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And then there were six

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) never had a snow ball’s chance presidential hopeful Michele “Krazy” Bachman has ended her Quixotic bid for the White House; during a press conference Krazy said her last-place Iowa caucus was essentially the nail in her political coffin. Of course anyone with half a grain of common sense understood from the beginning that Bachmann never stood any chance whatsoever of winning the nomination much less the White House, she’s certifiable, and that finally caught up with her; the longer the race dragged on the more opportunities she had to let her Krazy shine through.

Of course with Bachmann gone, that leaves her supporters with only one logical choice in the continuing GOTP contest, and that choice is Ricky Santorum; the very same Ricky who’s trying to establish himself as the one clear conservative heavyweight in the GOTP race, as Mittens is not now, nor ever has been a conservative.

Santorum essentially tied with caucus winner Mitt Romney (the margin was eight votes) thus suddenly becoming the non-Romney contender for the presidential nomination. But will his rise be for real or merely the latest in a long list including Perry, Cain and Gingrich? Look for Santorum to begin to receive increased funding from the evangelical right, and to begin to draw attention to the stark political differences between Mittens and himself. Of course, odds are he’ll quickly implode now that he’ll be receiving the full media attention of a “front runner”.

As for Bachmann’s departure; at least we’ll all be spared her continually petulant whinny voice; but never-the-less we’ll miss her – to use Mitt’s word – zany antics. Good-bye Krazy, adieu, auf wiedersehen, farewell …

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