Palin says West should be GOTP VP choice?

03 Mar

According to news reports ex-governor Sarah “Ice Queen” Palin’s saying controversial Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Congressman Allen (Walter E. Kurtz) West of Florida should be considered for the vice presidency in 2012.

After being asked if she’d consider the VP position during an interview with FOX PAC, Palin stumped for West, counting his military experience as valuable.

“You know who I’d like to see considered for the VP slot is Colonel Allen West,” Palin said. “In this very tumultuous time across our world, someone who has served in our military or at least has intimate knowledge of the way the military works and should work, perhaps by having a close family member serve, someone like that.”

“Colonel Allen West, who’s been to the school of hard knocks, he should be the one who should be considered seriously for VP,” Palin said.

Of course she failed to mention why West was no longer in the military – a little something to do with forced retirement after telling a prisoner he’d shoot him in the head and then discharging his weapon next to the prisoner’s head.

Palin refused to say whether she’d consider a second vice presidential run.

“It’s not a no,” Palin said. “What I’m saying is, if I were in a GOTP presidential candidate’s shoes, I would first look to Colonel Allen West.”

Really, of all the qualified individuals Palin could recommend she pulls Kurtz out of where? One more really good example demonstrating how absolutely unqualified – beyond a shadow of a doubt – she was, and remains to be.

I can just hear the Congressman talking to himself as he sits in his private spaces, “It’s impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror… Horror has a face… and you must make a friend of horror.”

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