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And Then There Were Nine – If You Count Palin?

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu …

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty isn’t hoping anymore; after placing a very distant third in the Iowa Straw Poll Timmy has thrown in the towel.

As a former “two-term governor of a blue state,” Pawlenty felt his track record of working across the aisle would be a plus, but in today’s Tea Partista dominated conservative world, working with the enemy isn’t something to be admired, and he paid dearly for it, especially after fellow Minnesotan Tea Partista darling Michelle “Krazy” Bachmann joined the race.

One of the highlights of Timmy’s race came during the GOTP debate on 11 Aug 11 at Iowa State University when he went after Krazy’s record and accomplishments on stage after Fox News anchor Chris Wallace asked, “Is she unqualified, or is she just leading you in the polls?”

Timmy should have answered, “Well, yes she’s unqualified and she’s leading me in the polls, is the Tea Party choc-full-a-nuts or what?”

So, here we say good-bye to the first of our noble band; here we bid adieu to our first fallen political comrade; farewell sweet prince … farewell … you have provided us with a great deal of entertainment and you shall be missed … 😉

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Gimme that deep fried butter?

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that of all people who were likely to drop in at the last minute at the Iowa State Fair to say a howdy do Sarah Palin would be that person. Evidently the Ice Queen is no longer on “jury duty” and has resumed her “One Nation” bus tour just in time for the Iowa Straw Poll tomorrow, even though she hasn’t decided yet if she’s running.

Palin however is claiming she just happened to drop by, “To help highlight this historic all-Americana event. It’s the Iowa State Fair. I’m glad to have it as one of the stops on our ‘One Nation’ bus tour”. Yes sir folks, she just thought she’d help promote your fair; that and she has a deep hankering for fried butter.

“I’m heading down to the fried butter,” she said. “There’s always much more room for much more.”

While fired butter may have been on her lips, it was clear Queen Sarah was hoping to upset some other Republican Tea Party (GOTP) campaigns with her presence, but according to the Sun Times she was able to walk for long stretches through the fairgrounds without being recognized, which was no irritating to someone who craves attention like a junkie craves her next fix; but then some FOX News couch potato would recognize her and she would practically be mobbed by her adoring subjects asking for her autograph and posing for pictures. Clearly some of her luster has faded. Is it possible the Queen has been replaced by a lady in waiting?

As she walked along occasional adoring accolades floated through the air, with loyal Palinistas calling out, “Run, Sarah!” and “You Rock, Sarah!” But there was the intermittent sensible Iowan who would see her and be heard to say, “Oh God, I don’t need to see her!”

When asked if Her Majesty would be throwing her crown into the ring anytime soon she reportedly responded, “That’s still a possibility for a timetable, yes, definitely … to be fair to those supporters and potential supporters, who are waiting on figuring out what the set field will be, I want to be fair to them and make sure that they don’t feel like they are just hanging on to something that’s not going to happen.”

But the Queen isn’t alone in wanting to upset the status quo; Republic of Texas President Rick Perry is expected to try to steal the limelight from the poll by announcing his candidacy in South Carolina Saturday; where else would a secessionist announce his desire to be president? Of course, that’s just what we need, another dim-witted, folksy former governor of Texas running things.


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Corporations are people?

Today, while speaking to a reportedly sometimes rowdy crowd, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential candidate Mitt Romney said, “… corporations are people.”

The Associated Press (AP) reported that when pressed by an attendee at the Iowa State Fair on Thursday as to why he was focusing on entitlement reforms as a means of deficit reduction over asking corporations to share part of the burden, Mittens shot back: “Corporations are people, my friend… of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people. Where do you think it goes? Whose pockets? Whose pockets? People’s pockets. Human beings my friend.”

Corporations are people? Well of course they are to those who prostitute themselves to them Mittens. People like yourself and the five conservative justices on the Supreme Court who said so in the infamous “Citizens United” ruling.

I’m trying to remember though; I don’t recall any document starting out with “We the corporations of the United States …”

I don’t recall any corporations dying at Lexington and Concord, Brandywine, Saratoga, Yorktown, New Orleans, Palo Alto, Vera Cruz, Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg, San Juan Hill, the Somme, Marne, Argonne Forest, Pearl Harbor, Wake Island, Normandy, Bastogne, Iwo Jima, Inchon, Vietnam, the World Trade Center, Pentagon, Iraq or Afghanistan.

Did you fall out of the moron tree and hit every branch on the way to the ground?

“This is what Mitt Romney is going to run on? Corporations are people? Really?” said Democratic National Committee Communications Director Brad Woodhouse. “There’s a great message for people struggling to get by and trying to make ends meet. Don’t complain — corporations are people too!”

Speaking at the Des Moines Register soapbox, Romney was also interrupted by a heckler who asked if he supported “scrapping the Social Security payroll cap so that rich people pay their fair share into the trust fund?”

Romney responded, “There was a time in this country where we didn’t celebrate attacking people based on their success. We didn’t go after people because they were successful.”

This is what conservatives want when they say, “We have to take our country back!”

Back to where, to the era of robber barons? Back to a time when you had the super wealthy and everyone else? Is that what Mittens wants? Well of course it is, he’s worth some $430 million what does he care? He’s never wanted for anything, and he dares to say corporations are people?

The presidential contender went on to underscore his bottom line. “If you don’t like my answer, you can vote for someone else,” he said.

Wow. If we don’t like your answer we can vote for someone else? Really, we still have that freedom? What are you five years old?

This is the guy we’re supposed to look up to as a serious presidential contender? Someone who declares corporations are people, and smarts off to people like he’s five? Mittens is a loser. He didn’t run for a second term in Massachusetts because he couldn’t have won it. He lost to John McCain. He flops whichever way he thinks will score the most votes at any given moment. I can vote for someone else Mittens? Thanks, that’s what I had planned to do. Maybe I’ll take a few of my corporation buddies over to the polls and do just that.

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Mitt thinks he’s spent a good part of his career in a real economy?

While campaigning in Iowa today – a state he was supposedly writing off – Mitt (Flopsy Mopsy) Romney took the opportunity – according to the Associated Press (AP) – to criticize President Obama for not doing more to help the struggling economy, targeting the president’s planned trip next week to meet with small business owners and workers in three states.

Of the President’s trip Flopsy said, “I sure as heck wouldn’t be on a bus tour if I were president.”

Followed up with, “Wouldn’t it be nice if people in Washington spent a good part of their career working in a real economy?”

One can only assume that Mopsy, whose estimated net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $430 million was trying to be folksy?

The son of a millionaire politician who went to a private prep school while growing up in the exclusively affluent Bloomfield Hills suburbs – which consistently ranks as one of the top five wealthiest cities in the United States – is trying to come across as someone who spent a good part of his career working in a real economy?

Flopsy made his millions – besides what he inherited – by buying companies, chopping them up, and selling off the dismembered parts to the highest bidder, literally putting thousands of people out of work over the years. What part of his “career” was ever spent in the “real economy”?

Later Flopsy told reporters, “For those people who think the economy is what really is essential in providing a brighter future for our families and preserving our values, then I think they are going to look to me as someone who can understand how the economy works and can get it back on track.”

No, Mopsy is the guy who will chop up the American economy and sell it off to the highest bidder, probably to some country in Asia, while pocketing “campaign contributions” from his wealthy buddies. His only dealing with the American economy has been eating his morning cereal out of bone china bowls on silver spoons.

“Mittens” is not the real deal; he’s the Herb Tarlek of the GOTP trying to sell a bill of goods to the American people. He’s a phony. He runs away from his health care plan; he runs away from his faith; and then he tries to portray himself as just another Joe. He’s the used car salesman trailing you through the car lot like the shark from Jaws.

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Latest 2012 Presidential Polls (21 Jul 11 edition)

Here’s the latest information on this week’s polling on the 2012 Presidential election.

First – from a Public Policy Polling poll conducted from 14 – 17 July 2011 – let’s look at who would be the Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) nominee if it all ended today:

Romney 20; Bachmann 16; Palin 12; Perry 11; Cain 10; Paul 9; Gingrich 6; Santorum 3 and Pawlenty and Huntsman both bringing up the rear of the pack with a whopping 2%

Romney (aka Flopsy Mopsy) is narrowly holding on to his lead, while Bachmann (aka Krazy) is steadily moving up still followed by the two candidates who haven’t announced they’re running, Palin (aka the Ice Queen), and Perry (Pres of the 2nd Republic of Texas). Bringing up the rear are Herman Cain (aka the Pizza Man, who has never met a Muslim he hasn’t disliked) followed by Paul, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Huntsman and Santorum.

Still wondering how long the guys in the back are going continue deluding themselves that they’re viable candidates? One would think you’d actually do some polling before you jumped into the ring, but I guess not.

With the first major GOTP contest being the Iowa Caucus; if it was held today (according to Mason-Dixon polling: Krazy 32; Flopsy 29; and the rest of pack are still running only in single digits so far back it doesn’t really matter.

So, how does the GOTP pack stack up against President Obama?

If the election was held today, according to NBC/WSJ (which only asked about Bachmann and Romney) and previous polls for the others:

President Obama 48/Romney 41

President Obama 50/Bachmann 35

President Obama 48/Pawlenty 39

President Obama 52/Gingrich 39

President Obama 53/Palin 37

President Obama 48/Cain 36

President Obama 54/Paul 36

President Obama 52/Huntsman 34

If the GOTP nomination circus – and the general election – had both ended this week Flopsy would be the GOTP candidate, and he would still have lost to the President.

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Timmy blasts Krazy?

Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) presidential candidate Timmy Pawlenty is reportedly claiming that Michele Bachmann (aka “Krazy”) has a “nonexistent” record of accomplishment during her three terms in Congress; and so the GOTP political version of the Donner Party begins.

Pawlenty, who’s lagging far behind Bachmann in both polling (currently 8 points down nationally) and in fundraising, said that as a former Minnesota governor, he has executive experience and achieved results under challenging circumstances, whereas Krazy has done little to nothing in 6 years in the Congress.

To claim Krazy has done nothing is a bit harsh Timmy; she’s been very busy making wild accusations about the President’s birth and religion, lying about receiving income from a family farm and demonstrating how little she knows about U.S. history.

Concerning polls – all of which show him as a non-candidate – Pawlenty reportedly told this morning’s NBC’s “Meet the Press” that early polls aren’t good indicators of anything.

Well, sure they are Timmy; they’re an indicator of how almost no one on the right cares you’re in the race.

Timmy also reportedly said that over the next 60 days (the Iowa GOTP straw poll is on 13 August) he needed to show “significant progress,” and that he was going to prevail in that poll.

Well, on the first point Timmy is correct. He’s going to have to show some real “significant progress” very soon or it’s all over; if it was ever a race to begin with.

On the second point, yeah, that ain’t going to happen. It’s one thing to be a dreamer, but thinking you’re going to prevail in a straw poll in just over a month when you’re 16 percentage points behind the leaders (Romney 24%, and Bachmann 23%) is just being delusional. Truth is Timmy you were never a serious contender, and when you’re not even competitive against someone like Bachmann, well, yeah, you’re done. Timmy, you’ll be lucky if you’re still in this race by Labor Day.

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