Latest 2012 Presidential Polls – 18 May 12 Edition

18 May

This past week saw the demise of the Ron Paul epic journey towards the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) White House nomination leaving “it’s my turn” conservative Bully-boy Willard Mitt Romney all alone on the stage, prepped and ready to begin debating himself over each and every idea he’s ever had; of course even as the only guy running, Willard still has yet to capture the magic 1,144 delegates to officially make him the nominee.

Willard picked up two more primary victories this week in Nebraska and Oregon with a whopping 19 delegates, 44 still undecided, 3 for Paul and one for Santorum; the regular season primary wins to date: Romney 31; anyone but Romney 12.

The GOTP Delegate Count (1,144 needed to win) to date is: Romney 989; other than Romney 509.

The current GOTP Popular Vote Count is:

Romney 6,684,300 (46%)

Other than Romney 7,787,490 (54%)

Although Willard’s still the so-called “presumptive nominee”, fact is, week after week, there’ve been more votes cast for anyone but Romney than for Romney from within his own party.

So, how does the “presumptive” GOTP candidate stand up against the President?

Although my usual statement is “the most recent ‘viable’ polls (which are neither FOX News nor Rasmussen)” the most current FOX News poll of registered voters conducted 13-15 May 12 is just too funny to pass up; according to FOX News, if the general election were held today:

President Obama 46/Romney 39

If the general election was held today, Willard Mitt Romney still lose to President Obama in the general election.

How big would Willard lose? Well, if the General Election were held today, the Electoral College totals based on all available current poll numbers:


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2 responses to “Latest 2012 Presidential Polls – 18 May 12 Edition

  1. brenda

    May 18, 2012 at 09:47

    gee why bother to even have an election if obama has automatically won.

  2. frogcycle

    May 20, 2012 at 05:37

    Good point, brenda. I expect you were trying to be sarcastic, but it is an excellent point. The republicans have nothing to offer – they have spent three years blocking every thing they could, and pining for the good old days when the economy was on the brink of implosion. They went through a comedic downselection amongst various freaks and loonies, ended up with an empty suit incapable not only of independent thought but even of retaining from one moment to the next the borrowed thoughts uttered. Like the Whigs, they have demonstrated that they no longer exist as a viable alternative. They still have tons of money to delude the gullible and buy votes, but we can at least hope there aren’t that many idiots out there. So why have an election? Only to pretend we still have a two-party system, rather than a government vs. anarchy system. When they are trounced soundly perhaps the shambles that is today’s republican party will just disintegrate and a realistic right-leaning but pragmatic party will emerge to provide counterpoint to the democrats. That would be to the benefit of all, democrats included.


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