As Bachmann’s star begins to plummet?

09 Sep

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) wannabe Michele “Krazy” Bachmann’s presidential star is plummeting faster than it rose, so, what to do; what to do?

I know! Go back to Iowa! They love her there!

“We know that when Michele is in Iowa, she wins,” said Bachmann’s Iowa campaign chairman, Kent Sorenson. “If she’s here, she’ll win Iowa.”

Of course, but what about all the other primaries after that, all the ones you have to win to take the nomination? It’s time to realize that as presidential candidates, and as presidential campaigns go, you guys suck. It’s time to pack up your circus tent and go back to your shabby little congressional office.

Face it boys and girls, Krazy’s been eclipsed by someone even more crazy, and more right-wing and more appealing to the uber-conservative evangelical voters of the Tea Party; she’s been eclipsed by the Reverend Ricky Perry’s travelling prayer fest and secession tour.  She no longer holds the interest of her base. Uber-conservative evangelicals don’t want a woman for president if they can have a man any more than they want a black man in the White House. They want their women submissive and in the kitchen, not in the Oval Office. Krazy was an anomaly, and then Reverend Ricky came along; a person with the same crazy message but who was a man.

As Dandy Don used to sing at end of Monday Night Football games, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over …”

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