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Rand Paul begins top secret investigation into imaginary IRS memo

According to news reports, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Senator Rand Paul (KY) has claimed the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had a “written policy” saying agency officials were “targeting people who were opposed to the president.”

“And when that comes forward, we need to know who wrote the policy and who approved the policy,” the Senator told CNN.

rand paul

When asked for details, the junior Kentucky senator revealed he actually had no evidence of this memo, and he’d only “heard” about it. Of course, I’m not sure the voices in your head actually count in Congressional hearings as evidence or even leads.

“Well, we keep hearing the reports and we have several specifically worded items saying who was being targeted. In fact, one of the bullet points says those who are critical of the president,” Paul said. “So I don’t know if that comes from a policy, but that’s what’s being reported in the press and reported orally. I haven’t seen a policy statement, but I think we need to see that.”

The Senator’s Brain Captain later confirmed Paul’s been conducting a very hush-hush “in depth” investigation with the White Rabbit and Godzilla, and that they’re going to get to the bottom of all this.

With all due respect the very junior Senator from Kentucky is an idiot who’s trying to make a name for himself with the uber-right to position himself for 2016; please run Senator Rand, please run.

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Rubio Calls for IRS Commissioner to Resign?

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) darling and frontrunner for the party’s 2016 presidential nod is proving – yet again – how he’s not ready for prime time. While trying to demonstrate how tough he is, and how much he’s “on top of things”, Senator Marco Rubio’s reportedly sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew strongly urging Lew, and President Obama, to “demand the IRS Commissioner’s resignation, effectively immediately.” There’s just one problem, there is no IRS Commissioner.


Fact is the last IRS commissioner, Douglas Shulman, was appointed by President George W. Bush in March of 2008 and resigned in November, and furthermore, considering the rate at which the GOTP has stonewalled everything in the Senate it’s very unlikely the President could get anyone appointed to the position, perhaps that’s why he hasn’t even tried?

Poor Marco, so clueless; is he really so misinformed that he didn’t know, or is the Senator’s staff so full of misanthropic misfits that no one bothered to check before making their boss look like a moron? At any rate, the junior senator from Florida signed the letter, and, as Harry Truman might say, “The buck stops there.”

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Supreme Court declines GOTP ploy to block Ohio early voting

The United States Supreme Court decided to side with “We the People”, refusing to block early voting in the battleground state of Ohio, a ploy developed by the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) there in an effort to restrict voting.

The court refused the GOTP request to become involved in the dispute over early voting in the state on the three days before Election Day, something that’s always been allowed in the past, but which the GOTP decided needed to curtailed during this presidential election year.

President Obama’s campaign along with Ohio Democrats sued the state over changes in Ohio law designed to take away the three days of voting for most people saying nearly 100,000 people voted in the three days before the election in 2008. But hey, what’s a mere 100,000 votes amongst friends? Well, in a state where only 262,000 votes separated the President from John McCain in 2008 that’s a sizeable chunk of votes being potentially disenfranchised.

In a time when the Supreme Court has given disastrous rulings regarding election spending – aka Citizen’s United – this is a fresh breeze of liberty blowing into the current election cycle.

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Ryan claims he never voted for defense cuts?

According to the Huffington Post, CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell questioned Republican Tea Party (GOTP) vice-presidential wannabe Paul Ryan this past weekend about voting for the very defense cuts he now criticizes President Obama for supporting.

But what brought this line of questioning to the fore front of the 2012 campaign? Blame it on GOTP presidential aspirant Mitt Romney’s “Meet the Press” appearance, where he thrust the cuts squarely into the limelight declaring Republicans had made a “mistake” when they agreed to $500 billion cut in defense spending over the next ten years.

“He’s talking about you because you voted for those cuts, correct?” O’Donnell pressed Ryan.

Ryan defensively tired to claim he’d voted for the cuts because he was trying to find “common ground” with the Democrats in reducing the budget deficit.

But O’Donnell didn’t appear to buy what Ryan was selling pointing out to the Congressman the defense cuts were part of the Budget Control Act Ryan had full throated supported declaring the legislation not only a “victory” but a “positive step forward”.

“So, you voted for defense cuts, and now you’re criticizing the president for those same defense cuts that you voted for and called a victory,” she said.

“The goal was never that these defense cuts actually occur,” Ryan mewed, claiming weakly he supported a sequestration measure, which would have triggered automatic cuts if the so-called supercommittee didn’t reach a deal.

O’Donnell kept up the heat and pressed on saying the act also contained $1 trillion in immediate cuts, including the defense cuts.

“And you also voted for those, and now you’re saying you didn’t vote for them?” she asked.

Ryan whined the Obama administration proposed $478 billion in defense cuts, in addition to cutting about $500 billion in defense from the sequestration.

“Right. A trillion dollars in defense spending, and you voted for it!” O’Donnell shot back.

“No, Norah. I voted for the Budget Control Act.”

No Congressman, you voted for defense cuts. Call it what you will, whine about however you wish, but the truth is you voted for $1 trillion dollars in defense cuts all the time blaming the President for them. Someone needs to review his notes from 9th grade civics class; the House of Representatives Congressman Ryan spends the money, not the President.

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GOTP House Buckles Under Pressure?

Well, wonder of wonders, the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) dominated House buckled under and approved legislation preserving jobs on transportation projects from coast to coast and avoiding interest rate increases on new loans to millions of college students. The bill, which then sailed through the Democratic controlled Senate (for once with no threats of GOTP filibusters), was then sent for the President’s signature.

With the bill’s passage, just over $100 billion can now be spent on highway, mass transit and other transportation programs over the next two years, projects that would’ve expired Saturday without congressional action; it also ends the stalemate over student loans.

Under the bill, interest rates of 3.4 percent for subsidized Stafford loans for undergraduates will continue for another year, had the uber-right Tea Party members had their way, interest rates would have mushroomed to 6.8 percent for 7.4 million students expected to get the loans over the coming year, adding an extra $1,000 to the average cost of each loan.

The Democratic-led Senate passed the measure by a 74-19 vote, after the GOTP-run House approved it 373-52; with all the no votes – of course – being cast by the uber-right conservative members of the Congress.

The final version of the transportation measure dropped a provision – which had drawn a Presidential veto threat – that would have forced government approval of the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to the Texas coast.

According to the Associated Press (AP), White House spokesman Jay Carney said the administration was glad Congress acted “before middle class families pay the price for inaction.” He said President Obama will keep pressing for approval of more of his job-creating proposals from last year, to hire teachers, police officers and firefighters and for tax credits to companies that hire new workers.

Financing for most of the measure came from extending federal taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel for an additional two years which levies, unchanged for nearly two decades, are 18.4 cents a gallon for gasoline and 24.4 cents for diesel and which fall woefully short of fully financing the highway programs they were designed to do.

About $20 billion would be raised over the next decade by reducing tax deductions for companies’ pension contributions and increasing the fees they pay to federally insure their pension plans. In return, a formula was changed to, in effect; let companies apportion less money for their pensions and to provide less year-to-year variation in those amounts.

Additional revenues will be raised by charging interest on subsidized Stafford loans no more than six years after undergraduates begin their studies.

A loophole was also tightened making it harder for businesses with roll-your-own cigarette machines to classify the tobacco they sell as pipe tobacco – which is taxed at a lower rate than cigarette tobacco. The change is expected to raise nearly $100 million.

The measure also extends Federal flood insurance programs that protect 5.6 million households and businesses, allowing higher premiums and limiting subsidies for vacation homes to help address a shortfall in the program caused by claims from 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

It also steers 80 percent of the billions in Clean Water Act penalties paid by BP and others for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion to the five Gulf States whose beaches and waters were soiled by the disaster. The money would have otherwise gone to federal coffers.

Federal timber subsidies worth $346 million would be distributed for another year to rural counties, while other funds would be steered to rural school districts.

No matter how this is sliced it’s a victory for the President and a loss for the GOTP, particularly for the uber-right Tea Party; it’s one more victory in a week of victories which saw the Supreme Court’s overturning of the most controversial parts of Arizona’s papers please bill and the upholding of the Affordable Care Act. Try though they might, spinning this beyond their own will be extremely difficult.

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Romney says it’s OK for public sector employees to be fired?

According to news reports, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney’s running around the country proclaiming it’s bad for private-sector workers to lose their jobs, but it’s good for government workers to do so.

Of course Willard’s various – as in ever changing – positions on employment are drawing renewed scrutiny following continuing comments that the country doesn’t need to hire anymore firefighters, police officers and teachers, and besides all that the federal government doesn’t pay for them.

The idea the federal government doesn’t pay for firefighters, police officers or teachers is – to use Willard’s words – absurd; of course the federal government pays for, or at least a very sizeable part of the salaries for these positions; in fact it spends billions of dollars annually paying for teachers, police officers and firefighters throughout the country, and the fact Romney fails to know this is just one more clear demonstration of how he’s not ready for the prime time – he’s just one more conservative businessman in an expensive suit proclaiming how he’s going to run the government like a business, and won’t that be grand? Well, except for two things, the government’s not a business, and second, the last time we elected a “business man” as president we ended up with two unfunded wars and the economy over the side of a cliff.

Local governments of course do the actual hiring, but many of those hires are only possible thanks to federal dollars and all too many local communities would have far fewer of these vital public employees if the federal government suddenly stopped funding teachers through Title I, police officers through the COPS program and firefighters through the SAFER program.

Everyone knows how Willard “likes to fire people”, but his non-stop suggestion that firing a government employee can directly lead to the hiring of one or more private-sector workers is pure fantasy. Recently he told Colorado voters that President Barack Obama’s stimulus program “didn’t help private-sector jobs. It helped preserve government jobs.”

As Ronald Reagan would say, “Well, there you go again,” meaning Willard’s not just a liar, but a big fat hairy liar and what’s more he knows he’s lying. President Obama’s more than $800 billion stimulus created both public-sector and private-sector jobs and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently estimated the stimulus saved or created more than 3 million jobs. Talk about being out of touch with economic reality; the truth is the vast majority of the stimulus was used for “shovel ready” construction projects which hired? Wait for it; private sector employees wielding those shovels.

But facts don’t concern the Rominator, and who cares if it saved public sector jobs, he’s selling the idea government employees aren’t real people, so if they lose their jobs, health insurance etc it’s no big deal. “We have 145,000 more government workers under this president,” Willard mews. “Let’s send them home and put you back to work.”

And dolts look at him and nod, thinking, “That’s right, fire them govment people and give me their jobs instead,” because that’s what he’s selling.

Romney wants to take public sector jobs and convert them into private sector jobs; we’ll hire companies like Black Water to run our local police forces because that’s worked so well in Iraq and Afghanistan. But that’s where this is going, it’s going towards private sector run schools, police departments and fire departments where we – as citizens – will pay these groups to perform these services instead of paying taxes; the catch is if you don’t pay, you don’t have fire fighters showing up to put out your burning house, and you don’t have police officers coming to help with that intruder, and your schools will be run by some giant conglomerate a thousand miles away; no more school board, instead you’ll have a board of directors more concerned with stock holders being paid dividends than your child getting the best possible education.

It doesn’t matter to Romney and his minions that numerous independent economists have verified the stimulus prevented a devastating economic collapse, including private and public-sector jobs losses, from being worse; facts don’t matter to Willard.

Recently on Fox News, Willard rejected claims his policies would worsen unemployment and deprive communities of needed services.

“Teachers and firemen and policemen are hired at the local level, and also by states,” Romney said. “The federal government doesn’t pay for teachers, firefighters or policemen. So obviously, that’s completely absurd.”

Well, let’s look at the facts; Title I funding for school personnel was $14.5 billion this year, the Senate Appropriations Committee said. Federal grants to states for special education reached $11.5 billion. Additionally, millions of federal dollars put police and firefighters in various communities.

Clearly Romney doesn’t get it; he doesn’t understand how federal funding’s essential to local communities; he’s out of touch with anything outside his millionaire reality. Many on the right scream about cutting federal spending and handing the programs back to the states; well, guess what? When you remove federal dollars for essential services those states will be forced – sooner or later – to increase state taxes and localities will also raise taxes to pay for them; we’ll see our federal tax burden drop only to see our state and local tax burdens rise to meet the deficit.

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Eventually taxes will be increased

We have a huge debt and deficit primarily due to ten years of war while cutting taxes; economics of war 101 is you can’t fight a war without paying for it; you either raise taxes amongst your own people or plunder the enemy – since we don’t plunder the enemy we needed to raise taxes, but we did neither. $2 billion dollars spent per week each in Iraq and Afghanistan x 572 weeks = $2,288,000,000,000 of pure debt with no offset whatsoever; coupled to that an infrastructure badly in need of repair, plus an economy devastated by eight years of mismanagement by the previous administration and you have our economic woes of today.

Conservatives need to give up the failed idea of voodoo economics – trickle down has never worked, it’s a nice rosy economic theory that doesn’t produce what it claims will happen; we’ve had tax breaks for the top 1% (the so-called job creators) for more than a decade, where’s the jobs and where’s the revenue?

There’s going to need to be tax increases – sorry, but that’s going to happen; if it’s going to happen it needs to start with those who can afford them most, and it may then be necessary to raise everyone’s taxes.

After that we’re going to have to cut spending, and the first place to do that is the military; we now spend more on defense then the rest of the world combined, we don’t need a huge active military force, we need sufficient to defend the country. After we’ve trimmed back the military industrial complex we can start on other programs including social programs.

Problem with today’s conservatives is they want to do it all backwards; let’s cut taxes for the wealthiest 1% even more while increasing taxes on the lower classes; next lets increase defense spending while cutting social programs.

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Stopping voter fraud?

The problem with this new zealous desire to “cut down on voter fraud” is many of these states suddenly concerned about voter ID are requiring government issued photo id’s, such as a valid driver’s license; what if don’t drive? What if you can’t drive?

In Pennsylvania – in order to vote – you must possess – a valid driver’s license or another government-issued photo, such as a U.S. passport, military ID, or county/municipal employee ID.

Let’s suppose you’re a natural born citizen, but you’re not a member of the military or a county or municipal employee; to get your driver’s license in Pennsylvania you must have a Social Security Card and one additional certificate proving your citizenship either a certified birth certificate or a valid U.S. Passport.

You go to your desk drawer, dresser, filing cabinet, box in the closet or mason jar buried in the back yard to get your non-laminated Social Security card, but you discover it’s not there, or horror of horrors it’s laminated! Here’s what you have to do:

First, prove your citizenship with a U.S. issued birth certificate (original or certified copy issued by the state) or U.S. passport.

If you don’t have a passport (which most Americans don’t have since you only need it for travelling abroad, and most Americans haven’t done that) you’ll have to produce your original birth certificate, and since many people don’t have those either you’ll have to request a duplicate from the state where you were born – for our example this is Pennsylvania, which will cost you $10.00 (basically a poll tax since it’s needed to obtain a non-laminated Social Security card necessary for voting).

Now to continue your odyssey of obtaining a driver’s license in Pennsylvania, in addition to your non-laminated Social Security card, you must also have one of the following:

A copy of your birth certificate with “raised” seal (if you don’t have it, please see above to obtain a copy and pay your first $10.00 poll tax); it must be U.S. issued by an authorized government agency, including U.S. territories or Puerto Rico. Non-U.S. Birth Certificates will not be accepted … too bad John McCain or George Romney (if he were alive today) both men were U.S. citizens but neither could use their birth certificates in Pennsylvania; or a valid U.S. Passport (which isn’t needed because now you have your birth certificate!).

But wait! Once you’ve got the proof that you’re a real Yankee Doodle Dandy you’ll have to prove you’re a resident of the Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – which is a separate comedy of errors we’ll not explore now; for today let’s assume you can prove you’re a resident of the Commonwealth.

In addition to obtaining a copy of your birth certificate you’ll also have to pass a vision test and supply a “medical qualification certificate” proving you don’t suffer from neurological disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, circulatory disorders, cardiac disorders, hypertension, uncontrolled epilepsy, uncontrolled diabetes, cognitive impairment (most conservatives), alcohol abuse (that leaves out most of Congress), drug abuse (that leaves out Rush Limbaugh), conditions causing repeated lapses of consciousness (e.g. epilepsy, narcolepsy, hysteria, etc.); additionally, you can’t have any impairment or amputation of an appendage (shop teachers, severely wounded veterans, or people who’ve been in an accident or who were born with a defect need not apply). If you’re blind or severely disabled you won’t be able to get a driver’s license in Pennsylvania, of course if you’re blind you won’t be able to get a driver’s license in most states.

If you can qualify for the license your additional cost of getting your Initial Permit and Four-Year License (if you’ve never had a driver’s license) is $34.50 (that’s a state issued id needed to vote – that’s a poll tax).

Remember, in Pennsylvania – in order to vote – you must possess – a valid driver’s license or another government-issued photo, such as a U.S. passport, military ID, or county/municipal employee ID. So, if you’re not in the military, if you’re not a county/municipal employee, or if you can’t qualify for – or afford – a driver’s license you’re not allowed to vote in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. At best the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) dominated State Assembly’s instituted a new poll tax; while at worst it’s deliberately disenfranchising the poor, elderly and disabled; got to love groups which pound their collective chest swearing their love and devotion for the rights espoused and protected in the Constitution while sticking it to voters.

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Where is the dividing line?

I have some questions, and I’m not trying to pick a fight, these are legitimate questions:

Calling marriage a civil union changes it how?

My parents were not married by a priest, or a bishop, they were married by a Justice of the Peace. Was that a civil union, or a marriage?

A man and woman can be married, but a woman and woman or a man and a man can only be joined in a civil union, but both will have the exact same legal restrictions and benefits attached, so it’s just a name thing?

If marriage is a religious sacrament, then can it only be performed by someone appointed to do so by religions, and if so why do those performing a religious sacrament have to be recognized by the state (government) for it to be accepted by the state?

Clearly marriage is not only a religious sacrament, but an act of the state as well. I had to get a marriage license from the state of Maryland before I could be married (sealed) in the Washington DC Temple to my wife; so, which is it, a religious sacrament or a civil act of the state?

Do we – as a nation – change the term marriage so it means only the act performed by religious authority, and if performed by anyone else it’s a civil union? And which religions do we recognize to be legally able to perform this rite?

Same sex relationships are taught by almost every religion to be sinful, but in the United States of America we have a clearly defined separation of Church and State, which by-the-way, protects not only the civil population from a state proscribed religion but the state – and hence the civil population – from religious theocratic rule. If we, as a people, proscribe marriage based on religious definition upon the civil population, what else will we proscribe thence, and which religion gets to be the determining authority? Which brand of Christianity gets to rule the nation from behind the curtain, or which group of religions? Is this not the beginnings of the dreaded Sharia Law as practiced by some in the world of Islam?

What other rules from the Old Testament do we proscribe upon the civil population? Do we – as parents – get to stone our children if they are disobedient? Do we kill the man who plants two different crops side by side? Do we kill those who break the Sabbath?

What is the dividing line between theocratic rule and our constitutionally established democratic republic?


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Romney’s Book of Lies – Chapter 1, Obama’s Massive Defense Cuts

Here’s something new I’ll call Romney’s Book of Lies (because I’ll throw some additional chapters out there from time to time, if for no other reason than to raise the BP of conservatives):

Romney pledged, “As president, on day one, I will focus on rebuilding America’s economy and I will reverse President Obama’s massive defense cuts. Time and again, we have seen that attempts to balance the budget by weakening our military only lead to a far higher price, not only in treasure, but in blood.” Mittens also has vowed to increase the size of the military by 100,000 troops, a move he says is needed to reduce the hardship of long and frequent deployments.

Unfortunately for Romney there have been no “massive defense cuts” under President Obama, although he has slowed the “projected” rate of increase and in April asked the Pentagon to identify an additional $400 billion in reductions over the next 12 years, he hasn’t “cut” a single penny from defense spending.

When President Obama was sworn in, the defense budget was $513 billion, not counting $153 billion to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. For the budget year that ended 30 Sep 11, the figure was $530 billion, with an additional $159 billion to pay for the wars. So, as anyone can plainly see, there has been an increase in defense spending under President Obama, not some imaginary “cuts”; and for the current fiscal year (FY 12), the President has requested $553 billion for the defense budget, exclusive of war costs. But, in a deal worked out by Congress and the White House as part of a deficit-reduction plan in August, he was forced to come down to $513 billion – I hope everyone was paying attention to who wanted to spend $553 billion and who forced it to go down to $513 billion; in case you missed it, it would be the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) controlled Congress – meaning the House of Representatives – who as any fifth grader knows, controls the federal purse strings.

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