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Many Republicans “not impressed” with 2012 field

According to recent poll numbers 40%, four in ten, of voters identifying themselves either as Republicans Tea Party (GOTP) or those leaning towards the conservative end of the political spectrum are saying they’re not pleased with their current choices in the GOTP presidential field.

When asked to describe the current group of candidates, 37 percent of respondents said they were “not impressed” or “unimpressed” with the GOTP hopefuls.

The more damaging for the “wannabees” is that 48 percent of Independents described the GOTP candidates negatively while just 10 percent offered a positive one-word description. To win the White House in 2012 the GOTP candidate must win a large number of Independents.

While the general dissatisfaction is not likely to cause a drop of GOTP voter support, it could very well hurt whoever comes out on top of the heap when needing to woo the Independent voters essential for defeating the President.

President Obama is the young, intelligent, animated and dynamic candidate. Whoever opposes him better be able to stand toe to toe on at least three of those items, and the current group maybe can match up on one, or two. In other words, the current group of GOTP hopefuls has been weighed; they have been measured; and they have been found lacking.

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Romney Jokes to Unemployed About Being Out of Work?

Flopsy Mopsy (aka Mitt Romney), the once presumptive Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential candidate, told a group of out-of-work Floridians that “I’m also unemployed.”

Wow, really? What a totally sensitive thing to say, especially to a group of unemployed people.

Only a thoughtless conservative, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, could say something like this. You know, like poor little unemployed Flopsy Mopsy.

Flopsy was trying to be all homey, visiting with a small group of business owners and unemployed workers criticizing President Obama at a Tampa coffee shop. While attacking the President, millionaire Mopsy told the group that although he was currently “unemployed”, he did have his eye on one particular job.

Florida’s April unemployment rate was 10.8 percent, higher than the national rate of 9 percent. But wait, isn’t Florida being run by a GOTP Governor, and isn’t the State Senate and the House both controlled by the GOTP? So, how can the state’s unemployment rate be higher than the national level?

Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, said “This comment shows that Mitt Romney – a man who wants for nothing and whose only occupation for more than four years has been to run for president – is incredibly out of touch with what’s going on in our country and around the dinner tables of those who are out of work,” she said. “Being unemployed, Mr. Romney, is not a joke.”

Perhaps, for Mopsy, this will be his Bush 41 moment. Remember? When the President’s handlers thought it would be great for him to go out shopping, and he didn’t know stores had scanners which could read the prices of the items. It was his rich man out of touch with every day life moment, and it helped lead to his defeat against upstart Bill Clinton.

Flopsy is trying to be a just another Joe, but being a millionaire, and joking about unemployment doesn’t ring true. It’s like everything else about him; nothing ever seems to ring true where Mitt is concerned.

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Beck Claims President Obama Gave Israel 30-Day “Ultimatum” To Accept 1967 Borders?

Hold on to your hats kids, the “Prophet”, Glenn Beck has claimed that President Obama has issued an “ultimatum,” to Israel giving them “30 days to comply with the 1967 border rules.”

“And then, the Israel ultimatum,” declared the Prophet. “This one happens by September. This weekend, the Obama administration gave Israel 30 days to comply with the 1967 border rules. According to the National Security Council, quote, ‘We have a month to see if we can work something out with the Israelis and Palestinians as accepting these principles as a basis for negotiations.’ Well, now, there’s a reasonable timeline on solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a conflict that has gone on for decades and centuries. Guys, you got 30 days. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? This presidency thing is a breeze for Barack Obama.”

Well, not quite Prophet Glenn, not quite. Fact is the article you chose to quote, trying to back up your latest falsehood (should Prophets be telling falsehoods? That’s a topic for another day I’m sure) actually stated that the Obama Administration has made a “request” of Israel to accept the President’s proposal as a basis for negotiations and as a way to head off Palestinian plans to unilaterally declare an independent state.

Glenn, you’re a liar, and you’re crazy.

But, even though the Prophet Glenn is certifiable, I have to say I find the whole idea of even asking Israel to move back to the pre-1967 borders is very naïve. I don’t know who in the administration thought up this one, but they should do a little studying about the why there’s a pre-1967 border.

There was a little something called the Six-day War. It started when Israel’s neighbors decide in June of 1967 to enact their own “Final Solution” on their Jewish neighbors. Egypt, Jordan and Syria – with troops and aid from fellow Arab nations Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Algeria – attacked, and had their lunch handed to them. When the dust settled, Israel’s borders had expanded dramatically including The West Bank together with East Jerusalem (taken from Jordan), the Golan Heights (taken from Syria) and the Sinai and Gaza (taken from Egypt).

Had these peaceful Arab neighbors not attacked Israel, then there wouldn’t be any need to discuss any “pre-1967 border”. If I were Israel I would ignore anyone suggesting to me that I should relinquish these territories.

As for the Palestinian People, you had a chance in 1947 when Israel was created, to have a separate Palestinian State, but you turned your nose up and declared Jihad against the Jews. You were not going to share anything with your cousins; you were going to exterminate them. Well, let’s see, 64 years later, how’d that strategy work out for you?

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Bachmann Enters the GOTP Race?

The Mad Hatter of Minnesota, Representative Michele Bachmann (aka Krazy) has decided it’s time for some “crazy” to be thrown into the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) race for the White House.

Krazy, who not surprisingly has very close ties to the tea party, announced today during the so-called CNN GOTP Presidential Debate that she is running for president.

“Our country needs a leader who understands the hardships that people across America have been facing over the past few years, and who will do what it takes to renew the American dream. We must become a strong and proud America again, and I see clearly a better path to a brighter future,” Bachmann said in a statement issued through her new campaign.

Well, actually Krazy what America needs is leaders who actually know the country’s history; for example where Lexington and Concord are.

During a recent visit to New Hampshire, clutching a tea bag in her hand, Krazy told a group of students and conservative activists in Manchester, New Hampshire: “You’re the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord.”

And of course, who can forget when Krazy announced –during a press conference at a Freedom Watch symposium titled “National security, freedom, and Iran – is it time for U.S. and Western intervention?” – her support for The People’s Mujahideen Organisation of Iran (PMOI, also known as the MEK), saying that it should be removed from the U.S. State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

Funny how Krazy claims to love America, but she supports the removal of a terrorist group from the list which protects us from terrorist groups; the U.S. State Department has said the PMOI assassinated at least six U.S. citizens as part of the struggle to overthrow the Shah, backed the takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran and opposed freeing U.S. hostages. The U.S. government designated the PMOI a “terrorist” organization in 1997.

Yeah, she’s just the lunatic we need running the country.

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From the Pen of Voltaire …

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From the pen of Sinclair Lewis …

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Beck to Lead a Holy Crusade to Israel?

Glenn Beck recently announced on his radio show that he is planning to hold a rally in Jerusalem sometime in August called “Restoring Courage.” This of course will be his Holy Land version of his “Restoring Honor” rally last August in Washington D.C.

I cannot imagine anything more ludicrous than Glenn Beck presuming to hold a rally in Israel named “Restoring Courage”. Talk about being clueless. Of all the countries in the world, he’s going to go to Israel and presume to take his act there and tell the Israeli people about courage?

What makes this more ludicrous is the fact Beck is a borderline anti-Semite. I’m sure he’ll just be adored in Jerusalem. Of course with Beck’s ego he’ll probably demand to enter the city on a white colt and have palm fronds thrown on the ground in front of him.

I’m really surprised he hasn’t scheduled it during the Passover, and then claim he didn’t know; like last year when he held is DC rally on the anniversary of Dr. King’s, “I Have A Dream” speech and then claimed he didn’t know it was the same date.

Beck recently visited Israel and Jerusalem, and he’s been doing his best Billy Graham impression, warning his listeners of impending disaster in Israel, because of a “two state solution that cuts off Jerusalem” from the world. Something no one has proposed, except in Beck’s frazzled mind.

“God is involved in man’s affairs, but so is the force of darkness,” Beck preached ominously. “I believe I’ve been asked to stand in Jerusalem. Many in the history of man have had the opportunity to stand with the Jewish people…and they have failed.” He asked listeners to “stand with me, in Jerusalem” in August.

So, now Glenn Beck has elevated himself to the roll of Prophet? He believes he’s been asked to stand in Jerusalem? He wants is listeners – aka his congregation – to go to Israel with him and to have a Glenn Beck crusade there?

He’s calling his Jerusalem crusade another “life altering event” (the same verbiage he used to hype his evangelical meeting in the DC) but now there’s a twist, it seems the powers of the Adversary are opposed to Beck and he’s warning his followers that the “very gates of hell” would fight his attempts to hold his rally.

OK, it’s official. He’s certifiable. He’s now declared he’s speaking for God, and that Satan is opposing him. Maybe Glenn he’s not opposing you, maybe he’s all the voices you’re listening to.

As I’ve said before, God works in mysterious ways, not stupid ways.


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House vote caused dip in Market?

Anyone else notice how the precipitous slide in the Stock Market began immediately after the Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) controlled House of Representatives held its sham-wow vote on raising the debt ceiling? It began as soon as that phoney bill went down resoundingly in flames.

To me, this says at least four things; first, not raising the debt ceiling will have monumental consequences for our economy, and in turn the world’s economy, possibly tipping us into the depression we’ve been trying to avoid.

Second, the GOTP just realized this – meaning they didn’t buy all the dire warnings before about what would happen – and now suddenly they’re as scared as everyone else and want to hold some serious discussions on raising the debt ceiling, while making real cuts in spending and not just running with Paul Ryan’s ludicrous plan.

Third, the GOTP knew that by voting not to extend the debt ceiling it would put everything on the verge, and they are demonstrating to the President – and the entire country – how willing they are to take the economy down in order to position themselves for a victory in 2012.

Fourth, it appears the GOTP is either too ignorant to know what the affects will be, or they’re just too reckless to care, and they just want their cuts. They want to force the Ryan plan, and that’s that.

On thinking the GOTP would willfully tank the economy, my father would’ve told me, “You’re giving them too much credit Butch”, and I think he’d be right. I don’t believe the entire GOTP is willing to throw the country off the cliff deliberately, but I do believe they’re willing to play with it, hoping to force the White House to its knees and give in to their demands.

In effect, the Republicans are holding us all hostage, and the President should call the Speaker and his minions to the Oval Office and he should tell them the United States does not negotiate with terrorists; because if Boehner and his thugs are holding the country’s economy hostage in order to force the Ryan plan – or any part thereof –  on everyone, then that’s what they’ve become, economic terrorists.

The GOTP is taking a huge risk, and President Obama should call their bluff. Force them to refuse to raise the debt ceiling, and use his bully pulpit to make sure Americans understand what that will mean, and exactly who destroyed the economy. Make it crystal clear to everyone – well except the 37% of Americans who watch FOX PAC, and who listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, et al, that it was the far-right Tea Party playing conservatives who took us all over the edge. Seven times this same bunch of debt hating, deficit loathing, conservatives voted to raise the debt ceiling under Bush; SEVEN TIMES! But now it’s unholy and immoral to consider it? They’re hypocrites and they need to be thrown out, and thrown out big in 2012. Boehner is destined to be a one term Speaker, and he and his little group of thugs are destined to be foot notes.

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Latest 2012 Presidential Polls

Here’s the latest information on this week’s polling on the 2012 Presidential election.

First let’s look at who would be the Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) nominee if it all ended today:

Romney  19; Palin 15; Giuliani 12; Paul 8; Cain 8; Gingrich 7; Pawlenty 5; Bachmann 5; Perry 4; Santorum 2; Huntsman 2

Very encouraging for the GOTP; you have Flopsy Mopsy in the lead followed by the Ice Queen (who has not announced she’s running) and the former womanizing mayor of New York pulling a close third, and no one else is even close.

And how do they stack up against President Obama? Well, if the election was held today:

President Obama 48/Romney 41

President Obama 50/Pawlenty 32

President Obama 56/Palin 35

President Obama 53/Cain 34

President Obama 53/Bachmann 33

President Obama 53/Gingrich 34

President Obama 54/Paul 36

President Obama 52/Huntsman 34

So, only Flopsy Mopsy comes within single digits and just barely, down by seven points. Of course polling this early doesn’t really mean a whole lot, but for political junkies this is good stuff. Right now, all things considered, the President is sitting pretty.

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Audacity of Limbaugh

Yesterday, 10 Jun 11, while flipping through the radio stations, I came upon a brief exchange between a female caller from Martinez, CA and Rush.

Female Caller: “Every night when I put my girls to bed Rush, we pray for you and for our country.”

Rush: “Why thank you, they’re one and the same.”


Rush and the country – the United States of America – are one and the same? This demonstrates how Limbaugh really believes he’s running the country. That through his radio show – allegedly touching 12 million listeners (which is less than half of all Republicans in the country) – he thinks he’s guiding America’s destiny.

Of course Rush – if challenged on his comment – would say he was being glib, that it was entertaining.

Problem is, Rush might say that, but he really does believe he’s some kind of king maker. A few moments earlier in the show he had ascribed Mitt Romney’s change of heart on global warming to the fact that he – Rush Limbaugh – had said how Romney’s support of that theory was the end of his campaign.

Rush is megalomaniacism personified.

The fact some family prays for Rush Limbaugh is just astounding. Some good old white bread far right tea party Christian family prays each night for Rush? The sad part is, Rush the multi-millionaire doesn’t care what happens to that woman’s family; he could care less that she prays for him, except that it plays into his ego, and reinforces to him how gullible his listeners are, and how faithfully blind they are.

It’s scary that people believe so whole heartedly in men like Limbaugh and Beck. It speaks volumes to the seemingly low level of intelligence of Limbaugh’s “faithful” listeners (the “Ditto-heads”) and of how desperate they are to have someone to tell them what to think on the issues of today.

One also has to wonder if this female listener in Martinez, CA, casually dismisses all of Rush’s sexist and demeaning comments about women? Does she clarify for her daughters that Rush is “just kidding” when he says demeaning things? Or do those comments just fly right over her head? Unfortunately, it’s probably the latter.

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