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Santorum wins Iowa?

The Associated Press is reporting that Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential wannabe Ricky Santorum actually won the Iowa Caucus two weeks ago, and not Willard Mittens Romney.

“There have been two contests,” Santorum said after hearing he actually was victorious. “We won one.”

Ricky reportedly bested Romney by 34 votes in the final tally of Iowa’s caucuses.

“This is a solid win. It’s a much stronger win than the win Gov. Romney claimed to have,” Santorum declared.

Romney of course, who won New Hampshire’s primary, is attempting to call the Iowa results a “virtual tie” while Santorum’s calling it a sign that any calls for him to leave were premature.

“We feel very, very good about what this win will mean,” Santorum said of Iowa’s fresh results. “It says that we can win elections. We can organize. We can put together an effort to pull the resources together to be able to be successful in being the person who can defeat Mitt Romney. Guess what? We defeated Mitt Romney in Iowa.”

Well, it could mean that, or it might just prove that conservative Iowans are still as weird as they were in 2008 when they gave the state to Mike Huckabee.

After “winning” in Iowa, Santorum’s busy trying to build a grass-roots organization of socially conservative Republicans, including pastors, similar to the one that apparently helped him finally finish on top in Iowa; but does the news of a win in Iowa come too late to make any difference in South Carolina? Probably, but the GOTP primary clown car has been spinning wildly back and forth for months now so with the current Tea Party bunch garnering so much power who can tell?

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