Latest 2020 Presidential Polls – 9 March 2020 – MINI TUESDAY Primary Edition

09 Mar

Eighteen states have voted, leaving 32 more to go, and territories, and suddenly Joe Biden is now the undisputed leader in the race for the Democratic Party’s nomination. Senator Elizabeth Warren and billionaire Michael Bloomberg have dropped out of the race, leaving Biden, Sanders, and Tulsi Gabbard. However, no one is paying any attention to Gabbard, nor should they. The DOW has plummeted 3,513 points over the last month. The world continues facing a pandemic. Nancy Pelosi is still the Speaker, and Trump remains forever impeached.

So, where are things going into Mini-Tuesday?

In the delegate count, the winning candidate needing 1,991 to win the nomination, following Super Tuesday, where Biden killed Sanders winning Alabama, Arkansas, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia, the results are as follows:

Joe Biden 681
Bernie Sanders 608
Michael Bloomberg 74
Elizabeth Warren 69
Pete Buttigieg 27
Amy Klobuchar 7
Tulsi Gabbard 2

Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Cory Booker have all endorsed Joe Biden. Warren is holding her cards close to her vest and not yet revealing where she will throw her support, but following Super Tuesday she received a plethora of ugly messages from Bernie Bros, so, it would be very interesting if she gave her endorsement to Sanders.

In the popular vote totals:

Joe Biden 4,921,782
Bernie Sanders 4,016,248
Elizabeth Warren 1,798,835
Michael Bloomberg 1,726,650
Pete Buttigieg 606,864
Amy Klobuchar 384,438
Tulsi “Why are you still running?” Gabbard 102,383

In national polling, only two conducted post-Super Tuesday, Joe Biden has soared back into the lead over Bernie for the Democratic Party nomination.

In the CNN Poll, conducted from 4-7 March 2020 of 1,211 respondents:

Biden 52%
Sanders 36%
Gabbard 0%

According to the Morning Consult poll, conducted 5 March 2020, of 1,390 Democratic primary voters contacted after Elizabeth Warren had dropped out of the race:

Biden 54%
Sanders 38%
Gabbard 2%

The latest Quinnipiac poll, conducted 5-8 March 2020, places the current rankings as such:

Biden 54%
Sanders 35%
Gabbard 2%

As far as the national race for the White House is concerned, according to recent polling data available, if the election was today, odds are Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders would be the 46th President of the United States. Trump, who forever remains the third impeached president in U.S. history, will still go down as one of the gloomiest and debauched persons to ever sit in the Oval Office.

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