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McCain doesn’t understand interrogation?

So, GOTP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum actually said Tuesday that John McCain, the man who spent 5 1/2 years enduring incredible torture at the hands of his North Vietnamese captors in the Hanoi Hilton, doesn’t know how effective waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques can be?

Really, is it possible there can be anyone more ignorant than Rick Santorum?

Of course Santorum’s ignorance doesn’t end with simply saying absurdly stupid things about John McCain, he also insists “enhanced interrogation” (torture) led the United States to al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

McCain has repudiated any such nonsense and said in a speech last week that waterboarding al-Qaida’s No. 3 leader, Khalid Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, did not provide information that led to bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan.

McCain said he asked CIA Director Leon Panetta for the facts, and that the hunt for bin Laden did not begin with fresh information from Mohammed. In fact, the name of bin Laden’s courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, never came from Sheikh Mohammed, but from a different detainee held in another country.

“Not only did the use of enhanced interrogation techniques on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed not provide us with key leads on bin Laden’s courier, Abu Ahmed, it actually produced false and misleading information,” McCain said.

In an interview with far right-wing evangelical radio host Hugh Hewitt Santorum said McCain was wrong.

“Everything I’ve read shows that we would not have gotten this information as to who this man was if it had not been gotten information from people who were subject to enhanced interrogation,” Santorum said. “And so this idea that we didn’t ask that question while Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was being waterboarded, he (McCain) doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works.

“I mean, you break somebody, and after they’re broken, they become cooperative. And that’s when we got this information. And one thing led to another, and led to another, and that’s how we ended up with bin Laden,” said Santorum.

He added: “Maybe McCain has better information than I do, but from what I’ve seen, it seems pretty clear that but for these cooperative witnesses who were cooperative as a result of enhanced interrogations, we would not have gotten bin Laden.”

Brooke Buchanan, a spokeswoman for McCain, said Tuesday she would not dignify Santorum’s comments with a response.

Well, that’s OK Ms. Buchanan I will. Santorum is another in a long line of right-wing conservatives who have never served one day in uniform, but who claim to love their country. Like other so-called “great Americans” he was too busy. But he will claim someone like John McCain, “doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works.” Santorum needs to have his head extracted from his fourth point of contact, and he needs to shut up.

So-called “enhanced interrogation” is illegal and immoral. There is no defense of its use and anyone who supports it, or who advocates it, does not understand what it is, and does not understand that American personnel should not, and must not ever torture prisoners; those who would torture, or who would want others to do so, in order to be safe do not deserve to be safe, and are not worthy of the liberties they claim to cherish.

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McCain Says Torture Did Not Lead To Osama Bin Laden?

Former POW, and the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, says the so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” – aka TORTURE – were not a factor in the discovery of Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts and he condemned the use of any form of torture.

In a speech on the Senate floor, John McCain said waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques are not necessary in any kind of interrogation conducted by United States personnel.

“It was not torture, or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of detainees that got us the major leads that ultimately enabled our intelligence community to find Osama bin Laden,” he said.

The former Presidential candidate said former Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey was wrong when he claimed harsh interrogation had led to bin Laden. McCain said he had spoken to CIA Director Leon Panetta and got “the facts” on what really led to bin Laden’s demise. And guess what? The facts contradicted Mukasey’s claim.

“I asked CIA Director Leon Panetta for the facts, and he told me the following: The trail to bin Laden did not begin with a disclosure from Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who was waterboarded 183 times. The first mention of Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti — the nickname of the al-Qaeda courier who ultimately led us to bin Laden — as well as a description of him as an important member of al-Qaeda, came from a detainee held in another country, who we believe was not tortured. None of the three detainees who were waterboarded provided Abu Ahmed’s real name, his whereabouts or an accurate description of his role in al-Qaeda.

“In fact, the use of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ on Khalid Sheik Mohammed produced false and misleading information. He specifically told his interrogators that Abu Ahmed had moved to Peshawar, got married and ceased his role as an al-Qaeda facilitator — none of which was true. According to the staff of the Senate intelligence committee, the best intelligence gained from a CIA detainee — information describing Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti’s real role in al-Qaeda and his true relationship to bin Laden — was obtained through standard, noncoercive means.”

McCain, prisoner of war for five and a half years in North Vietnam, said the U.S. should not compromise its deepest values by using torture.

It’s gratifying to see someone as senior and experienced as John McCain speaking out on torture, and how it has no place in interrogation used by the United States. Hopefully this will to silence those on the far right who think it’s perfectly OK for our country to violate international law, and our own laws. But, that’s probably just wishful thinking.

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Fox & Friends Distorts the President’s Record On Border Security?

According to the stellar reporting at Fox & Friends, the Huns – or somebody – is threatening at the border, and President Obama is not taking the situation very “seriously”, and it won’t be long before we’re all eating Mexican food for breakfast and that dogs and cats are living together (can’t use that line too much).

In a recent early morning gabfest, the shows happy trio repeatedly suggested that because of a joke the President made during a recent speech about immigration, he is not taking border security “seriously”. But of course what the intellectual triumvirate at Fox & Friends completely ignored were the facts deportations of illegal immigrants have increased under President Obama, and the number of border patrol agents and funding for border security projects have also increased.

But the issue here is that facts don’t matter to conservatives, it’s all about feelings. The fact the number of border guards has increased, or that the number of deportations had increased, or that there is more fence now doesn’t matter. If Steve Doocy says it isn’t so, well, then, it isn’t so.

During his 10 May speech in El Paso, Texas, about immigration reform, President Obama said, “So here’s the point.  I want everybody to listen carefully to this.  We have gone above and beyond what was requested by the very Republicans who said they supported broader reform as long as we got serious about enforcement.  All the stuff they asked for, we’ve done.  But even though we’ve answered these concerns, I’ve got to say I suspect there are still going to be some who are trying to move the goal posts on us one more time.

“You know, they said we needed to triple the Border Patrol.  Or now they’re going to say we need to quadruple the Border Patrol.  Or they’ll want a higher fence.  Maybe they’ll need a moat.  (Laughter.)  Maybe they want alligators in the moat.  (Laughter.)  They’ll never be satisfied.  And I understand that.  That’s politics.”

That’s exactly right Mr. President. It doesn’t matter what you do, because the right-wing crazies at FOX, and their viewers, are never going to say it’s enough. Case in point was just this last few weeks, the President gets Bin Laden, but the right-wingers all want to claim it was because of George Bush, or it was because of torture, or because Dick Cheney shot a friend in the face while duck hunting …

What was Doocy’s reaction to the President’s joke?

“Just days after a dozen people were massacred near the United States- Mexican border, the president made fun of the fence,” the Doocy said. “Can he keep us safe without securing the border?”

Of course what Steve failed to tell his viewers was he was referring to a raid at Falcon Lake, on the border between Texas and Mexico, conducted by Mexican officials in which – reportedly – one Mexican Marine and 12 suspected drug cartel members were killed.

So, Doocy spins the attack on a Cartel, and the killing of 12 suspected cartel members, “a massacre” on the border? Were there beheadings there too Steve? You know, like Arizona Governor Jan Brewer claims are going on all the time? This is the kind of far right-wing spin that passes for news at FOX PAC.

Not to be out done however, a few moments later, co-host Gretchen Carlson – the brains of the outfit – interviewed Rep. Ted Poe (GOTP-TX). During the “interview”, Carlson repeatedly invited Poe to criticize the Obama administration’s record on border security and like the top notch FOX PAC journalist she is did not push back against Poe’s suggestion the President has made the U.S.-Mexican border less secure.

“So in that little clip that we just played [from Obama’s May 10 speech], the president said that you guys got all the stuff that you asked for. Is that true?” Gretchen asked.

To which the man from Texas replied, “No, that’s completely not true. I have asked the president to put more National Guard troops on the board — 10,000 National Guard troops. That hasn’t happened. So the president is misinformed when he says that he is — we have — he has done everything we’ve asked him to do. The border is not secure. His own agency — inspector general says that only 44 percent of the border is secure. That means 56 percent of the border is controlled by somebody else. And that’s not Mexico, and that’s not the United States. So, I’ve been to the border numerous times, been to Arizona. And the president is incorrect when he tries to mislead the American public, especially people who aren’t on the border, that the border is secure. It is not.”

And because her role on the show is to be the pretty dumb blonde, and not to in any way be a journalist, Gretchen sets the ball up for Poe to spike at the net, “See, here’s what I don’t understand, congressman, because it would seem to me that most Americans would be in favor of securing our border. Just that fact alone. Then it gets dicey. I mean, then it gets dicey — what do you do with all the people who are already here? What do you do with the rest of the family members who still want to come? But am I missing something here? I don’t really understand who’s against securing the border?”

“There are different political entities who actually believe in open borders,” the Congressman replied. “We want people to come here the right way. If you can’t come here legally, don’t come. And that includes everybody. And we have to make sure that we secure that southern border, especially. Third World countries secure their borders better than we do. We protect the borders of other nations, Afghanistan, Iraq, but we don’t protect ours. It is — it is just a song and dance to try mislead folks that the border is secure. The border patrol does as best job as they can, but they need more reinforcements. Everybody knows that drug cartels cross back and forth into the United States every day. They bring people, they bring drugs. And it’s very disheartening to find Americans throughout the country who don’t live there that don’t want the borders secure.”

Later during the show, Carlson teased an upcoming segment by playing the Doocy massacre card, including a short clip of the President’s joke, “Days after a massacre on the Mexican border, President Obama made fun, then, of the fence.

Video clip of the President, “Maybe they’ll need a moat, maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat. They’ll never be satisfied.”

“He was talking about Republicans,” Gretchen said. “So will Republicans get the last laugh? Well, Karl Rove is here next to let us know his thoughts.”

Yes, when FOX PAC wants to talk about criminals in our country, who better than a criminal to comment, and so they bring on Karl Rove. But can you see how distorted FOX plays things up? Twelve members of a cartel are killed by Mexican Marines, and it’s very nearly played as a massacre at a Church picnic by the cartel.

Now, what about the claims FOX & FRIENDS is trying to implant into the mushy grey matter of its dedicated fans?

PolitiFact has rated as “true” President Obama’s statement that “the Border Patrol has 20,000 agents — more than twice as many as there were in 2004.”

PolitiFact stated, “In a speech on immigration reform in El Paso, Texas, President Barack Obama boasted about an unprecedented number of border security agents along the U.S. border with Mexico, but he said critics probably still won’t be satisfied.

‘Under Secretary Napolitano’s leadership, we have strengthened border security beyond what many believed was possible,” Obama said in his May 10, 2011, speech. “They wanted more agents on the border. Well, we now have more boots on the ground on the southwest border than at any time in our history. The Border Patrol has 20,000 agents — more than twice as many as there were in 2004, a buildup that began under President Bush and that we have continued.’

“In March 2011, the U.S. Government Accountability Office released a report, ‘Border Security: DHS Progress and Challenges in Securing the U.S. Southwest and Northern Borders,’ in conjunction with testimony from GAO Director Richard Stana.

“The report confirmed that personnel and other resources to stop illegal crossings of the U.S.-Mexico border have increased dramatically in recent years. In 2004, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was created, reorganizing several federal agencies under a single roof. That year, the agency had 10,500 agents to patrol land borders.  That number now stands at nearly 21,000.

“In other words, manpower has roughly doubled since 2004, as Obama said in his speech in El Paso. Again, that trend began under President Bush, whom Obama credited, but it continued under Obama. We rate Obama’s statement True.”

A 23 June 2010, Associated Press article noted: “You wouldn’t know it from the public debate, but the U.S.-Mexico border is more fortified now than it was even five years ago. Far more agents patrol it, more fences, barriers and technology protect it and taxpayers are spending billions more to reinforce it.”

Based on Department of Homeland Security data, The Arizona Republic created the following chart showing the increase in border patrol agents since 2001.

According to  13 August 2010 Reuters article, President Obama signed a $600 million border security bill to “fund some 1,500 new border patrol agents, customs inspectors and other law enforcement officials along the border, as well as two more unmanned aerial ‘drones’ to monitor border activities.”

According to data reported by USA Today in February of this year, “[w]eapons seizures rose 28% and illicit-currency seizures were up 35% in fiscal 2009 and 2010.”

According to 14 February 2011 data from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), nearly 100,000 more people were deported by ICE in both 2009 and 2010 than in 2007.

As is often said, “You’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own set of facts”. FOX PAC – and particularly the folks at FOX & FRIENDS – just doesn’t seem to care. Why mess with facts? They just get in the way. “You’re watching FOX PAC, we report what we think, you decide”. But when a so-called “news” organization deals more with opinion than journalism the line becomes so blurred its viewers can’t tell the difference. Hence you end up with a number of people dissatisfied with the President’s job approval matching the percentage of daily viewers to FOX. When the only news you ever watch isn’t news, what exactly are you basing your opinion on? That’s right, you’re basing it on what FOX thinks it should be, and that’s not called news, its called propaganda.

Truth – as in facts – is the border is far safer now than it was under BUSH & FRIENDS, and the conservatives can’t take it! They can’t take it that a progressive President got Bin Laden, and they can’t take it that a progressive President is making the borders safer either.

(thank you Media Matters for the facts shown here today)


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72% support raising taxes on the rich?

So, the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) members of Congress keep preaching they must cut, slash, and cut spending deeper, or the country will find itself in dire straights, with dogs and cats living together … blah, blah, blah … problem is most Americans don’t see it that way …

The way they do see it – according to a Washington Post/ABC poll – is the way the President sees it, lowering the debt by first raising taxes on the rich.

Funniest thing about the poll was that the numbers of people surveyed who claimed to support cuts to Medicare and Medicaid — 21 percent and 30 percent, respectively — is close to the same percentage of people who regularly rot their brains on non-stop viewing of FOX PAC.

But, back to the intelligent people; seventy-eight percent of the A+ crowd opposed cuts to Medicare, while 69 percent opposed Medicaid cuts.

And which plan, between the President’s, and Paul – aka Eddie the Munster – Ryan’s was the most popular? Well, that would be the President’s, the plan where the government offsets the debt by raising taxes on Americans who make $250,000 or more annually; in fact, of those surveyed, 72 percent said they support tax increases on people with incomes of more than $250,000, including 54 percent who strongly support them. Twenty-seven percent are opposed, including 17 percent strongly, gee once again, that would be the ditto heads and FOX & Friend groupies.

Truth is Americans, all Americans, are going to have to suck it up and expect some cuts coupled with some tax increases; but increases need to start with those who can most afford it – that’s the top 2% – and cuts need to come from the one sector which can best absorb it – the sacred cow of defense spending. Another good way to help raise revenue would be to take away subsidies to corporate America – aka the oil companies – and change free trade agreements to fair trade agreements.


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Limbaugh Is Wrong Again?

During one of his radio shows late last month, the “leader” of the GOTP, Rush Limbaugh claimed the President was going to start cutting Medicare, start the “death panels”, and the rationing of health care, and this was why seniors in USA Today had been recently granted a waiver.

“Because it’s drastic. It’s rationing. And it wasn’t supposed to happen till 2013. But now, you know, it’s happening before the election. That’s not the way it was supposed to happen. It’s been elevated some — or sped up. So here comes a waiver for the seniors,” Limbaugh claimed.

He then went on to praise the Paul Ryan plan, stating, “There’s not one rules change under Paul Ryan.” And how under the President’s plan changes were drastic and immediate, “But under Obama, it’s immediate. And not to be repetitive and redundant, but to be repetitive and redundant, it was just yesterday that Obama granted another waiver to senior citizens to keep them away from his IPAB board, who could have denied them coverage for — just because they wanted to.”

Wow, really Rush? For someone who claims to be 99.9% accurate you sure get a lot a stuff not just wrong, but really wrong; but of course when you’re making stuff up it’s hard to keep truth and reality from lies and fables isn’t it Rush?

First off, the “waivers” you’re making such a big deal about had nothing to do with the new Health Care Law, and everything to do with existing Medicare Advantage.

In fact those “waivers” were made to help those seniors – millions of them enrolled in popular private insurance plans offered through Medicare – by awarding quality bonuses to hundreds of Medicare Advantage plans rated merely average. The $6.7 billion infusion could head off service cuts to the more than half the roughly 11 million Medicare Advantage enrollees are in plans rated average.

Not rationing at all Rushdie, but actually awarding quality bonuses. Let’s see, that means one of two things, first, you just don’t know what you’re talking about, or second, you’re a liar. Well, there’s a third option, which actually suits you best, that you don’t know what you’re talking about, and you’re a liar.

But, wait for it folks because Rush wasn’t through spinning his tale of woe and death panels in his effort to continually scare his ever aging audience, “Now, folks, you are going to be hearing — IPAB, I-P-A-B, Independent Payment Advisory Board — you’re going to be hearing a lot more about IPAB in the days and weeks ahead,” Rusty said. “And I want to tell you today, what IPAB is. IPAB is the death panels. That’s all you need to know, don’t doubt me. IPAB is where the rationing will take place.”

And he continued his bloviating, “These are the death panels. These are the people that are gonna decide who gets coverage and how much coverage will be paid for. Ergo the rationing. Congressional approval? There will be none. Whatever this board decides case by case happens by presidential fiat.

“They’re there. It’s one. There is one death panel. It is IPAB. The Independent Payment Advisory Board. Current Medicare recipients, individual cases, decided on by these 15 people. Two things. Will there be coverage or not? And if so, how much will they be paid.”

Once again Rusty, YOU”RE WRONG! The IPAB Is actually prohibited from rationing, and according to the New England Journal of Medicine the Affordable Care Act “Establishes Specific Target Growth Rates For Medicare And Charges The IPAB With Ensuring That Medicare Expenditures Stay Within These Limits.”

In its 26 May 2010 edition, NEJM states, “Provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (now being referred to as the Affordable Care Act, or ACA) create an Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) to meet the need to oversee health care system costs. The legislation establishes specific target growth rates for Medicare and charges the IPAB with ensuring that Medicare expenditures stay within these limits. The IPAB must also make recommendations to Congress as to how to control health care costs more generally.

“The board is charged with developing specific detailed proposals to reduce per capita Medicare spending in years when spending is expected to exceed target levels, beginning with 2015. The DHHS must implement these proposals unless Congress adopts equally effective alternatives. The board is also charged with submitting to Congress annual detailed reports on health care costs, access, quality, and utilization. Finally, the IPAB must submit to Congress recommendations regarding ways of slowing the growth in private national health care expenditures.”

Gee, who to believe? Rusty Limbaugh, who dropped out of college after the first semester, unable to pass even ball room dancing, or the New England Journal of Medicine?

But hold on there’s additional expert commentary – far from what Rush ever gives. The Kaiser Family Foundation while attempting to explain the current health care reform has said, that the IPAB cannot “Ration Care, Increase Taxes, Change Medicare Benefits Or Eligibility, Increase Beneficiary Premiums And Cost-Sharing Requirement, Or Reduce Low Income Subsidies Under Part D.” From KFF’s “Explaining Health Reform: Medicare and the New Independent Payment Advisory Board”.

That sound like it can’t do what the fellow from Missouri is claiming. Once again who to believe? The guy who abused illegally obtained prescription drugs to the point he destroyed his own hearing, or the Kaiser Family Foundation?

Kaiser goes on the clarify that “… the Board is prohibited from submitting proposals that would ration care, increase taxes, change Medicare benefits or eligibility, increase beneficiary premiums and cost-sharing requirements, or reduce low-income subsidies under Part D. Prior to 2019, the Board is also prohibited from recommending changes in payments to providers and suppliers that are scheduled to receive a reduction in their payment updates in excess of a reduction due to productivity adjustments, as specified in the health reform law. The law establishes specific rules and deadlines for Congressional consideration of the Board’s recommendations, and specific timelines and procedures for Congressional action on alternative proposals to achieve equivalent savings.”

This is the part Limbaugh listeners never get. Rush tells you every day, “Don’t worry about looking stuff up, or checking into things, that’s what I’m here for”. But he isn’t telling the truth, he isn’t right 99.9% of the time, he’s frequently never right, or even close to right. As said earlier, Rush either doesn’t know what he’s talking about or he’s lying. Odds are it’s the latter.


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Pat Tillman’s Mom says McChrystal should be removed from White House post?

Pat Tillman’s mother is calling for the dismissal of GEN Stanley McChrystal from his recent appointment by the White House as co-chair of a commission on military families. Mary Tillman, whose son left his NFL career to become an Army Ranger following the terrorist attacks on 9-11 and who was later killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire in April 2004, said McChrystal — the commander of special operations in Afghanistan at the time — was involved in the cover-up of the circumstances surrounding her son’s death and said President Obama’s appointment of the now-retired general “makes him look foolish.”

“I was actually pretty shocked to hear it; I don’t think it’s the appropriate choice,” Tillman told ABC News. “Considering that we have plenty of evidence indicating that McChrystal was involved in the cover-up of Pat’s death. . .he’s not the right person for that kind of a job.”

Amen to that Mrs. Tillman. Anyone, least of all a senior officer, who is involved in a cover-up surrounding one of his soldier’s deaths, has forfeited the trust of his subordinates, and their families. How does any family believe this guy will ever have their best interest at heart? How can they believe anything he tells them about their family members?

Not long after Tillman was killed in 2004, he was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for bravery. The Army’s initial report did not include any mention Tillman was killed by friendly fire and misrepresented key facts of the incident; McChrystal was the approving authority and the individual who submitted the award up the chain of command.

In 2009, McChrystal admitted to being part of the cover-up and apologized for it. Last year, McChrystal was dismissed as commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan after an article in Rolling Stone quoted the general and members of his staff disparaging senior Obama administration officials. So, one has to ask, why is this smuck still around? Why hasn’t he been asked to,  as Douglas MacArthur once said, “fade away”?

It’s time to fade away General, it’s time to fade away.

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Moore Needs to Shut His Pie Hole

So, regarding Seal Team Six’s recent mission, Michael Moore has decided – in his usual self righteous way – that Americans were wrong to celebrate what he regards as an “execution”.

Excuse me? Did you just scarf down a big bowl of sugar coated stupid flakes? You’re probably the only person in America who thinks this way. You’re without a doubt the most ignorant person to speak on this subject this week, and that’s saying something considering how the right-wing talking crazies have been turning themselves inside out trying to paint this as a Bush victory – but we won’t go down that rabbit hole.

Moore said he believed the terror chief should have been put on trial in the U.S., but Americans were ‘too scared’.

Americans were too scared? You really are as ignorant as you look aren’t you? Bin Laden didn’t need to be captured and brought home to a trial? Sorry, but he was a verifiable lunatic menace, and Seal Team Six was sent in to take him out and that’s what they did – with extreme prejudice! His crimes were so horrific … that’s all.

If Easy Company had beaten the Russians into Berlin and kicked in the door to Hitler’s bunker should they have taken him prisoner too, and put him on trial? I would have no qualms if they had kicked in the bunker door and given him the same treatment the Navy gave Bin Laden.

There was no doubt of his guilt. He admitted 9-11 was his doing; 3,000 innocent dead. Sorry, nope, no trial needed here.

Moore needs to shut his pie hole. America is tired of his self righteous hypocrisy; you can’t have your cake and eat it too – well, in his case, I guess he can; it’s time to just go away. Bin Laden was a two bit murdering thug, and he was treated as any two bit murdering thug should be treated. End of story. Now please, just go away.

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Malloy Should Be Fired

Liberal Talk Show host Mike Malloy made headlines this week suggesting that Seal Team Six should be used to assassinate former President George W. Bush.

During his Monday radio show Malloy said, “I have heard some commentators talk about the fact that, all the lives that have been lost in this war on terror, and now the summary execution of the person responsible. But as soon as I heard that, I thought, well, bin Laden really didn’t have anything to do — did he? — with Iraq. And I think his only relationship with Afghanistan was geographical.

“But Iraq — all the death in Iraq was not caused by bin Laden. The death in Iraq was caused by George W. Bush. Five thousand Americans, tens of thousands permanently damaged and shot to pieces, a million Iraqis dead — that wasn’t bin Laden. That was George Bush. So when does Seal Unit 6, or whatever it’s called, drop in on George Bush? Bush was responsible for a lot more death, innocent death, than bin Laden. Wasn’t he, or am I wrong here?”

Malloy should be fired. There is never any excuse to suggest that anyone – much less United States military personnel – should ever kill a former or current President. He is a disgusting individual, and should be sent packing.

Now, unfortunately it won’t happen, any more than Glenn Beck, Limbaugh or Hannity will ever be taken off the air for saying outrageous things, and many times just plain lying and making stuff up. That’s the world, and the America, we live in. But listeners can tell advertisers they will stop buying the company’s products or using its services as long as they sponsor Malloy’s program. It worked to make FOX PAC wake up concerning Beck, and it could work now.

Malloy should just resign, but he won’t.


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Ryan Budget Would Hurt Vets?

Over the years Republicans have always wrapped themselves in the flag, and sung patriotic songs, and praised the soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors while sending them off to war, but then stabbed them in the back when they came home. The so-called “rising star”, Congressman Paul Ryan (GOTP) WI has decided that his “Path to Prosperity” will be paved with tax cuts for the wealthy while also cutting Veteran’s programs.

Ryan’s “alleged” budget plan sets the 2012 VA budget at $128 billion, down $4.2 billion from the department’s proposed $132.2 billion plan and then bumps it up to $129 billion in 2013.

Ryan, who is not a veteran, has decided it’s OK to screw those who served while he couldn’t be bothered. His cuts – if ever enacted, which thank God will never happen – would pummel the VA while it prepares to deal with providing services to 2.2 million Afghanistan and Iraq veterans, 210,000 of whom are unemployed while another 107,000 veterans of all wars are homeless, according to a recent report by the advocacy group Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Ryan is the face of the new Republican Party the GOTP, say nice things about loving America, and supporting the troops, give a hug and stick them in the ribs. Time for Military Families and Veterans to wake up and understand the GOTP is not your friend. The GOTP doesn’t care about you or your families, and this budget proves it. WAKE UP!

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Conservatives Attack Obama For Referring To Birtherism As “Silliness”

Seconds after President Obama concluded his press conference on the release of his long form birth certificate the right-wing media talking heads began attacking him like a murder of angry crows, and all because he dared to call birtherism “silliness” – well, what is it if not silliness? – but then they – right-wing bloviators – really got steamed when he and the First Lady dared to go to Chicago to film an interview for Oprah, followed by fundraising events. And who do ya think was first out of the gates with an attack? Why it was the fine folks at FOX PAC of course.

“The President Said He Doesn’t Have The Time For Such Silliness … [And] As Soon As He Said It, He Got On A Plane … To Do The Oprah Show,” talking head Charles Krauthammer said. “The president is right on this … this is not a serious issue,” however? “[w]e saw how the president said he doesn’t have the time for such silliness … and as soon as he said it, he got on a plane to Chicago to do the Oprah show.”

Fellow FOX Droid Bret Baier added in response, “And then [he] went to New York for some fundraising.”

Ouch, boy does that hurt. Really? This is what you two have to say? The President calls birthers silly, but what’s more silly in the eyes of FOX PAC contributors? Giving an interview to Oprah and attending fund raisers? That’s it? That’s all ya got? And of course, no Republican President ever attended anything as silly as a fund raiser …

But then the little Leprechaun, Sean Hannity, chimed in “[Obama] Said ‘No Time For This Silliness,” But “He Literally Today Went To Fundraisers [And] Taped Oprah.”

The President “literally” taped a show? He didn’t figuratively tape it?If he does something Sean, then it would be literally. You keep using this word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.

Hannity didn’t stop with this one attack however, the little guy devoted several segments to discussing the president’s release of his long form birth certificate.  During one segment, he said, “The president literally today went to fundraisers, taped Oprah, you know, he said, ‘no time for this silliness,’ he has a lot of important things to do. I don’t think taping Oprah and playing golf and his other extracurricular activities is more important than, say, fixing the economy.”Now see, there you go using that word again, he “literally” went to fundraisers. Gee, Sean, you “literally” keep using the word “literally”.

But,you know, you’re so right Sean, fixing the economy is the most important thing, and how many bills has the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) controlled House introduced with the goal of fixing the economy? (cue chirping crickets) Anyone?




Is this thing on?

That’s right, none. But they have had plenty of time to introduce more than 100 bills aimed at ensuring federal money isn’t used to fund abortions; correcting something that is already prohibited.

Of course no FOX PAC attack would be complete with out the brain trust of FOX & FRIENDS chiming in, and chime in they did, spending several segments bashing President Obama for referring to birtherism conspiracies as “silliness” and then of course his having attended fundraisers and taping an interview for Oprah.

Steve Doocy daringly led the FOX & FRIENDS charge, “That’s right, in the 9:00 hour yesterday, Gretchen [Carlson, co-host], right here on the Fox News Channel, in fact, during a Donald Trump press conference, the President of the United States released his long form birth certificate. He was clearly frustrated. At one point, he said, ‘We do not have time for this silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do. We’ve got big problems to solve.’ Said we didn’t have time for silliness — and then he left to be on Oprah.”

Then in charges the sports guy with his really huge intellect, Brian Kilmeade, “It’s going to be on the last Oprah show, so that was it. He went and taped that. But then it was back to business. Three fundraisers in New York City. So … ”

“No time for silliness,” Doocy chimed.

“Yeah, no time for silliness,” Kilmeade rejoined. “Had to go back to work to campaign when he doesn’t have an opponent in the Democratic primary and won’t have a Republican opponent for about a year, but he wanted to raise money, and he did, in the millions of dollars.”

Riveting journalism there boys, truly riveting. Do you guys stay up all night thinking this stuff up? Because it looks like you just pull it out of somewhere, I don’t know where, but …

But wait, these two Einsteins were followed by the queen of silliness, Michelle Malkin.

“[H]ere we have him — had him have his press conference in DC lecturing us about the need to be serious, and then he turned his heels and immediately went to that serious venue, Oprah Winfrey. And then off to New York City for three very serious campaign fund-raisers. He’s on the job.”

You guys are so on top of this, thanks for keeping the trailer court crowd up to date on what is really important out there. I mean, how would they know what to think about this if you three hadn’t been right in the thick of this story?

Seriously, the President of the United States, the first Black President, is hounded for years to present his birth certificate, just to prove, you know, that he’s really an American, and you three have no problem with that? Jim Crow mean anything to you? Or do you think it’s a brand of whiskey?

But why stop with the morons of FOX PAC when we’ve got over a dozen GOTP members of Congress who are either birthers or won’t denounce the idea that Obama wasn’t born in the United States. So-called lawmakers in at least 10 states have introduced birther bills this year. But, hold on, self-appointed leaders of the birther movement are now saying that even this latest gesture by Obama isn’t enough. Yeah, but it’s not silly, or racist, or anything. Just because none of them will accept any document doesn’t mean they’re racist. No it means they are racist and ignorant. C’mon people, none of the previous 43 presidents has ever been asked to produce proof they were born here, only this guy. Why? First, he’s black, and we can’t have one of them in the White House, and second, he has a Muslim father, and we really can’t have one of them in the White House …

Anyone who is engaging in this conspiracy needs to look deep into their soul and ask why this matters. It isn’t because they love America, or because they love the Constitution, it’s because they hate having a Black man as their president.

There is no other logical explanation here. If you are among the group of people who proudly call themselves “birthers” you’re a racist. Sorry, but there it is.


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