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The campaign’s all but over?

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting that former Republican Tea Party (GOTP) frontrunner Herman “Pizza Man” Cain is still campaigning for president; but anyone with an ounce of sense – which rules out both Cain and Michele Bachmann – knows his White House bid is all but over.

“His chance at winning the presidency are effectively zero,” said Dave Welch, a Republican Tea Party strategist who worked on both of John McCain’s presidential bids.

That’s an interesting proposition Mr. Welch, except Cain’s chances of winning the White House have always been effectively zero.

One of the “no duh” moments in this so-called campaign came today when the Pizza Man told the New Hampshire Union Leader that his wife, Gloria, didn’t know he was providing the 46-year-old Atlanta-area businesswoman with money for “month-to-month bills and expenses.”

And, guess what? Cain also said, his wife didn’t know of what he called a “friendship” with White until she said publicly that she had a casual 13-year affair with Cain that ended about eight months ago.

“I’m still backing him, but I definitely think it’s a bigger and bigger mountain to climb,” Florida state Rep. Carlos Trujillo said after White emerged. “It’s going to be difficult to make up that ground in so short an amount of time.”

Difficult?! Difficult?! Were dropped as a child; repeatedly?!

First, if he’d ever been a real candidate – meaning he had a snow ball’s chance of winning – it’d be impossible after the sexual harassment charges and a woman saying she’d had a 13 year affair with him’ second, since he was never a serious candidate, there was never a chance, even less than a snow ball’s chance. Seriously, what’s fetching wrong with you people?!

Cain’s said he’s reassessing and re-evaluating whether to remain in the race and will only make that decision after speaking face-to-face with his wife of 42 years.

He should’ve said after he speaking to his wives’ attorney; good luck with that conversation.

“Turn out the lights, there’s never been a party – it seems that all good things must end” – like his so-called campaign and his so-called marriage.

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