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One flag

One flag – Old Glory

Not a Nazi Flag
Not a Confederate Flag

You cannot fly either of the latter and claim to love the United States

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Limbaugh calls a 13-Year-Old a Nazi “Brownshirt”?

Rush Limbaugh has proven once again his ignorance, calling the 13-year-old son of one of Herman Cain’s accuser’s a “Brownshirt” because he encouraged his mom to go forward with her information. On the 8 Nov 11 edition of his show, after playing a clip in which Sharon Bialek talks about her son’s encouraging her to come forward with her story, Limbaugh turned to attacking her son and compared him to a Nazi.

“You think Obama doesn’t love hearing this, a 13-year-old tattletale?” Limbaugh asked. “I mean, this is a brownshirt preview here. Exactly what big-government types like; thirteen-year-old; ‘You tell on him, Mom. You go tell on him.’

Later in his show, Limbaugh used a mocking voice to imitate Bialek’s son, “The woman gives the 13-year-old kid the details of what happened, and then seeks the advice of the 13-year-old. And the 13-year-old says, ‘I think you should tell on him, Mommy.’ Which should make Obama ear perk up; oh, I’ll tell you, the leftist brownshirts would love that; tattletales galore.”

Limbaugh’s just flailing around at anything that falls into his ham stained fingers; he doesn’t even like Herman Cain, and this has nothing to do with defending him; it has everything to do with swinging at the President. Rush has proven once again to be a two-bit bully, first going after the victim and then going after her son; El Rushbo’s ratings are dropping sharply, and this is a classic example as to why. Glenn Beck’s ratings plummeted because hate and vitriol, Rush and Hannity’s are following; clearly America isn’t buying it any longer.

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