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Latest 2016 Presidential Polls – 12 December 2015 Edition

It has been nearly four months since I last commented on the current 2016 Presidential Election, and in those four months next to nothing has changed. The political season continues to stagger forward. The Republican Tea Party (GOTP) clown bus is still filled to overflowing while its fascist driver, Donald Trump, careens from side to side along the road, threatening to send the GOTP off of the proverbial cliff. Making one crazy declaration after another Trump continues to lead in the polls, appealing to the worse parts of human nature, and firmly now ensconced as the Party’s new leader. His leading is not an endorsement of conservatism in America; it is an indictment.

decision 2016

So, where are things as we move towards Christmas and New Years?

Nationally, “the Donald,” aka “Der Fuhrer,” the man who seems to relish living in political chaos, continues holding on to the top spot in the polls in spite of all his outlandish comments.

The CBS/NY Times Poll, “conducted by telephone December 4-8, 2015 among a random sample of 1,275 adults nationwide, including 1,053 registered voters” has the Republican race lining up thus:

Donald Trump 35%
Ted Cruz (the Canadian who would be President) 16%
Ben Carson 13%
Marco Rubio 9%
Rand Paul 4%
Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich, and Mike Huckabee 3%
None of them 2%
Carly Fiorina 1%
Rick Santorum, George Pataki, and Lindsey Graham 0%

It must hurt to know that “none of them” garners more of a percentage of the party faithful than you do.

In a USA Today/Suffolk Poll, conducted by telephone of “registered voters” from December 2-6, 2015:

Trump 27%
Cruz 17%
Rubio 16%
Carson 10%
Bush 4%
Paul, Christie, and Kasich 2%
Fiorina, Huckabee, and Santorum 1%
Pataki and Graham 0%

Something very troubling for the Republican Party is the fact that 68% of Trump followers have said they would support him if he bolted from the GOTP and made an independent run for the White House. Reality being 68% of Trump supporters could mean anywhere from 15% to 20% or more of the Republican base in a general election, ensuring a Democratic victory in 2016.

On the Democratic side, the CBS/NY Times Poll has:

Hillary Clinton 52%
Bernie Sanders 32%
Martin O’Malley 2%

The USA Today/Suffolk Poll has:

Clinton 56%
Sanders at 29%
O’Malley 4%

According to the USA Today/Suffolk Poll, if the General Election was today:

Clinton 48/Trump 44
Rubio 48/Clinton 45
Clinton 47/Cruz 45
Clinton 46/Carson 45

According to a CNN/ORC Poll, conducted from 27 November to 1 December, if the General Election was today:

Clinton 50/Cruz 47
Carson 50/Clinton 47
Clinton 49/Trump 46
Rubio 49/Clinton 48

Clearly, there are some serious problems with the polling data when a CNN/ORC Poll finds Ben – the Egyptians built the pyramids to store grain – Carson beating Hillary Clinton at anything. The CNN/ORC poll is highly suspect.

Finally, in an MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist Poll, conducted from 15 November to 2 December:

Clinton 52/Trump 41
Clinton 51/Cruz 44
Clinton 48/Rubio 45
Clinton 48/Carson 47

According to recent polling data available, if the election were today, odds are Hillary Clinton would be the 45th President of the United States, and the others would still be footnotes in history books.

If you are a Republican, your only hope appears to be with a very junior Senator from Florida. Good luck with that.

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Latest 2016 Presidential Polls – 28 August 2015 Edition

The 2016 Presidential Election staggers forward – the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) clown bus complete with its 17 occupants and pseudo-fascist driver is trying to find some degree of sanity but is failing because Donald Trump continues to lead in the polls, appealing to the worse parts of human nature, and finding room in the GOTP.

decision 2016

Where are things as we slink slowly into September of 2015?

Nationally, the “Joker” of the GOTP clowns – “The Donald” – continues holding on to the top spot in the polls in spite of all his outlandish comments.

A Quinnipiac Poll, conducted by telephone of “registered voters” from August 20 to 25, 2015 has the GOTP Clown Bus lining up thus:

Donald Trump still ahead at 28%
Ben Carson 12%
Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz 7%
Scott Walker 6%
Carly Fiorina and John Kasich 5%
Chris Christie 4%
Mike Huckabee 3%
Rand Paul 2%
Rick Perry and Rick Santorum 1%
Bobby Jindal and Lindsey Graham 0%

In a CNN/ORC Poll, conducted by telephone of “registered voters” from August 13 to 16, 2015:

Trump 24%
Bush 13%
Carson 9%
Rubio and Walker 8%
Paul 6%
Fiorina, Cruz and Kasich 5%
Huckabee 4%
Christie 3%
Perry 2%
Santorum 1%
Jindal and Graham strong at 0%

In a Fox News Poll, conducted by telephone of “registered voters” from August 11 to 13, 2015:

Trump leads at 25%
Carson 12%
Cruz 10%
Bush 9%
Walker and Huckabee sit at 6%
Fiorina 5%
Rubio and Kasich 4%
Christie and Paul 3%
Perry, Santorum and Jindal 1%
Graham 0%

Lastly, in a Rasmussen Poll, conducted by telephone of “registered voters” from August 9 to August 10, 2015 the Clown Parade is as follows:

Trump leads at 17%
Bush and Rubio 10%
Walker and Fiorina 9%
Carson 8%
Cruz 7%
Paul, Kasich and Christie 4%
Huckabee 3%
Perry, Santorum, Jindal and Graham 1%

On the Democratic side, the Quinnipiac Poll has:

Hillary Clinton 45%
Bernie Sanders 22%
Vice-President Joe Biden 18%
Martin O’Malley 1%
Jim Webb 1%
Lincoln Chafee 0%

The CNN/ORC Poll has:

Clinton still way out in front with 47%
Sanders at 29%
Biden 14%
O’Malley 2%
Webb 1%
Chafee 0%

Fox News has the Democratic race:

Clinton 49%
Sanders 30%
Biden 10%
Webb and O’Malley 1%
Chafee 0%

According to the Quinnipiac Poll, if the General Election was today:

Clinton 45/Trump 41
Clinton 44/Rubio 43
Clinton 42/Bush 40

The poll ignored all other challengers

According to the CNN/ORC Poll, if the General Election was today:

Clinton 53/Fiorina 43
Clinton 52/Bush 43
Clinton 52/Walker 46
Clinton 51/Trump 45

The poll did not ask voters about a match-up between Clinton and Rubio, Paul, Cruz, Carson, Christie, Huckabee, Kasich, Perry, Santorum, Jindal or Graham.

According to recent polling data available, if the election was today Hillary Clinton would be the 45th President of the United States, and the others would still be footnotes in history books.

Of note, according to the Quinnipiac poll, “Note to Biden: They like you, they really like you, or they like you more than the others.

“If he is sitting on the fence, his scores in the matchups and his favorability ratings may compel him to say, ‘Let’s do this.’”

“Matchups among all American voters show: Biden tops Trump 48 – 40 percent. He beats Bush 45 – 39 percent and gets 44 percent to Rubio’s 41 percent.

“Clinton edges Trump 45 – 41 percent. She gets 42 percent to Bush’s 40 percent and gets 44 percent to Rubio’s 43 percent.

“Sanders edges Trump 44 – 41 percent and edges Bush 43 – 39 percent. Rubio gets 41 percent to Sanders’ 40 percent.”

Note to Republicans, according to Quinnipiac, “If Trump runs as a third party candidate, Clinton gets 40 percent, with 24 percent each for Bush and Trump.”

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Huckabee’s ignorance

ignorance is not bliss

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Huckabee on SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage Decision

Five unelected black robed lawyers ruled,


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Huckabee on Judicial Review

huckster and SCOTUS

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Latest 2016 Presidential Polls – 20 April 2015 Edition

The 2016 Presidential Election season rolls on, and the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) clown car spins and swerves from one fantastic tale to another while former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is driving her “Scooby Mobile” into New Hampshire this week.

decision 2016

Where are things in these early moments of the 2016 campaign?

Nationally, a CNN/ORC poll of voters describing themselves as “republicans” or “independents who lean republican” conducted 16-19 April 2015, has former Florida Governor Jeb Bush leading the group of GOTP candidates and likely candidates. Jeb Bush 17%, Scott Walker 12%, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio 11%, Mike Huckabee 9%, Ted Cruz 7%, Ben Carson and Chris Christie 4%, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum 3%, while Bobby Jindal and John Kasich 2%.

On the Democratic side, a CNN/ORC poll of voters describing themselves as “Democrat” or “independents who lean Democrat” conducted 16-19 April 2015, has Clinton in a commanding lead of undeclared candidates with 69%, followed by Joe Biden 11%, Bernie Sanders 5%, Jim Webb 3% Martin O’Malley at 1%.

How do things stack up if the General Election was today? The same CNN/ORC poll has Hillary Clinton beating all GOTP comers by double digits.

Clinton 55/Rubio 41

Clinton 56/Bush 39

Clinton 58/Paul 39

Clinton 58/Christie 39

Clinton 59/Walker 37

Clinton 58/Huckabee 37

Clinton 60/Cruz 36

Clinton 60/Carson 36

According to recent polling data available, if the election was today Hillary Clinton would be the 45th President of the United States, and the others would be footnotes in history books.

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Conservatives prove once again why we have protections under the First Amendment

Thank You Republican/Tea Party types for making my point as to why DOMA and Prop 8 were unconstitutional; if your opposition to same-sex marriage and banning it by law is based on your religious values then those laws are clearly unconstitutional under the separation of Church and State provisions of the First Amendment.

Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Republican Party in Alabama


“I am disappointed to learn that SCOTUS has struck down DOMA and will now require that federal benefits be extended to homosexual couples.  This is an affront to the Christian principles that this nation was founded on.  The federal government is hijacking marriage, a uniquely religious institution, and they must be stopped.  This is a nation founded on Christian values and the Bible is very clear on marriage – one man and one woman.  Alabama’s state law banning gay marriage will prevent these benefits from being extended in Alabama, but our tax dollars will still go to support a lifestyle that we fundamentally disagree with.”

Of course any student of the Bible knows that Armistead’s views on marriage being between “one man and one woman” are not even close to true. In Genesis chapter 16 we read that Sarai gives her hand maid Hagar to Abram as his wife; Sarai was Abram’s first wife and by giving him Hagar she created a plural marriage.

In Genesis 25 we learn that Abram – now Abraham – takes another wife, this one’s name is Keturah. Let’s see, so far that makes three wives in this plurality.

In Genesis 30 Jacob marries Bilhah and Zilpah after already being married to Leah and Rachel. Seems like the Biblical definition of marriage being between “one man and one woman” isn’t quite so clear, now is it? Perhaps Mr. Armistead should pay a little more attention in Sunday school.

In Deuteronomy 21 the inheritance rights of children born into a plural marriage are established.

In Samuel 2 we read how David took his two wives, Ahinoam and Abigail with him when he went to Hebron.

In 1 Kings 11 we learn that Solomon had 700 wives – 700!

In 2 Chronicles 13 we can read how Abijah had fourteen wives.

FOX Huckster Mike Huckabee


“My thoughts on the SCOTUS ruling that determined that same sex marriage is okay: “Jesus wept.”

And this would be? Jesus wept because the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the Constitution? Of course He did Mike, of course He did; whatever. If Jesus is weeping it’s more likely because of the hate being spewed in His name by so-called Christians like yourself, and less likely based upon the Court’s decision to allow people freedom of choice in whom they will marry.

Congresswoman Michelle Bachman



This decision is one that is profound because the Supreme Court not only attacked our Constitution today, they not only attacked the equal protection rights of every citizen under our Constitution, they attacked something that they have no jurisdiction over whatsoever, the foundational unit of our society, which is marriage.

“That is something that God created. That is something that God will define. The Supreme Court, though they may think so, have not risen to the level of God.”

How did the Court attack the Constitution? Was it by upholding it?

Marriage, by-the-way Congresswoman, IS regulated by the state, and hence the Court certainly DOES have jurisdiction over it.

And, since laws in this nation aren’t supposed to founded on the religious whims of fanatics like the soon to be retired Bachman, pointing out that her views of the legality of DOMA and Prop 8 are strictly religious in nature she helps make both mine and the Court’s point.

Senator Rand Paul

rand paul

“If you change one variable — man and a woman to man and man, and woman and woman — you cannot then tell me that, you can’t logically tell me you can’t change the other variable — one man, three women.  Uh, one woman, four men…. If I’m a devout Muslim and I come over here and I have three wives, who are you to say if I’m an American citizen, that I can’t have multiple marriages?  I think this is the conundrum and gets back to what you were saying in the opening — whether or not churches should decide this. But it is difficult because if we have no laws on this people take it to one extension further.  Does it have to be humans?”

Attacking the rulings from the point of view that it might lead to polygamy, and of course the inevitable far-right white bread Christian leap that it will lead to people marrying animals, which is such a leap it doesn’t deserve to be answered. But of course he couldn’t resist the dig at Islam, throwing out the fear card that this will lead to a Muslim state of polygamous Shariah law. His fear of course is that the First Amendment would, and in all reality should, protect the right of the Islamic belief of plural marriage, being a religious tenant. Funny how religion in America to these types only extends to their own narrow views of Christianity.


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Santorum wins Iowa?

The Associated Press is reporting that Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential wannabe Ricky Santorum actually won the Iowa Caucus two weeks ago, and not Willard Mittens Romney.

“There have been two contests,” Santorum said after hearing he actually was victorious. “We won one.”

Ricky reportedly bested Romney by 34 votes in the final tally of Iowa’s caucuses.

“This is a solid win. It’s a much stronger win than the win Gov. Romney claimed to have,” Santorum declared.

Romney of course, who won New Hampshire’s primary, is attempting to call the Iowa results a “virtual tie” while Santorum’s calling it a sign that any calls for him to leave were premature.

“We feel very, very good about what this win will mean,” Santorum said of Iowa’s fresh results. “It says that we can win elections. We can organize. We can put together an effort to pull the resources together to be able to be successful in being the person who can defeat Mitt Romney. Guess what? We defeated Mitt Romney in Iowa.”

Well, it could mean that, or it might just prove that conservative Iowans are still as weird as they were in 2008 when they gave the state to Mike Huckabee.

After “winning” in Iowa, Santorum’s busy trying to build a grass-roots organization of socially conservative Republicans, including pastors, similar to the one that apparently helped him finally finish on top in Iowa; but does the news of a win in Iowa come too late to make any difference in South Carolina? Probably, but the GOTP primary clown car has been spinning wildly back and forth for months now so with the current Tea Party bunch garnering so much power who can tell?

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Mike Huckabee Urges Voter Suppression?

The Huffington Post is reporting that former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has been encouraging supporters of an anti-union ballot measure in Ohio to stop its opponents from voting, allegedly jokingly urging the crowd to let the air out of tires and intentionally give out a wrong election date.

It reported from MasonBuzz, that the 2008 presidential candidate spoke to a crowd of about 350 Issue 2 supporters at a pancake breakfast and rally in Mason, Ohio on Friday. Huckabee expressed his support for the referendum, and outlined what supporters could do to ensure the measure’s passage in next month’s general election.

“Make a list,” said Huckabee, referring to supporters’ family and friends. “Call them and ask them, ‘Are you going to vote on Issue 2 and are you going to vote for it?’ If they say no, well, you just make sure that they don’t go vote. Let the air out of their tires on Election Day; tell them the election has been moved to a different date. That’s up to you how you creatively get the job done.”

The crowd laughed at Huckabee’s remarks. In 2009, he made a similar joke in Virginia, saying, “Let the air out of their tires … keep ’em home. Do the Lord’s work.”

Only today’s uber-conservatives – the ones who claim to love and revere liberty and freedom and constitutional liberties – would think it was appropriate, or funny, to joke about or to laugh at suppressing voting.

Reportedly, Issue 2 is a ballot referendum on Senate Bill 5, which limits collective bargaining for Ohio’s public employees. The measure has been heavily opposed by pro-labor groups like We Are Ohio, which emphasize the bill would inhibit workers’ rights. Voters will decide on the ballot initiative next month.

“These comments reflect an entire campaign of deceit from Issue 2 supporters. They are willing to go to any extremes to keep Ohioans from letting their voices be heard,” said We Are Ohio spokeswoman Melissa Fazekas. “Enough is enough.”

The event where Huckabee spoke was hosted by the Warren County Republican Party and Building a Better Ohio, a pro-Issue 2 group that recently came under fire for using footage of an Ohio woman who opposes the legislation in one of their ads.

Huckabee does not love liberty, he does not love freedom, if he did he wouldn’t make light of suppressing a fellow American’s right to vote. Is this the America represented by FOX PAC – where Huckleberry has a daily show? Is this the type of liberty he thinks the Founding Fathers envisioned?

Huckles says he was only joking, most likely because someone reported what he said; but what if he hadn’t been reported on? Problem is, even if he were joking – which is doubtful – there will be some conservatives who will do as he says; they will attempt to keep their opponents from voting. This is the type of conservative activism practiced by the Brown Shirts during the 1930s, and it has no place here.

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Huckabee uses Holocaust to make point at NRA Convention?

Well, the Huckleberry is at it again. During a speech at the annual NRA convention he called himself a “gun-clinger and a God-clinger” while never talking about his plans to maybe, possibly, sort-of run for the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential nomination next year.

Of course the Huckster’s comments were supposed to be a slap at a remark President Obama once made about conservatives clinging to their guns and religion.

But wait, the quick witted Huckles also said although the President has apparently helped gun owners since becoming President – such as allowing them to pack weapons on Amtrak trains and in federal parks – it wasn’t because he was their friend, and that attacks against gun owner’s rights would speed up if he – Obama – were re-elected. Of course, in true right-wing crazy world fashion Huckster didn’t elaborate on his claims, and he didn’t need to – wink, wink, nudge, nudge …

Huckleberry appealed to the far right-wing NRA membership by saying he’d come to the convention in Pittsburgh not to run for president but simply to “celebrate America and celebrate its values” – including God, family, and a Second Amendment meant to safeguard freedom, not just hunting and target-shooting. Yep, he had come to take part in celebrating God, family and guns; because you know what they say, “the family that shoots at other families together, stays together.”

But of course he just couldn’t leave it at that, after all if Michelle Bachmann was going to use the holocaust to attack tax increase, than Huckles couldn’t be out done, and he used Nazi Germany’s murder of six million Jews to suggest the next election – in 2012 – would determine the future of the country. And to illustrate his point he told a story about a comment his daughter wrote in a guest book after his family visited a Holocaust memorial in Israel years ago.

“Why didn’t somebody do something?” Huckabee said she wrote.

By these comments, just as Crazy Michelle had done, Mikey also tried to portray the current administration as being as bad as Nazi Germany, and the president as being Adolph Hitler. The inference was that we – today’s generation – shouldn’t have our children and children asking, “Why didn’t someone stand up to this evil President who took away our guns? Why?”

Considering Bachmann and Huckabee are running high in GOTP polls tells us that we – today’s generation – should be concerned with answering the question of some future generation, “Why didn’t someone stop these lunatics from running and winning?”

Of course, thank God, most Americans see through this far-right extremism and aren’t buying it. But it plays well to crowds like the NRA, Tea Party and Becks-R-Us.


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