If “The Islamic Brotherhood” Takes Power In Egypt, “Then It’s World War III”?

05 Feb

According to FOX PAC talking circus performer, Bill O’Rilley (aka Bill the Clown), “If the Islamic Brotherhood takes power In Egypt, then it’s World War III”. Really Billo? It’s World War III? How do you people at FOX PAC sleep at night? Between your gloom and doom 24/7, and lying through your teeth for 99.9% of that time, how can you sleep?

It appears FOX PAC is wishing and hoping that Egypt not only becomes President Obama’s Iran, but that it also becomes the next world war. You’ve got Reverend Beck proclaiming this is the real Archduke Ferdinand moment he’s been warning us all about (we’re up to the seventh so-called moment since President Obama took office), and now Billo the Clown is proclaiming it becomes the third world war if the Islamic Brotherhood take over the government in Egypt. But, have you noticed? Not one of the gloom and doomers at FOX, not Rush, nor any of the right wing talking bovines or politicians who have been, and continue to be, so critical of the President have offered one concrete suggestion of what he should have done, or of what he should do know.

I understand the right-wing crazies got used to the Bush Doctrine (well, all except Sarah Palin who doesn’t know what that is) and I’m sure their solution would be to invade Egypt, or at the very least start bombing Cairo and Alexandria if the Islamic Brotherhood takes over; how sad for them we now have a President who doesn’t share their view that America can, and should, preemptively invade or bomb anyone we choose.

Besides talking to Mubarak on the phone and giving him advice that he really needs to step down, that the United States gravy train is not running any more, what more can the President do? And, oh, a by-the-way right wingers, Mubarak is a dictator. You know, the same kind of person you yelled and screamed had to be pushed out of Iraq. “But he was our dictator!” “He was our kind of guy!” They would all no doubt collectively shout. But, what can the President do, that he isn’t already doing? We – as a people – would never stand for another nation interfering in our internal affairs. We – the United States – do not own the world, even if it’s true we are the only true super power in the world today, we don’t have the legal the authority, or the right, to tell other countries what to do, or to invade and bomb because we can. We, like the rest of the civilized world (basically anyone not glued to FOX PAC, and listening to right-wing talk radio all day) must watch as these events unfold, and then see what has filled the vacuum in Mubarak’s absence.


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