President would be frightened to debate Newt?

07 Feb

Just when you thought she’s slinked back into the hinterlands of the Great White North, former Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Queen, Sarah Palin continues to show her admiration for GOTP presidential has been Newton Leroy Gingrich, claiming he’s the one candidate President Barack Obama “would really fear having to debate.”

Of course this is also the woman Katie Couric stumped with such infamous “gotcha” questions as, “Name one Supreme Court decision you have a problem with”, and “What do you read to keep you informed”? But, hey, she can see Russia, and that makes her a foreign policy expert, at least where the “reds” were concerned.

In a recent “discussion” with Greta Van Susteren of FOX PAC (meaning the toughest question she was likely to face would be what she had for breakfast that morning), Palin said the President shouldn’t be looking to debating Willard Mittens Romney, because Newton would be the real danger in a debate.

“Well, I think that Newt Gingrich would be the toughest debater, debating ideas and solutions, and his experience as one who had learned through the Reagan revolution what true conservatism is, and how it is that with foreign policy we need to provide that peace through strength in our world, and how it is that we need to balance budgets and we need to slash budgets because we are going bankrupt, all those things that Newt has talked about in his campaign,” Palin said.

“I think that he could most brightly contrast himself against what Obama’s failed policies have done to this country through debates. So that’s why I say that Obama, I believe, would really fear having to debate Newt Gingrich.”

There’s just one major problem in the Ice Queen’s thinking, President Obama is never going to face Newton in a debate. In fact, Palin’s in La-La Land; her so-called “conservative” hero’s never going to win the nomination, and he never was; he’s a disgraced ex-Speaker, and serial adulterer and the rank and file of the GOP knows this. He’s not remotely electable, and outside of the “Deep South” – or apparently Alaska – where going to Cracker Barrel is a big night on the town, he polls horribly.

Please Sarah, do the decent – and humane thing – and return to the political obscurity from whence John McCain plucked you. Like Newt you’re not remotely qualified to be president, and you’re only slightly less qualified to recommend who is.

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