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McCain lost in 08’ because of the economy?

According to the Associated Press (AP), Vice President Joe Biden has said Republican Tea Party (GOTP) 2008 Presidential footnote John McCain probably would have won the White House had the economy not collapsed.

mccain palin_Cartoonizer_1

The Vice President shared his comment about the 2008 election during a dinner the two attended as part of a political forum in Sedona, Arizona.

“The truth of the matter is, Barack knows it, I know, had the economy not collapsed around your ears, John, in the middle of literally – as things were moving – I think you probably would have won,” the Vice President said. “But it would have been incredibly, incredibly, incredibly close. You inherited a really difficult time.”

Well, no, not really. I’m sorry to disagree with the Vice President, but the economy was only one big factor in a room full of big factors as to why he lost.

Any GOTP nominee following the Bush/Cheney debacle would have been very hard pressed to win the 2008 election; between failing to protect Americans from terrorist, failing to get Bin Laden, two very expensive and increasingly unpopular wars (one of which was based on lies), torturing prisoners, and cutting taxes – during a time of war – no one would have looked good from the right.

Then there was how the two candidates looked, McCain looked grumpy, old and stodgy when compared to his opponent’s campaign of hope, youth and vitality. The debate where the two are walking around the stage as they were answering questions was a public relations visual nightmare for McCain ( He seemed to shuffle around the stage, looking like the cantankerous neighbor from down the street who mutters to himself as he goes by; while in comparison Senator Obama moved with ease around the platform speaking energetically about the future. McCain’s campaign should never have agreed to that format.

And who can forget that magic moment when Senator McCain decided the best person for the job of Vice-President was the obtuse Governor of Alaska? Really, Sarah Palin was your choice from all of the people you looked at? Palin wasn’t just a disaster she was a mega-disaster of epic political proportions. Clearly unvetted, she brought a new level of self absorbed ridiculousness to presidential politics. Unable to answer even the simplest questions from Katie Couric she quickly became the butt of all of late night television, and she took McCain’s campaign right along with her. His pick of Palin wasn’t smart, it wasn’t clever, it was a thinly veiled attempt to draw what his campaign thought were disenfranchised women voters from the Obama/Biden ticket; voters the GOTP felt were so angry Hillary Clinton hadn’t been given the number two slot they’d vote against the Democratic nominee. Yeah, didn’t quite work out that way. Tina Fey thanks you though.

While the economy was a factor, it wasn’t the only factor. John McCain was the sacrificial lamb of 2008, just as Gerald Ford was in 76’ and Bob Dole was the same in 96’. Sometimes the cards are stacked against you, and sometimes you help the dealer stack them, for McCain it was both.

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Queen Sarah Thinks Westboro Baptist Church Ruling Reflects Lack Of ‘Common Sense & Decency’?

Sarah Palin responded to a ruling issued by the Supreme Court on Wednesday upholding an appeals court decision that protesting outside military funerals is protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Wow, could it be that perhaps her Majesty finally found a Supreme Court decision she disagrees with? She should call Katie Couric up and tell her she has one now, and wants to talk about it.

The court voted 8-1 in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan. The decision upheld an appeals court ruling throwing out a $5 million judgment to the father of a dead Marine who sued church members after they picketed his son’s funeral.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the opinion for the court. Justice Samuel Alito dissented.

Roberts said free speech rights in the First Amendment shield the funeral protesters, noting that they obeyed police directions and were 1,000 feet from the church.

The Ice Queen, shortly after the ruling was made wrote on Twitter, “Common sense & decency absent as wacko “church” allowed hate msgs spewed@ soldiers’ funerals but we can’t invoke God’s name in public square.”

So, Palin only likes free speech when it’s what she wants to hear or say? Someone should probably tell her highness that Americans can talk about God all they want to in the public square; no one is stopping her, or anyone else, from doing so. Some public parks and squares even have crosses in them, like Bienville Square in Mobile, Alabama.

Of course, this morning, Queen Sarah is claiming her earlier tweet was misinterpreted to mean that she opposed the Supreme Court’s 8-1 ruling in the Westboro Baptist Church case this week.

Palin told the Daily Caller’s Chris Moody, “Obviously my comment meant that when we’re told we can’t say ‘God bless you’ in graduation speeches or pray before a local football game but these wackos can invoke God’s name in their hate speech while picketing our military funerals, it shows ridiculous inconsistency,” Palin said. “I wasn’t calling for any limit on free speech, and it’s a shame some folks tried to twist my comment in that way. I was simply pointing out the irony of an often selective interpretation of free speech rights.”

Ah yes, that makes everything much clearer now. Maybe the ex-governor should stop making abbreviated comments on Twitter, and start holding press conferences to disseminate her views? But all of that aside, Palin was criticizing the ruling, and she was trying to claim that one type of religious speech – her kind – should be allowed while other types – Westboro Baptist – should be limited.

Isn’t it amazing how people like Palin and Huckabee will make outlandish statements, clearly pandering to the far right Tea Party, but then try to walk back what they’ve said later? The Huckster recently said not once, but twice during a radio interview, that President Obama grew up in Kenya, and then tried to claim that’s not what he said, and Palin’s now claiming she didn’t criticize a Supreme Court ruling when she clearly did so.

Of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a presidential hopeful speaking out on Supreme Court rulings, or disagreeing with them. The problem is when a presidential hopeful Twitters abbreviated opinions to grab her daily 15 minutes of fame, without thinking, and then tries to change what she said. If she wants to be president she needs to start acting presidential and stop acting like a mean girl from a trailer park.

The court’s decision was the only one it could make. As disturbing, and hateful, as the Westboro Baptist Church’s signs and comments made at military funerals are, they are clearly protected under the First Amendment, and that’s what our soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen are defending with their lives; the right of morons and idiots to say what they want, to protest when, where and how they please. They die defending the right to speak, whether someone should say it is another matter.

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Palin Broke State Election Laws, and Won’t Prostitute Herself?

So, former Alaskan governor Palin broke state election laws in her 2006 gubernatorial campaign and was consumed by petty grievances up until she resigned?

Wow, who would’ve ever guessed any of that?

These accusations come from one of Palin’s closest former aides Frank Bailey who is writing a book about his time with the Ice Queen, the contents of which were leaked to the media and widely circulated on Friday.

The whole, sordid, nasty, open and revealing conglomeration opens with an account of Palin sending Bailey a message saying “I hate this damn job” shortly before she resigned as Alaska’s governor in July 2009, less than three years into her four-year term.

She hated her job? I find that hard to believe. What she hated was having her hind parts handed to her by the likes of Katie Couric, and then being sent back to the oblivion of the Great White North after an embarrassing run as McCain’s VP choice.

Bailey, who joined Palin’s 2006 campaign for governor and became part of her inner circle, has never before told his version of the Palin story. He wrote in the book that he and his co-authors put together the manuscript with the help of more than 60,000 e-mails he sent or received while working for Palin. In his writing, he reveals Palin, as a candidate for governor, penning letters-to-the-editor in praise of herself, to be sent under other names. It blames the candidate for inflaming, rather than ignoring, scurrilous rumors. And it quotes her pledging to avoid appearing on any network other than FOX PAC, referring to the rest as “the bad guys.”

Writing letters to the editor, by Palin, about Palin; no real surprise here, after all Queen Sarah is her biggest and most adoring fan; and choosing FOX PAC as her only outlet? Well those “bad guys” sure made her look bad didn’t they? That nefarious gang of journalistic thugs, how could you Katie? What were thinking asking a Vice-Presidential candidate to reveal what she reads, or which Supreme Court decisions she disagrees with?

According to Bailey, in a June 2009 e-mail, nearly a year after her disastrous interview with CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, Palin is portrayed as still holding a grudge toward the broadcaster.

“She SUCKED in ratings before she stumbled upon her little gig mocking me,” Palin wrote, “She did almost lose her job before that VP interview …”

And she had to work so hard to trip you up Sarah. After all she gave you those really hard questions.

And what was the “hard” learned lesson Palin took away from her introduction to the national media? It was simple; ignore all television networks except for FOX PAC, which would later sign her as a contributor.

In announcing to aides her decision to speak only to FOX PAC, Palin described all the competing networks as “the bad guys.”

“Every time we participate with the bad guys we are telling viewers/readers: ‘go watch them! Tune in to what they have to say to bash us today!’ I can’t do that anymore,” Palin wrote. I am through with the idiots who use and abuse us — we can NOT win them over, I hate giving them ratings boosts.”

Palin concluded, “Lesson learned. Final one. Networks are not our friends. Talking to them harms my family, admin, record, reputation, Tripp, etc. No more.”

One chapter asserts Palin broke election law by coordinating with the Republican Governors Association during her 2006 campaign for governor. State candidates can’t team up with soft-money groups such as the Republican Governors Association, which paid for TV commercials and mailers in Alaska during the election in a purported “independent” effort, and Bailey swears the allegation was true. Palin and her aides marched along the block in front of the hotel again and again in order to allow a camera operator to capture footage for the ad, he said. “(Palin aide) Kris Perry, when orchestrating that nutty- parade at the hotel, was following the directions of the RGA cameraman and/or whomever he was working for,” Bailey wrote.

“Far worse, Sarah conducted multiple takes and knew exactly what was happening. She had, I suddenly believed, broken the law,” Bailey wrote.

Really? Queen Sarah went after “soft” money “illegally”? Was a “poser” for a commercial, with multiple takes? Palin seems to think she, and her family, are outside the rules the rest of us are hemmed in by. Is it because she sees herself in some kind of role like a Joan of Arc?

Bailey has said that her highness is an extremely paranoid individual who trusts no one, not the media, not the Democratic Party, but more especially, not even her fellow Republicans whom she attacked in a scathing e-mail in June 2009.

It seems when the GOTP couldn’t confirm that her majesty would attend a fund raising event, the TPGOP congressional campaign committees rescinded its invitation for her to speak in favor of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Palin reacted by typing a contemptuous assessment of the former speaker and the national party to her team in which she credited God for keeping her away from the Washington fundraiser.

“Yes, (Newt/GOP) are egotistical, narrow-minded machine goons … but all the more reason God protected me from getting up on stage in front of ,5000 political and media ‘elites’ to praise him, then it be shown across the nation.” Palin wrote in the e-mail.

“At some point Newt would have shown his true colors anyway and we would have been devastated having known we’d earlier prostituted ourselves up in front of the country introducing him and acting like that good ol’ rich white guy is the savior of the party,” she continued.

Palin went on to express another reason she was thankful to the Almighty that she wasn’t attending the fundraising gala.

“Plus, I had nothing to wear, and God knew that too. Party machinery sucks. I can’t tell you how much I hate it — nothing ever changes — we went through it before and after the VP campaign,” she wrote. “I’ve gone through it all my career. We just don’t fit into it, and maybe we should thank God for that.”

What kind of mean girl nonsense is this? She thinks she’s ready to be the President of the United States and she rants about how poor Cinderella had nothing to wear to the ball, and how since she was no longer the VP candidate, she had no fairy god mother to go out and buy her some more new threads? And, besides all that, God wanted to protect her from “prostituting” herself to the party elites? Too late! You walked on to that street corner when you accepted McCain’s “invitation” to be his running mate. But wait, perhaps I was too hasty in that assessment? Maybe she’s only “prostituted” herself to FOX PAC.

Pam Pryor, a spokeswoman for Palin’s political action committee, said she didn’t expect Palin to react. “Doubt she will respond to this kind of untruth,” Pryor said in an e-mail.

Yeah, right. She’ll respond to it alright, because her ego won’t allow her to sit quietly. She shouldn’t have responded to things that were said about the Tucson shooting, but she couldn’t resist. What makes any right minded person think she’ll keep mum on this? She’ll respond because it will put her mug back in front of the camera, and besides, when Sean Hannity calls she’ll run down the hall to her private FOX PAC studio screaming “Make up”!

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