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Just a thought…

2014 – Former Vice President Cheney continues to

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Romney’s view …

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential footnote Willard Mitt Romney’s view on the importance of finding possibly our worse enemy ever …

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Today’s Republican Party


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No Right Turns

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No Right Turns

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No Right Turns

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Moore Needs to Shut His Pie Hole

So, regarding Seal Team Six’s recent mission, Michael Moore has decided – in his usual self righteous way – that Americans were wrong to celebrate what he regards as an “execution”.

Excuse me? Did you just scarf down a big bowl of sugar coated stupid flakes? You’re probably the only person in America who thinks this way. You’re without a doubt the most ignorant person to speak on this subject this week, and that’s saying something considering how the right-wing talking crazies have been turning themselves inside out trying to paint this as a Bush victory – but we won’t go down that rabbit hole.

Moore said he believed the terror chief should have been put on trial in the U.S., but Americans were ‘too scared’.

Americans were too scared? You really are as ignorant as you look aren’t you? Bin Laden didn’t need to be captured and brought home to a trial? Sorry, but he was a verifiable lunatic menace, and Seal Team Six was sent in to take him out and that’s what they did – with extreme prejudice! His crimes were so horrific … that’s all.

If Easy Company had beaten the Russians into Berlin and kicked in the door to Hitler’s bunker should they have taken him prisoner too, and put him on trial? I would have no qualms if they had kicked in the bunker door and given him the same treatment the Navy gave Bin Laden.

There was no doubt of his guilt. He admitted 9-11 was his doing; 3,000 innocent dead. Sorry, nope, no trial needed here.

Moore needs to shut his pie hole. America is tired of his self righteous hypocrisy; you can’t have your cake and eat it too – well, in his case, I guess he can; it’s time to just go away. Bin Laden was a two bit murdering thug, and he was treated as any two bit murdering thug should be treated. End of story. Now please, just go away.

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Thoughts on Getting Bin Laden

All I can say is Thank God …

Now, the MISSION IS ACCOMPLISHED! Bring em all home Mr. President …

It’s official! He’s now gone on to his reward, and it won’t include any virgins …

Thank you Mr. President … thank you most especially to the troops who got him …

To all my students, I remember watching with you when this all began, and now we see the end of the monster who turned our world upside down. I remember your tear stained faces, and the fear in your voices. I thank God our guys got him …

A NYFD survivor of 9-11 just told NBC, “The face of evil is dead.”

On getting Bin Laden, we didn’t water board people to find him …

This is what makes us different from people like Bin Laden. We – America – hunted him down and killed him; then we treated his remains in the tradition of Islam, and buried it within 24 hours. We didn’t drag it through the street exulting over it, we treated his remains with some respect …

Unlike the Bush/Cheney model of farming out special ops to Pakistan, President Obama gave the nod, and the mission, to our Navy Seals – there was no out sourcing, and the world is a little safer today …

I’ve been walking around with a much lighter heart today … the man who took away some of my children’s and my student’s innocence has been punished … to my students who came forward and put on the uniform, and went willingly into harms way; thank you, you are my heroes …

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Mission Accomplished

Almost a decade ago, a hate filled little man, hiding in some remote training area in Afghanistan, ordered the deaths of nearly 3,000 people in four separate terrorist attacks aimed at New York City and Washington D.C.

President George W. Bush declared he wouldn’t rest until that little man was found and brought to justice, and so American forces invaded Afghanistan with the mission to find him. But, at the moment he was corned, seemingly unable to escape, he fled across the border into Pakistan. American forces followed – sort of – but then President Bush decided to divert the country’s treasure and manpower into a personal war against a people, and against a man, who had nothing to do with 9-11, and we – America – invaded Iraq (so much for never resting until he was found).

There will be some – no doubt FOX PAC personalities, and radio talking heads – who will bemoan the fact President Obama is taking credit for finally getting Usama Bin Laden. Well isn’t that just too bad! Bush gets no credit! Nothing! Zip!

It was under President Bush’s watch, our country suffered its worst terrorist attack; it was under his watch, we “almost” got the man responsible; it was under his watch, the same man escaped because President Bush somehow decided we needed to invade Iraq, expend one billion dollars, kill possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, lose 4,452 American soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen, and suffer tens of thousands wounded, crippled and maimed. It was under President Bush’s watch; America opened secret prisons, and tortured prisoners – in violation of our own and international law.

President Bush gets no credit. And that’s as it should be. He failed to protect America before the attack, and he failed to get the man responsible afterwards. He failed, and that’s how he should be remembered, as a failure. So, please spare me your “President Bush deserves some credit” speech. Had President Bush gotten Bin Laden instead of sending our country down some god forsaken rabbit hole after Saddam Hussein, and after nearly bankrupting the country – both fiscally and morally – then he would deserve credit.

Now the MISSION IS ACCOMPLISHED! Now the man responsible for killing innocent men, women and children has been brought to justice. Now perhaps there can be some rest for those who lost loved ones, and their innocence,  on 9-11 and since. Now, perhaps, we can start bringing our people home.

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