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Romney Makes Birth Certificate Joke?

According to news reports, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential hopeful, Willard Mitt Romney made a joke about his birth certificate at a rally in Michigan while trying to make a connection – any connection – with his home state. Reportedly Willard said, “No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.”

Wow, really? Maybe no one ever asked you because you’re not black, and you don’t have an Islamic surname name?

Of course Willard’s attempt at levity received enthusiastic applause from his audience, but then again these are the same kinds of people who cheered executions in Texas as well as the hypothetical death of a man with no health insurance during the GOTP primary debates.

The President’s campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said Romney was embracing the most extreme elements in the conservative movement.

“Throughout this campaign, Governor Romney has embraced the most strident voices in his party instead of standing up to them,” he said. “It’s one thing to give the stage in Tampa to Donald Trump, Sheriff Arpaio, and Kris Kobach. But Governor Romney’s decision to directly enlist himself in the birther movement should give pause to any rational voter across America.”

Romney claims he believes President Obama was born in the United States, “I think the citizenship test has been passed. I believe the president was born in the United States. There are real reasons to get this guy out of office,” he told Larry Kudlow in April 2011. “The man needs to be taken out of office but his citizenship isn’t the reason why.”

So, why make a lame joke about birth certificates then? Still trying to connect with the extreme right of the party perhaps? Worried they might vote for someone else? It was a brainless thing to do whatever the reason and makes him look desperate to everyone but his most ardent followers.

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Allen West says “Romney’s VP Pick Needs Military Experience” – like the kind he has?

Various news sources are saying soon-to-be one term Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Congressman Allen (Walter E. Kurtz) West told a group of young conservatives at the Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference that military experience is the most important trait that presumptive GOTP presidential nominee Willard Mitt Romney’s running mate must have.

“First time in 77 years there is a possibility that neither the sitting president and vice president, or the candidates for president and vice president have served in the military … and when I look at the number one title for president of the United States of America is commander in chief, that’s what concerns me,” Kurtz (West) said.

West (Kurtz) says Willard needs to fill the holes in his own resume with a running mate, especially a G.I. Joe type, All-American like himself?

“I think that whoever Governor Romney is as a presidential candidate, he has to do his own self-assessment, self-analysis and understand ‘where are my weaknesses,'” Kurtz (West) preached. “Therefore, the person that I have running with me as my ‘fox-hole buddy,’ if I want to put it in military terms, they have to be someone that shores up where I see my weakness are so we can be a really strong command team, leadership team.”

Reportedly, West (Kurtz) laughed when a student asked him to weigh in on a potential GOP vice presidential candidate, but then warmed to the subject of essentially nominating himself.

“Oh man, there are cameras on here,” Kurtz (West) said. The congressman then went on to tamp down any speculation that he himself was ever a potential pick. “I was never being considered,” he said (until I threw my own hat into the ring right now!).

Of course, the last person Romney – or any other GOTP nominee – needs on the ticket with them is a former military officer forced into retirement after discharging his weapon next to the head of a prisoner he had just told he was going to execute. West (Kurtz) is a loaded mouth waiting to discharge.

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Pennsylvania Concedes It Has No Proof of Voter Fraud

According to news reports, defendants in a case against Pennsylvania’s voter ID law, in a stipulation agreement signed earlier this month, conceded they had no evidence of prior in-person voter fraud, or even any reason to believe such crimes would occur with more frequency if a voter ID law wasn’t in effect.

“There have been no investigations or prosecutions of in-person voter fraud in Pennsylvania; and the parties do not have direct personal knowledge of any such investigations or prosecutions in other states,” the statement reads.

The whole voter ID thing in Pennsylvania is based on a lie, on no evidence whatsoever?

So, what’s the real reason for the new law, how about voter suppression?

Last month, Mike Turzai, the Pennsylvania Republican Tea Party (GOTP) House majority leader, said a strict new voter ID law will help Republicans win the state for the first time since 1988.

“Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done,” Turzai bragged to applause at a GOTP State Committee this weekend, according to

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Pennsylvania’s voter ID law has absolutely nothing to do with voter fraud and everything to do with voter suppression.

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