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Two years I quoted several conservative talking heads who were making noise about how President Obama hadn’t been wearing a flag lapel pin during the 2008 campaign, Sean Hannity said, “Why do we wear pins? Because our country was under attack…And to politicize once again the war to this extent. Well, who cares about the war? Are you proud of your country? Do you believe in America? Do you believe that America has been, continues to be the greatest force for good in this world?”

“I think it’s, you know, the greatest gift God gave us and continues to be a force for good.”

Bill O’Reilly also chimed in on this “controversy”, saying about Candidate Obama, “I didn’t take Obama’s lack of the lapel pin as anything other than he’s either too lazy … to put it on, or he doesn’t want to put it on.”

Not to be left wanting, Neal Boortz said, “I think that maybe the reason he doesn’t wear a U.S. flag on his lapel is because the U.S. flag — regardless of what he thinks — the flag of this country irritates a lot of Democrat [sic] voters.”

So, based on these conservative pundits’ views of the sacred lapel pin, what does it say about four of the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential hopefuls during the last presidential debate who chose not to wear a flag?

Do they not believe in America?

Are they too lazy?

Don’t they want to wear a flag?

Did they choose not to wear a pin because they didn’t want to – in Neal Boortz’s limited opinion – “irritate a lot of Democratic [sic] voters”?

Or does the lack of a flag lapel pin only apply to someone if they’re a Democrat?

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Not Patriotic?

This picture was taken on the 6th of January. Notice anything? Neither Cantor nor Boehner are wearing US Flag lapel pins. Doesn’t that signify a lack of patriotism? Not any more. But in 2008, then candidate Obama, was raked over the goals for not wearing a US Flag lapel pin.


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