982)], and concluded that “local school boards may not remove books from school library shelves simply because they dislike the ideas contained in those books and seek by their removal to ‘prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion.” Of course the odds of someone ever standing up in Republic, MO and opposing the ban is, well. let’s say a Democrat could be elected Governor of Utah before that happens.

So, here we are in Sarah Palin’s America, where books are banned and members of Congress are shot in the face; where conservatives advocate throwing the Greatest Generation under the economic bus, and where Tea Partista Terrorist hold the country hostage threatening to destroy its economy if their demands aren’t met.

Is this what “taking the country back” means? Does it mean taking it back to a time where books weren’t just banned but were burned? Does it mean taking it back to a time when lunatic members of Congress could hold up a blank sheet of paper claiming it contained the names of “known Communists within the State Department” and throw the country into red scare madness? Is this the America they want?

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