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Romney blames President for emboldening North Korea to build sucky missile

According to news reports, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential aspirant Willard Mitt Romney’s trying to link North Korea’s failed rocket launch to President Obama saying the president’s efforts to appease the regime have “emboldened” Pyongyang.

Willard’s claiming President Barack Obama has “no effective response” to North Korea’s weapons program and supported a “food-aid deal” “that proved to be as naive as it was short-lived.”

“At the same time, he has cut critical U.S. missile defense programs and continues to underfund them,” Romney said. “This incompetence from the Obama Administration has emboldened the North Korean regime and undermined the security of the United States and our allies.”

Someone should point out to Willard that the vaunted North Korean inter-ballistic missile took off, broke apart, and plopped into the ocean. They’ve become so emboldened they built a missile that sucks so badly dolphins were laughing as it fell around them.

Wow, I’m underwhelmed by the level of this potential threat; additionally I need to write myself a note to cancel my application to the North Korean Space Program.

Willard’s expansive foreign policy experience – which consists of how many Swiss skiers can fit into a minivan – is clearly showing; and isn’t it grand he keeps parading it out for all to see?

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