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Herman Cain asks for help speaking ‘Cuban’?

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential hopeful Herman “Pizza Man” Cain has probably not helped his standing amongst Hispanics in Florida; while campaigning in Miami, he asked people at the famous Versailles Restaurant what the Cuban word is for “delicious.”

While visiting the cafe, Cain sampled strong Cuban coffee and a croqueta, a deep-fried delicacy filled with ham; asked how he liked his snack, Cain asked, “How do you say ‘delicious’ in Cuban?”

For the record Pizza Man, Cubans speak Spanish.

Cain clearly had too many things whirling around in his head; it’s just one more notch in his podium demonstrating how he’s not ready for the primetime, and won’t be elected President.

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God told him to run?

I'm sorry about all that sex stuff Lord, oh wait, what? You want me to run for President? Oh, never mind then about that other stuff, OK?

According to the Associated Press (AP) Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential hopeful Herman “Pizza Man” Cain said God told him to run for president, comparing himself to Moses; problem is Herman Cain would’ve divided the 12 tribes in sections of 9-9-9 and that just wouldn’t have worked at all.

I can picture Cain working in his kitchen rolling out some pizza dough, and then suddenly, “Ding” – “HERMAN RUN FOR PRESIDENT!”

Evidently the Pizza Man has decided he needs to play up his faith a little more while in the midst of battling multiple sexual harassment allegations, trying to shift the conversation to religion, and good old fashioned “family values” and away from groping.

In a speech to a national meeting of young Republicans, Cain said the Lord persuaded him after much prayer.

“That’s when I prayed and prayed and prayed. I’m a man of faith – I had to do a lot of praying for this one, more praying than I’ve ever done before in my life,” Cain said. “And when I finally realized that it was God saying that this is what I needed to do, I was like Moses. ‘You’ve got the wrong man, Lord. Are you sure?'”

And the second time in his life he’s prayed as hard was when all these women came forward to say he’d touched them and made unwanted sexual advances – I don’t remember that being a problem for Moses?

Cain isn’t the first to say God prodded him toward a campaign. The Reverend Rick Perry’s wife, Anita, has said she felt God was speaking to her about the race, adding that her husband needed to see a “burning bush,” a Biblical reference to God’s first appearance to Moses.

OK, now just wait a minute, God moves in mysterious ways not dumb ways; of all the people God could convince to run for President he chooses Cain and Perry, really? If nothing else the current crop of GOTP contenders definitely shows God has a sense of humor.

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Arab Spring has gotten out of hand?

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) incredible shrinking presidential candidate Herman “Pizza Man” Cain said during the most recent “debate” that President Barack Obama’s reaction to the Arab Spring, has allowed the movement to go in the wrong direction.

“You have to look at Libya, Egypt, Yemen and all of the revolutions that are going on and how the administration has mishandled them,” he said. “As a result, this has gotten totally out of hand.”

You can hear his brain captain screaming, “How dare these people decide their own destiny, don’t they know that the right way is to have America invade your country and force feed democracy to them?!”

Pizza Man claims the revolution in Egypt, where citizens ousted long-time President Hosni Mubarak, could strain relations between the United States and Egypt, and he warned against the increased power of opposition group the Muslim Brotherhood, which formed a political party earlier this year.

“Our relationship with Egypt may not survive,” he said. “It turned out that the opposition was more of the Muslim Brotherhood, which could end up with a majority of control of this new government.”

Here’s the FOX PAC conservative line, look out for the Muslim Brotherhood to take control in the vacuum in Egypt!

So, Cain would have supported a policy of pouring billions of dollars into a regime notorious for torturing and murdering its own people?

Cain also criticized the president for his support for protests in Yemen, where the Yemeni government has responded with violence to peaceful protests.

“This president has already said that the president of Yemen should go,” Cain said. “He is our friend. He has been helping us fight Al Qaeda. This president has been on the wrong side in nearly every situation in the Arab world.”

Now we know that Herman Cain subscribes to the uber-conservative Machiavellian theory that the “enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Earth to Herman, America can’t proclaim itself as the “bright shining city on the hill” while simultaneously supporting corrupt and murderous governments just because sometimes they’re our friend.

The old cold war policy of throwing billions of dollars at nations in bribes is out dated and has never served us well; problem with buying friendship is eventually some new kid comes along who pays more. Of course when your answer has always been to pay people off what more can we expect from the Pizza Man?

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Limbaugh calls a 13-Year-Old a Nazi “Brownshirt”?

Rush Limbaugh has proven once again his ignorance, calling the 13-year-old son of one of Herman Cain’s accuser’s a “Brownshirt” because he encouraged his mom to go forward with her information. On the 8 Nov 11 edition of his show, after playing a clip in which Sharon Bialek talks about her son’s encouraging her to come forward with her story, Limbaugh turned to attacking her son and compared him to a Nazi.

“You think Obama doesn’t love hearing this, a 13-year-old tattletale?” Limbaugh asked. “I mean, this is a brownshirt preview here. Exactly what big-government types like; thirteen-year-old; ‘You tell on him, Mom. You go tell on him.’

Later in his show, Limbaugh used a mocking voice to imitate Bialek’s son, “The woman gives the 13-year-old kid the details of what happened, and then seeks the advice of the 13-year-old. And the 13-year-old says, ‘I think you should tell on him, Mommy.’ Which should make Obama ear perk up; oh, I’ll tell you, the leftist brownshirts would love that; tattletales galore.”

Limbaugh’s just flailing around at anything that falls into his ham stained fingers; he doesn’t even like Herman Cain, and this has nothing to do with defending him; it has everything to do with swinging at the President. Rush has proven once again to be a two-bit bully, first going after the victim and then going after her son; El Rushbo’s ratings are dropping sharply, and this is a classic example as to why. Glenn Beck’s ratings plummeted because hate and vitriol, Rush and Hannity’s are following; clearly America isn’t buying it any longer.

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Did Cain commit sexual assault?

According to news reports the fourth woman accusing Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential candidate Herman “Pizza Man” Cain of sexual harassment has stepped forward; Sharon Bialek told reporters in a press conference that Cain groped her and exhibited “sexually inappropriate” behavior toward her when he was head of the National Restaurant Association.

Bialek said the encounter occurred shortly after she was laid off from the group’s education fund in July 1997; she said she’d approached Cain for help in looking for a new job and had traveled to Washington, D.C., where she had dinner with the then-NRA head.

Reportedly, after having dinner with the Pizza Man, the two were sitting in his car when she claimed he “suddenly reached over and put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals” and moved her head toward his crotch.

“I was surprised and shocked, and I said, what are you doing? You know I have a boyfriend,” Bialek recalled saying. “This is not what I came here for.”

Bialak claimed that when she protested, Cain replied, “You want a job, right?

If what Bialak is claiming is true then Cain is not only guilty of sexual harassment but sexual assault which puts an entirely new spin Pizza Man’s serial behavior towards women.

According to news reports, Bialek identified herself as a stay-at-home single mom who lives in Chicago and who is also a registered Republican; she said she didn’t file a complaint with the NRA in part because she was no longer formally employed by the group–and also because she was “very embarrassed.”

Her attorney, Sharon Bialek, offered sworn affidavits from two friends to whom Bialek spoke shortly after the alleged encounter.

“I was very, very surprised and very shocked,” Bialek said, adding that she had come forward to be a “face” for women who had been harassed by Cain. “I want you, Mr. Cain, to come clean. Just admit what you did. Admit you were inappropriate to people … I implore you. Make this right.”

Cain’s campaign has – not surprisingly – issued a statement denying Bialek’s claims.

“All allegations of harassment against Mr. Cain are completely false,” the campaign said in a statement. “Mr. Cain has never harassed anyone.”

Cain’s effectively backed himself into a corner from where he may not be able to extricate himself; he’s denied everything, then he’s admitted to some of it, then denied it, then said he won’t answer any further questions. Unfortunately for the Pizza Man, presidential candidates don’t get to choose what the news media decides are legitimate questions. He’s running for the most powerful position in our government, and he’s going to have to continue to face questions and public scrutiny regarding these – and probably more – allegations.

It’s all over now for Cain; he’s damaged goods, his campaign is over – whether he somehow wins the GOTP nomination or not – he will never be president, and the likelihood of being selected as someone else’s VP pick is slim to none; but hey, if you can’t be president because you wanted to be a playah – blame yourself.

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